Light congratulated himself for escaping without waking L as he closed the bedroom door behind him. It had not been an easy task, the detective had managed to wrap himself completely around Light in his sleep and it had taken quite a bit to disentangle himself without L waking. He had then slipped on a pair of pajama bottoms and robe and slipped out of the door.

He quickly made his way to the kitchen, hoping Watari had remembered what day it was, and then chided himself for even thinking that. When had Watari ever forgotten anything?

He found Watari exactly as he expected to, in the kitchen preparing a tray for he and L. Watari glanced up as he walked into the kitchen, then handed him a cup of tea which Light accepted gratefully.

"I trust he's still asleep as you wished?" Watari asked. Light nodded as he took his first sip of tea.

"Yes, and it wasn't easy believe me. Were you able to find them?" Watari answered by pulling a heart shaped box from the refridgerator. Light couldn't help but notice the slight roll of his eyes as he placed it on the tray. Light laughed.

"Watari, where is the romance in your soul? Nothing is more romantic for Valentine's Day then chocolate covered strawberries!! And who loves strawberries more than L?"

"I don't object to the strawberries, it was going into that store being surrounded by various shades of pink and hearts in every corner. "

Light shuddered at the very thought. "I thank you for going for me and subjecting yourself to such an attack. I just couldn't get any time to get them myself yesterday." He looked at the tray, their normal breakfast routine with the addition of two glasses of champagne.

"It's perfect Watari, thank you again."

Watari smiled warmly and bowed.

"My pleasure, Light. In all of my time with L I have never seen him as happy as he has been since you have come into his life. I should be thanking you." Light blushed and smiled back, no other words were necessary. He picked up the tray as Watari opened the door for him.

"Shall I hold all calls and visitors for the day?" he asked with a grin. Light blushed again, nodded quickly and went out of the door.

Light navigated the hall between their private apartments and Whammy's main kitchen without running into any of it's younger inhabitants. It was Sunday after all, no classes and all were probably taking the opportunity to sleep in. There was difficulty in getting the front door open and closed and then there was the bedroom door. He glanced down at the glasses of champagne, and was amazed nothing had spilled. He once again held the tray with one hand as he slowly opened the bedroom door.

The sound of the bedroom door opening found it's way thru the morning fog of L's brain. His first reaction, as always upon wakening, was to reach across the bed for Light. A frown crossed his features when all he felt was bed. He opened his eyes and verified that he was indeed alone. He turned to survey the room and saw Light walking towards him with a breakfast tray. Light placed the tray on the bedside table and knelt beside L. He ran his hand thru the soft and tangled mass of ebony and kissed L's forehead.

"Good morning" Light whispered, "I was hoping you'd still be asleep. I had a test I wanted to try".

L's eyes narrowed slightly.

"I'm suddenly glad I was awake. I can't imagine what you want to test on me while I was asleep."

Light grinned and stood up.

"Nothing frightening. Here, I'll prove it to you. Close your eyes." L blinked and stared at him.

"Come on, trust me. You'll love it. Just close your eyes for a minute." Light said laughing. L sighed and slowly closed his eyes. Light opened the box of chocolate covered strawberries and and picked one. He held it under L's nose and slowly wafted it back and forth. L's eyebrows shot up and he inhaled deeply.

"Strawberries….and chocolate!!" His eyes flew open and he sucked the strawberry into his mouth..along with Light's fingers. Light quickly pulled his fingers out and counted them as L happily chewed the chocolate covered strawberry.

"Delicious!!! Are there more?" L asked peering into the tray.

Light picked up the box and handed it to L, leaning over to press his lips to L's.

"You passed the test," he said after pulling back. He reached up and took the glasses of champagne. He handed one to L and kissed him again.

"Happy Valentine's Day, L."

L's eyes widened to almost comic proportions. Valentine's Day? Never in his life had he ever even thought about Valentine's Day. He looked over at the tray, the box of strawberries, the glass in his hand and then again at Light.

"Oh Light, this is so unexpected, I mean Valentine's Day? I've never even thought about it, and I'm sorry I didn't think about it now, but you know I'm not the most romantic person anyway I….."

Light stopped the torrent of words with another kiss. This time he made it more forceful, his tongue demanding entrance at L's mouth, which the detective happily answered, opening his mouth to meet Light's tongue with his own. Light ran his free hand thru the older man's hair, stopping at the back of his head to hold him steady and he plundered his mouth. L gave in and allowed the auborn haired teen dominance, moaning into the ever deepening kiss.

He was panting for air when Light finally released him, color in his cheeks and warmth in his eyes. Light smiled at the effect his kiss had on him and held up his glass.

"Stop talking and have some champagne. I know you well enough to know that this is a day that never would have crossed your mind unless you were studying for a case. I'm not expecting anything from you. I just wanted to show you how much I love you, and how glad I am that you love me, in spite of everything. Now drink your champagne and have some more strawberries. Watari suffered much for these."

L placed the box of strawberries on the bed, smiled and raised his free hand to Light's face. How could he not love the beautiful man before him? He had opened doors and feelings that L never even knew he had, and had given him a life he never even dreamed he could have. With only Watari for companionship, he had always imagined he'd be alone for however long his life was, and thought nothing of it. And now he was hoping for a very long life so he could share it with Light. He also knew would have a hard time saying these things to Light, the words just wouldn't come. But he knew what he could say.

"I do love you Light, more than I thought possible."

He then raised the glass to his lips as Light did the same, their eyes never leaving each other.

When the glasses were empty Light placed them on the tray. He climbed into the bed, forcing L to lie back down.