The Legend of Zelda; The Will of the Sword

Author's Note: I'm sure a lot of you remember the 2007 April Fool's Day prank, where rumors were spread of a new Zelda set in a more technology based setting. At first, like a lot of you, the idea was a big turn off to me. Futuristic Zelda? Certainly it is arrows and swords that lie at the heart of the series, not guns and…more guns! This got me thinking however, what is it that makes something a Zelda game? We've seen Link transported to dozens of different scenarios, adding new flesh to timeless bones and we love it each time. I think a proper synthesis of that Zelda essence into such a radically new setting, done right, will revitalize and revolutionize this series which we all hold so dear. I implore you, while reading this hypothetical game premise in story form, to ask yourselves two big questions. One, can the essence of Zelda be successfully married to a technological setting and two, what exactly is that quintessential essence, that "Zeldaness" that we all know and love. Thank You.

Disclaimer: Legend of Zelda is property of the Nintendo Corporation,, this is a fan based work.

Prologue; Destiny's Tyrant

I was struck with a moment of clarity as the blade plunged into that old wound. I screamed with all the strength left in me, but not for any physical pain; Being impaled by a sword was like nothing compared to the crashing waves of revelation coursing through me. This blade, this Master Sword, could not kill me, and it never would. That was neither it's design, nor its purpose. No, I'd already been dead long before this, and you cannot kill that which does not live. I was a man once; Ganondorf Dragmire, Gerudo King of Thieves. He died long ago, destroyed by the sage's blade now lying uselessly at my side.

Now I was something else, a corpse reanimated to mimic true life, like one from the hordes of redeads I commanded. I had once thought myself blessed by the goddesses, the son of Din they would call me, the maker of destiny. I was no son, no blessed one. I was a puppet dancing on the strings of fate, always coming closer to ultimate power and glory, yet never to achieve it. Though I did not walk this circling path alone; the boy in green and she of royal blood were of a kind with me. He would forever be a Hero, but never a savior. She would forever be a princess, but never a queen. I would forever be a conqueror, but never a lord.

I struggled to my feet, warm blood dampening through the cracks of my armor. My vision was blurred, but I could just make out the two shapes before me. The hero and the princess. "Do not think this ends here." I found myself warning them. They who I had known as bitter enemies, meager obstacles to the majesties of my fate, I now found myself wanting nothing more than to warn them of the cruel hoax played on us by the goddesses.

My throat burned like fire, but I forced the words out from it anyway. "The history of light and shadow will be written in blood!" Blood, endless blood for no more purpose than for the sake of being shed. We had fought this battle countless times before, and we would continue fighting it forever after. The ancient triangles, promise of the goddesses to make mortal dreams come true. The goddesses lied!

The world started to dim around me and my thoughts began to slow. The convulsing attempts of my heart to beat around the steel embedded in it became erratic, and less and less frequent.

Light! Shining brilliant light, in the shape of the triangle tore into the darkness of death veiling my eyes, imploring me to touch it. It was the essence of all things holy and divine in this world, the essence of energy, the essence of life itself! It was a familiar power, and only now did I understand it for what it truly was; purely and unabashedly evil. For a second I found myself lifting my hand towards it, addicted to that which I despised, but with the last shred of will remaining in my broken body, I pulled away.

The triangle faded into nothingness, and took all my love, hate, hope, and desire with it. The world became cold and black. Sweet, beautiful blackness.