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Chapter 5

Light only lifted his head from the psychology book when he heard Watari come in with lunch, and then again when he heard him come in with dinner. It was then he also noticed Watari had brought another folder with him, which seemed to contain pictures as well as papers. He saw L place his thumb against his mouth and scan the pictures. He pointed at one set and nodded at Watari who then took them back from L and left the room. L turned to face him, a knowing grin on his face.

"Light, is it alright if I interrupt your reading for a few minutes?" He asked rising from the chair. Light nodded, closing the book and laying it upon the coffee table.

"Of course, my eyes were beginning to get tired anyway. Have you decided to finish for the day?"

"You know I always try to have dinner with you, and since it has arrived I think we should sit at the table and eat. I also have something I need to discuss with you."

Light frowned slightly at the last part of the sentence. Had L been working on something involving their argument this morning? He hoped not, he didn't want that to be a sore point between them again, he felt he had found something that could him occupied. At least until the books ran out. He was startled out of his thoughts as L's hand reached and wrapped around his, pulling him up from the couch. He searched L's face for a clue as to whether he was still angry or not, but found nothing but a smile that reached to the depths of his wide eyes.

They sat at the table and began to eat, Light the sumptuous meal that had been prepared for him and L picking a little at that, while actually eating the apple tart sitting next to his plate.

"Tell me Light, if you could do anything right now, what would it be?" L asked suddenly. Light stopped in mid-chew and stared at L. Was this some kind of trick question? Was he testing his love for him? What if he answered incorrectly?

"What do you mean, anything? As in traveling, or working with you or…what?"

"If you could pick a career right now, if you weren't with me right now, what would it be?"

"Well, if things hadn't happened the way they did, and if I didn't have you, I suppose I would be joining the NPA right now. It was what I had been planning to do. But L, I'm happy with you, I don't want to be anywhere else."

"That's not 100% true though, Light. You made that quite clear to me this morning. You may be happy with me, but you are not happy with the arrangements as they are in order to be with me."

"I'm still adjusting, I need to find something to keep me busy, that's all. I don't want to ruin what we have!" Light began to protest, a stab of fear assaulting him.

"And I don't wish to make your life with me miserable. I have to make some concessions as well." L rose from the table and went back to his desk. He picked up one of the folders and walked back to stand in front of Light. Taking out one piece of paper he laid it on the table in front of him.

"When you have finished eating, you must fill this out if I am to get you in as soon as possible". Many things ran through Light's mind as he looked at L. Get him in? In to what? Was he being sent away? He felt a slight tremor run through him at the thought. He looked down at the paper that L had laid out in front of him and slowly read the heading: "Entrance Exam National Police Agency". He read it again, gaped at L and read it again. His heart raced as he tried to understand exactly what this meant.

"L…what does this mean? The NPA Entrance Exam..I don't understand!"

L noticed the fear that suddenly crept into Light's face. He bent down until his eyes were level with Light's and smiled.

"It means I'm giving your life back to you, Light. This is what you had planned your life to be, not sitting around and waiting for me to give you something to do."

"But L, I love you – you are my life now!" Light could feel tears trying to break themselves free from behind his eyes; it was true, L was sending him away.

"And I love you too, and it's unfair of me to make you give up everything. Now, I need you to also make a choice." Here it comes, Light thought frantically, he's going to ask me to choose which I'd rather have, him or a career. But I already know the answer..wait, what's this? He stopped mid-thought as L placed the folder on top of the exam, and opened it up. There were several pictures of the outside of buildings, then pictures and schematics of apartments, complete with furniture.

"You must decide which apartment you wish us to move to, that you would feel comfortable in. Watari has made sure they both have the amenities and necessary security that are necessary for me, so now you decide which one you like better. They are both in downtown Tokyo, as I much prefer to be in Tokyo. And of course Watari will be available to take you back and forth when necessary, but if you feel that will make you stand out, the train is nearby both places. And…Light what's wrong?" he had realized that Light was staring at him as if he'd grown another head, his eyes wide and his mouth open.

"Did you say which apartment for US to move into?" he whispered.

"Well of course that is what I said. What else do you think I meant?"

"You want us to move back to Japan? So that I can join the NPA?"

"That is correct. I'm doing it just in time because it seems your brain has begun to atrophy already. I can't believe it's taken you this long to figure it out what I was saying to you. Light – why are you crying? Does this not make you happy?"

"I thought you were sending me away. I thought you were making me leave you because you thought that's what I wanted. But L – this is your home, why would you want to give that up just to make me happy? Your work…"

"Can be done anywhere. I have homes all over the world, Light it does not matter where I am. Yes, Whammy's is my original home and my base. And it's not as if I don't ever intend to return. I must return frequently to make sure all is going well with my heirs. I learned the hard way that not paying attention can cause horrible problems, and I will not let that happen again. But I wish to make my home with you in Japan so that we can both be happy doing what we are meant to do. My present to you Light for Valentine's Day is your future. Now, you do realize that there will be times when we will have to be separated, my work takes me to many places on occasion, and you will not always have the opportunity to join me in your new career. Is this all acceptable to you, Light?"

Light had to fight to breathe and maintain control. Could this truly be happening? Could he really have the career he had dreamed of since a child, and still have L? It was too good to be true. The tears that had started out of fear, continued in happiness, the sheer joy of knowing he could be something that L would be proud of, that HE could be proud of, and still have L at home when the day was over.

"But L…what about…everything that happened….I never finished university, there are classes I will need.."

"Easily taken care of, Light don't worry. And as far as the Kira incident is concerned, no one knows you were originally Kira, and I can't think of a better way to pay back society for the wrongs you did do than by serving it. I will find out what classes you need to take and you will take them in the evening as you start your training during the day. There are strings that can be pulled, but the bulk of the work will be on you. Do you think you can handle this?"

