The Bayville Temple Theater had been abandoned long ago, but thanks to the X-Men and the Brotherhood, it would come back to life. What they didn't know before was that they could all either sing, act, dance, and work with stage equipment very well. They all came up with the idea to make a popular musical come to the theater and all the money made would go to the children's hospital.

They waited for a very long time. What these mutants awaited were their fates. Their jobs for the show were about to be picked by Jean Gray, the director of the show.

Piatro Maximoff was looking at himself in a makeup mirror while his friend Fred Dukes scarfed down a meatball sub. Todd Tolansky was trying to win over Pietro's sister Wanda, who was dating John St. Allerdyce.

The other member of the Brotherhood, Lance, didn't sit with them. He was sitting with his girlfriend. She was an X-Men and he even tried to become one too. Jean's boyfriend, Scott Summers was being a douche bag to Lance and it made him leave. However, he still won Kitty Pryde over. Pitor Rasputan sat behind them, occasionally looking at Kitty. The rest of the X-Men sat together, except Evan was gone. It was takeing a long time for Jean to make her decisions.

Fifteen minutes later, she stood up. "Attention now!" she said. "I have the cast and crew all written down and I will announce your position. The costumes and set are already here. Originally, this theater was supposed to run Phantom of the Opera here but since the murder of their leading lady, this place was closed."

"Just say what I am!" someone shouted. Another guy whistled.

"First, the cast." Said Jean. "Pitor; you will be playing The Phantom." The Russian mutant nodded his head. Kitty turned and looked at him. "The role of Christine will be played by Kitty."

"I told you she'd make the right choice." Said Lance.

"Lance Alvers… you are Raoul."

The Brotherhood members on the other side stood up, pointed and laughed. "Hey tough luck Lancy poo!" Todd yelled.

"Screw you guys!" Lance raised his middle finger.

"Madam Giry will be played by Storm and Amanda, is she here?" Amanda waved. "You'll be Meg Giry."

"She's not even a Mutie!" John yelled.

"What I say goes!" Jean snapped. "Carlotta will be played by Wanda and her lover Piangi will be played by Todd."

"Sucks for you Wanda!" Lance stood up and pointed. "You have to kiss the slimeball."

"Jean, you will so pay for this." Wanda growled.

"Moving on… Firmin will be played by Pietro and Andre will be played by Scott."

"Cool." Said Piatro.

"And Logan will be Buquet."

"Aint that the guy that get's hung?" Todd asked.

"If you have been cast with a part, congratulations. The chorus will get specific multiple roles later." Jean announced. "All of you that have not been cast will be either chorus boys or ballet girls. Now, all of you will be in charge of stage crew. Some will be on costume, others on set."

There's the first part. Excuse the mistakes, it's almost midnight. Hope you like it.