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My heart pounds in my chest as I sprint through the dark corridors. My life depends on whether I can find an exit through this maze.

"Keep going, Mia." I encourage myself in my head. I can't speak, or else they will hear me. They will bring me back into the lovely room that serves as a prison cell. My prison cell.

My feet thud on the black, smooth carpet as I run. My breath is labored, but I keep it quiet. The only thing that was protecting me right now was that they were all at the gala. When he found out I had slipped away, he would be following my scent quickly.

My lungs scream in protest at the work, but I force myself to keep going. My strappy heels had been ditched a long time ago, but I could feel the blisters that had formed popping under every step.

"Mia?" I hear an echo through the halls. My heart rate picks up and I turn a left, then a right, nearly hitting a wall. I know he is behind me, but maybe if I take enough turns, he will get lost.

I turn corner after corner, sprinting and skidding every other heartbeat.

"Mariella, I can hear your heartbeat. It is racing, isn't it, my dear?" The voice is mocking now. I can picture him laughing, which only infuriates me. I push myself harder when I see a door.

I run into it, turning the golden knob violently and sealing myself behind it. Once inside, I fumble with the lock. I know it won't help, but it may slow him down, even by a second.

Turning around, I see an outline of a cabinet against the darkness. A couch, a bathroom, a large bed…..

I make my decision quickly. I jog over to the bed, squeezing myself under it. Once I am under, I look up to see a small space where the wood has splintered in the frame. I crawl up into the hole, bunching my body together so that I won't take up as much room. I try to slow my breathing down with the few seconds that I know I have.

I manage to stay silent as he squeezes the golden doorknob in his hands.

I hear the smile in his voice. "Mia, my dear. Won't you come join me at the gala?"

Despite my better judgment and how paralyzed through fear I was, I rolled my eyes.

Even though I can't hear him pacing around the room, searching for me, I still know he is there. If only he wasn't so quiet….

"It seems to be Mia isn't in here." He pauses. "How inconvenient."

I hear the door open and close, and I breathe out a small sigh of relief. Still, I know he knows that I am in here. He is just waiting outside the door to strike.

I decide to stay in the hole. At least for a half an hour.

I tremble violently, the paralysis vanishing instantly. I succeed in hitting my spine against a plank of old, musky wood. "Damn it." The words slip out before I can stop them.

A chuckle resonates through the hallway-a mere door is separating me from my captor.

Shit. He heard me. As long as he knew I was in here, I might as well try to find an alternate escape route. There goes that half-hour plan. I stealthily disentangle myself from the little cubbyhole in the bed frame and army crawl over to the rug in front of the bed.

The bed behind me, a large oak cabinet, and a window are the only noteworthy items in the room.

"Don't even try the window, honey. I could hear that open from miles away."

Instead of justifying him with an answer, I crawl over to the cabinet. Slowly turning its knob, I peer in to find only stacks of blankets. Past them, though, was enough room for me.

Creeping over to the window, I take a deep breath and slip the unlock lever on the side of it. The pane slowly started to unfurl outwards as I silently bounded into the cabinet, shutting the doors in front of me.

Something crashes into the right side of the cabinet-a door. I carefully curl myself behind the stacks of blankets as a snarl resonates through the room. I hear a bed being thrown apart, a window pane shattering, a cabinet violently shaking…

No. I wasn't hearing that part. I was feeling it.

The blankets tossed around the empty space before draping over me in a messy array. I stayed silent, even when my arm was thrust into an edge. When the shaking ceased, I was covered in blankets from head to toe. As I was about to uncover myself, light seeped in through the direction of the cabinet doors; I became motionless, even halting my breathing.

Poking began to form at random points on me. Pokes from fingers. One in my open mouth was particularly unpleasurable since it stuffed a wad of feathers down my airway. Pokes from all sides hindered me. Numerous poked on my thighs and stomach occurred. I was hoping he would not poke in an off-limits area; this wish was most definitely not granted.

After several pokes, he slammed the two cabinet doors, followed by a louder slam-the door. When the sound had faded away, I heard him speaking.

"She got away. Somehow…I just don't know." He was angry. "Alert the guards and the staff; if anyone is sheltering her, they will be executed. Secure the perimeter."

"Of course." The voices cease. I decide to wait a good ten minutes before continuing on. He would surely stand guard in front of the door here for a little while, in case he missed something. When no doors opened and no sound was heard, I disentangled myself from the blankets and quietly opened the cabinet doors. No one was in the room; I looked out the window; two guards were walking this way. I jumped out of the cabinet, softly shut those doors, and hid beside the far side of it, closest to the room door.

Two flashlights shined into the room as I pressed up against the wall. After a minute or two, one of them grunted, a beam of light disappearing from the room. "How in the hell did she get out?"

Another voice responded, a whisper hushing his voice. "Didn't you hear? She's special. She could have easily escaped." The first one bellowed out a laugh.
"Escape that vampire? Sure chance. I bet she's still in the room."

Another minute passed before the second voice reappeared. "Someone's coming. Come on, we can't be seen slacking off!" The last beam of light disappeared and heavy footsteps quickly faded away from the window. I took their noisy footsteps to open the room door and escape into the hallway.

I start to run. The hallways all look the same; dim, only one light for every hall, black paint and black, machete carpet. This doesn't help my escape plan much.

I take lefts and rights, only hoping I'm getting closer to my destination. I stumble into walls at times, due to the lack of light.

After ages, I see a small sliver of light sitting at the end of a hallway. I run towards it, knowing that the red double doors I've been searching for are at the end of this hallway.

My heart beats rapidly. I am so close to escaping this hell. I can imagine the feel of the iron handle in my hand. I can see each dent and mark that is carved into the doors. I feel as if I'm in slow motion. My legs won't go fast enough towards the scattered moonlight that will set me free.

I'm only inches away as I reach out my hand, yearning to grasp the iron handle. My breath catches as I see him blocking the doors, less than a second before I would have grabbed the handle. I run into him, my body crumpling up against his rock hard ivory skin.

I crumple to the ground, groaning as I curl into a tight ball. I clutch my ribcage as pain pulses inside of it like a tennis ball.

He bends down, throttling me with one leg on either side of me. His cold, piercing, breath sweeps over my face. "How cunning you are."

I look up through teary eyes to see him smiling, dazzling white teeth ensconced in his mouth. Only after my eyes adjust do I see the tiger teeth protruding from where his canines should be.