Around in Circles

Chapter Two

Inside the Bebop, Faye took a couple of deep breaths before going over to the computer; she called up Jet and told him that they had a guest. The older man replied he couldn't return for a night or two because the bounty he was chasing was causing him more trouble than he first expected, "you two will just have to play nice tonight, think you can manage?" Faye's eyebrow twitched in annoyance and she hung up on Jet when he continued to patronize her.

"Stupid old man." She grumbled.

"Hm?" Spike peered into the room and startled the greasy woman. He looked placid like usual while he entered the room and plopped down on the yellow chair. "Is there anything to eat?" Her eye twitched but she ignored him. She picked herself up and headed to her room for some clean clothes leaving Spike behind sitting in the chair. He just watched her go with an innocent expression and when she disappeared from his sight he got up. Putting his hands in his pockets, he walked toward his old room wondering if it still was his. After discovering, it was still intact he changed into his comfortable drawstring pants and then headed for the kitchen but he ran into Faye as she was leaving for the shower. "My room was somewhat the same…who the hell cleaned it?"

Faye's nose twitched, "I did," she answered softly. In response, he just made one of his little grunts and began to walk past her. She hesitated for a moment and was about to continue when he asked her a single worded question.

"What?" She lowered her head and swallowed an invisible lump. All the sudden she could feel eyes peering through her as if she was transparent like glass.

"Jet made me, it's no big deal," she stated innocently after raising her hand and flapping it a few times before heading for the showers again.

"Just a minute," he said, Faye froze with her eyes wide open, she squeaked out a yes and tensed. "Ah…never mind." She let out a quiet sigh and continued on her way, when all of the sudden something strong but gentle gripped her wrist. Her heart raced as she froze again and then she realized he was right up on her, leaning over her shoulder, "Thank you," he whispered beside her ear. She felt a tingly chill race down her spine as his hot breath rolled down her neck and she could feel a shake coming on but she tried to suppress it. However, she failed to notice her breathing had increased in the process but Spike hadn't and he was enjoying himself. He smiled next to her ear before letting go and walked toward the kitchen.

"For what?" She asked without thinking, Faye had been so caught up in the moment that she had forgotten why he had thanked her in the first place. However, when he didn't answer her she twisted around, seeming like he had sensed her gaze he turned his head a bit and just smiled at her before disappearing into the ship. Caught off guard Faye just stood there dazed, Spike almost never smiled at her, usually it was just a smirk if she was lucky, "what a minute, has he actually ever smiled at me without it being a smirk?"

Bark. She blinked in surprise and looked down beside her leg. Staring back up at her were two big brown eyes and she couldn't help but laugh. "So what is that a yes or no?" She giggled a bit more as he wagged his tail, after a moment she turned and headed down the corridor. Finally, she let that shiver go in a cold shower, "Jesus Christ!"

To be continued.