Around in Circles

Chapter One

In a large hanger of an old space ship a slender woman in her mid twenties wandered across its scratched metal floor, her classic yellow headband that she had sported for a couple of years was missing and so was the matching lemon colored outfit. Now she wore simple blue jeans with a pale yellow tank stained with grease and oil. She leaned against the wall on her forearm and looked at a calendar hanging on the wall, "Damn seven months huh? Spike just how long are you planning to be gone?" She glanced over at something furry staring back at her, "what the hell do you want?" She snapped as she pushed herself off the wall.

Faye was headed back towards a light blue air craft which had some of its inner parts exposed when a familiar voice caught her attention; she turned sharply and spotted him standing causally in the open doorway with his blue jacket swung over his shoulder. He was smiling coyly at her which made her just glare at him before turning back to her ship.

"Hm, such a warm greeting," he stated sarcastically as he walked into the aged hanger where he use to store his own star ship the legendary Swordfish II. Spike looked her over as she bent in half to fix something in whatever she was working on, he smiled evilly and just when he was about to kick the stool out from underneath her he noticed something. The ship she was working so hard on looked very familiar to him but it wasn't the right color and then it dawned on him it was the Swordfish II only remodeled slightly and repainted. "What the hell is this?" he shouted while dropping his jacket and running up to a wing.

She smirked as she pulled herself out of the ships insides, Faye walked up behind him while wiping her hands off on a rag, "this is my ship, the Swordfish III."

"Three?" He turned back with a skeptic look and leaned against the wing he had just been inspecting.

"Yes, three. Jet went back to see Doohan to see if he would want to buy the Swordfish II since nobody else wanted it. I was against it but you know how he is, anyways, Doohan turned him down stating you'd be back for it and he gave me this one." She walked over to him and stuffed the oily rag into a back pocket, "so where the hell have you been?"

"I never heard of there being a third one," he stated completely ignored her question he gave her a quick once over before inspecting more the spacecraft.

"Doohan made it especially for me and before you ask I don't know why he did it." She eyed him, "this really isn't your ship." When he just gave her, a raised eyebrow in response Faye walked over to a lift controller and pressed one of the two buttons, which lowered an oddly shaped object, "go ahead, and look." Spike waltzed over to it and yanked off the loose cover. Underneath was his red Swordfish II and there wasn't even a speck of dust on it. "I kept it in complete working order…with some help from Doohan of course." He gazed back at her with a blank stare as she walked up to him.

"Damn Doohan's slipping in his old age, giving you a ship and letting you work on mine." A cracking sound echoed throughout the hanger, he looked surprised and slowly glided his eyes back to her to see her head bowed. Faye's hands were fisted on either side of her thighs and her shoulders shook a bit every few seconds. Spike looked puzzled, "shit what the hell - are you crying?" He thought he heard her swallow and in a flash of purple and yellow, she disappeared into the Bebop. The green-blacked haired man scratched his head and looked down at Ein who was sitting at his feet. "What'd I say?"

To be continued.

Sorry for putting this over the original but Fanfic here doesn't really allow the same story published twice even if the rewrite is a little different.