Light answered by wrapping his arms around L and bringing their lips together with such force that L lost his balance and they both fell over onto the carpet, laughing. L rolled over on top of Light and smiled down at him.

"Now let me see just how happy you are about this new arrangement." One hand traveled down Light's body slowly, until reaching his crotch. He gently rubbed Light through the fabric and smiled as the reaction he sought began to show itself.

"I see you're beginning to be quite happy about the coming arrangements" he said continuing to rub Light's rapidly hardening member through his pants. He heard Light try to stifle a moan as his hips began to press himself against L's hand. He leaned down and took Light's mouth, his tongue demanding entry and receiving it as he licked along the brunette's lips. Light was taken by surprise, it was rare that L took the first step, but he enjoyed it when he did. The boy's eyes closed and he groaned louder against L's attacking tongue as the detective increased the pressure of his hand, causing Light to grind into him harder. He whimpered as both L's mouth and hand suddenly moved away.

"The floor is not the place I would choose to continue this" he stated, sitting and bringing Light up with him. They both rose from the floor and headed to their bedroom, Light walking backwards while L pushed him, kissing his neck and running his hands up and down his body.

They stopped at the foot of the bed, L continue to worry at Light's neck as he began to unbutton his shirt and slip it off his shoulders and down his arms. L then moved down, licking his way across Light's chest, pausing to take a nipple into his mouth, biting down on it enough to blur that line between pleasure and pain and cause Light to cry out and entwine his fingers into the ebony hair. L pushed Light against the foot of the bed causing him to fall backwards on the bed, with L falling on top of him. He continued to suck and lick at the nipple until it stood rock hard against his tongue, and he moved on to the other one, one hand going down to Light's trousers.

He moved to the other nipple as his hands began to undue Light's pants. He stopped long enough to slide Light's pants down his legs, kissing down his thighs as he did so, moving to slide the pants off his legs, pulling off shoes and socks along the way. He moved back up and kissed Light's cock thru his boxers, licking the top before pulling the boxers down and off.

He took the moment to remove his clothes quickly, throwing them to the floor on top of Lights, and crawled back up his body. Light looked up at L, the raven hair falling over the detective's eyes, so he could barely see the smolder that was there. He reached up and pushed the hair out of the way so he could see those beautiful eyes in all their glory.

"I love you, it doesn't seem enough, but I do love you" he whispered moving his hand into the head of unruly hair, massaging down to L's scalp.

L made a sound close to purring at the touch and smiled down at Light.

"I know you do, and I did not want anything to interfere with what we have. By all things logical this should not even exist. And since it does, I will do anything to keep it and make it better." He leaned down and kissed Light again, as he thrust his hips forward, the friction between their two erections causing them both to cry out. L placed three fingers on Lights lips, rubbing them softly. Light immediately opened his mouth and sucked them in, licking and sucking on them as if they were one of L's sweets covering them in saliva. L pulled them out and placed them at Light's entrance. He pressed one in, slowly working his way deeply, moving it slowly in and out. Light writhed about him, pushing his hips down to meet his thrusts. L added the second and in a few moments later the third. Light cried out, the slight pain diminishing and being overwhelmed with the pleasure as L found his prostate. He reached up and began to slowly pump Light's weeping cock, causing his lover to arch up off the bed and cry out to him.

"L….please….I need…" a moan stopped his words and L squeezed him harder, running his thumb over the tip. He stopped his ministrations long enough to grab the lube and to his own straining member, moaning himself at the cool touch of the lube. He then leaned down to whisper in Light's ear.

"Alright my love, turn over". Light immediately complied, rolling over and lifting his ass in to position. L leaned in, kissing the back of Light's neck, and down to the small of his back before taking the globes in each hand and spreading them. He positioned himself at the opening and began to slide in. The feeling of the muscles tightening around him as he entered causing him to groan loudly, the heat inside almost unbearable.

Light pressed back against him as he entered, helping him slide in. clutching the pillows below him, and moaning with pleasure.

L trembled with arousal, forcing himself to stop until Light gave him the okay. He again kissed the small of his back, reaching underneath to tweak his nipples and caress his chest.

"Move!" Light finally called out, tightening his muscles around L as if to reinforce the command. L pulled out and then pushed back in slowly, holding Light firmly in place with his hands. At the muffled sounds he heard from his lover, he increased his speed, angling to find the correct spot he knew so well. Light's cry of his name told him all he needed to know and he continued to hit his prostate with every thrust, kissing and licking Light's back, enjoying the salty taste of his sweat.

He felt Light tighten around him, his entire body beginning to shake and he knew he was close. He reached around with one hand and began to pump him hard, increasing his rhythm in steady, hard thrusts until his climax was practically upon him, making his thrust more erratic.

He heard Light practically scream his name, and felt his muscles convulse around him, practically milking his climax out of him. He fell forward onto Light's back, his arms wrapping around his chest and with one final hard thrust exploded inside of him, his own cry mixing with Light's.

They collapsed together on the bed, L sliding out to spoon next to his love, his arms wrapped around him, his head buried in Light's neck.

He opened his eyes when he heard the unmistakable sound of Light laughing quietly. He leaned up on one elbow and looked down at the auburn hair covering his face.

"Light? Are you alright? Why are you laughing?" he asked.

"I'm just thinking, this was our first Valentine's Day. What the hell are we going to do to top this one next year?" L sighed and flopped back against the pillows.

"This holiday requires far too much thinking. Perhaps I can find a way to outlaw it." Light laughed harder, pulled the sheets over them and lay on L's chest. The detective placed a kiss on top of the soft hair and waited until he heard the soft breathing that signaled Light had fallen asleep. Then he closed his own eyes and followed him into slumber, a smile on his lips.

The End.