Snuggled up on a bed at the Institute, Kitty lay down next to Lance, her arm over his chest. He was holding his white electric guitar in his hands. Kitty listened as he strummed and sang a lot of romantic songs to her. This was love. At least to her it was.

"If they don't hire your band I will be so mad." Said Kitty.

"We're mutants." He replied. "We'll more likely to get rejected."

"But you guys are really good musicians." She told him. "You have to earn a deal somewhere."

"We'll it would help me pay the bills…"

"Wait…" Kitty sat up. "Are you telling me that you're the only one who pays for expenses?"

"Pretty much. Blob only buys food and Pietro spends anything he has on hair gel."

"Guys don't look good with hair gel." Kitty shook her head.

"And Toad only steals money and then loses it."

Kitty seemed to give him the 'I'm disappointed in you' expression but really she was trying to show the 'Then why do you still live there?' look.

"What about Wanda?"

"Only pays ten percent."

"At least she pays…" After she said that, her phone went off. She reached her arm across Lances body to the nightstand to answer. "It's mom. Should I tell her?"

"She doesn't know?"

"I'll put it on speaker then." Said Kitty pressing the green button on the touch screen. "Hey mom."

"Hey Kitty Cat…" said Rebecca from across the line. "I called in to see how you were doing."

"Everything's fine mom."

"So what's new girlfriend?" Lance snickered but held his mouth shut.

"Well… not much."

"Liar. That big battle just ended. How did everything go in Mexico?"

"Everything was fine. A couple of friends came and soon we got more help."


"The Brotherhood…"

"What! They wouldn't help anyone but themselves!"

"Mom that's not true. Lance saved many lives including mine!"

"Wait… Lance… Is he the kid from school?"

"Yeah mom." Kitty rolled her eyes. "He's not a bad person."

"He tried to kill me!" Rebecca snapped. "Are you talking to him?"

"So what?" Kitty snapped. "He's different! He actually learns from his mistakes!"

"I don't want you talking to him!"

"Too bad!" Kitty sneered. "Because we're dating! It would be very hard to do that if I couldn't talk to him!"

Rebecca went silent. "What the hell did you just say?"

"Lance and I have been going out for three months already!"

"Break up with him now or I will contact the Professor."

Kitty laughed. "He's a telepath! He reads Lance's mind all the time and say's he's clean!"

"I don't believe that at all!" Rebecca snapped. "Don't be afraid to kick him to the curb dear!"

"I don't want to!"

"There are a lot of better men living right at the institute! Like Bobby, you said he was nice."

"Bobby's an idiot."


"Doesn't live here anymore."


"No!" she turned over to Lance apologetically. "Lance I am so sorry about this."

"Kurt! He's perfect for you!"

Kitty never felt so angry in her life. It was another person who told her she'd be better off with Kurt than with Lance. She and Kurt even discussed that a while ago that they would never be more than friends.

"Why does everyone keep saying that?" Kitty was pissed now. Piotr was painting in his room when he heard her snap. Startled, he lost his balance with the paintbrush and grey paint slid into his blue sky. "Everyone keeps telling me that I'm better off with Kurt but I don't like him! Besides, he has a goddamn girlfriend Mom! So he used to like me! That's over! I am so sick of everyone telling me I should be with Kurt! I am sick of people insulting my boyfriend because of a few mistakes! And just so you know mom, Lance and I are moving into our own apartment!" Kitty hung up, pitched the phone against the wall and fell on her bed, in tears.

"What happened?" Piotr barged in and looked at Kitty then Lance.

"Her mom called and she really pissed her off." Lance explained. "They had a fight."

Just then, Rogue, Ororo, Kurt and Logan came running in. Rogue pulled on Kitty's shoulders to sit her up.

"Are y'all alright?"

"Do I look alright?" Kitty snapped pulling away. "I am not ok!"

"Keety, calm down!" Kurt pleaded. He never saw her so mad. She looked like a snorting bull ready to charge.

"Don't talk to me!" she backed away. "Stay away from me!" Kitty's nerves acted up.

"She's a little pissed off with her mom, that's all it is." Said Lance. "She needs time to calm down."

"What did she do?" Logan asked.

Kitty sniffled and wiped her eyes. "She found out I was dating Lance and she yelled at me. I told her everything but she wouldn't listen! Then she said I'm better off with you!" she pointed at Kurt. "I'm tired of people thinking that we could possibly be a couple."

Kurt sighed. "Zi told you, zi am happy with Amanda."

"Good!" Kitty snorted. She sounded like a real bitch, but it may have just been PMS. "I'm fine people, really… sorry I disturbed you."

"Do you want to talk about it?" Ororo asked. Kitty shook her head.

"I should really get to sleep." She removed her green cardigan and tossed it on the floor. "I'll feel better tomorrow."

That night, something was watching her. As she slept in her own room, a voice echoed in her head. She couldn't recognize it as Lance's or Piotrs but it was something beautiful. Singing in French, whoever it was, was a mutant. The window slid open and the curtains blew in the breeze.

"I am here for you Kitty… to listen to your problems…"

Too tired to wake up, Kitty rolled over onto her back. Suddenly, a figure thrived at her bedside. The transparent mutant was wearing a long black cloak and a colonial costume. His hair was tied back with a black ribbon.

"I saw you at my favorite theater. The one I always went to as a child. Thank you for restoring it." When she still didn't wake up, he caressed her cheek. Smiling, he bent down and scooped her into his arms. Then they were both gone.