Hey, my fellow fans of fiction. I'm new to writing, but a veteran to reading. I had this idea in my head for a little bit, don't know how long I will make the story, I'm just writing to my heart's desire ^-^

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Ashley's POV

"Ooh, baby. I be stuck to you like glue, baby.

Wanna spend it all on you, baby.

My room is the G-spot.

Call me, Mr. Flintstone, I can make your bedrock."

This bleach-blond sings out of tune while dancing off-beat in front of me. I swear I'm gonna kick Carmen's ass after this. Did she really need me to take care of her conquest's cousin…well, she did do the same for me last month. Naomi, man, that girl was nice with her tongue. *sigh* Where was I…oh, yea, the girl with no rhythm dancing in front of me. This girl looks barely legal…what's her name again?

"Hey!" I look up to Barely Legal's emerald green eyes. "You don't like the show?" She's staring me down with her hand on her hips…she is cute though.

I didn't even realize that she stopped "Um…" Think, Ashley, think! I grab her hips so she is straddling me. "No, I loved it. I was just thinkin what you can do with those moves." I give her my famous nose-crinkling Davies smile. Nice save!

She softens up and looks at me with lust in her eyes…you know the look, don't ya? The 'I'm about to tear ya ass up' look. I sorta have that effect on…well, everyone. What can I say? It's a gift.

"I can think of a few things" says Barely Legal. Next thing I know, I'm on my back and she's attacking my lips. I should be into this, but I can't help to notice the Zac Efron poster right above us. Jesus, how old is this girl?

Barely Legal is whispering in my ear, "You are so hot" and she moves to my neck. That bitch better not leave a mark, that's like staking your claim on territory and no one owns Ashley Davies! She takes off my shirt and goes back to assaulting my neck. She's rather hasty, ain't she? Again, I should be into it, but there are alarm bells goin off in my head as soon as I see a cheerleading outfit and a yearbook dated '2010'. Whoa! My libido just froze. I flip her over. Barely Legal starts giggling, "Ooh, I like an aggressive woman."

"How old are you?" I cut right to the chase.

"Old enough." She smirks while unbuttoning my jeans, I pushed her hands away and got off the bed. She's not happy. "Hey, what the hell is your deal?"

I put my shirt back on and snort, "My deal is that I don't do jailbait, Cindy." She looks shocked, but quickly composes herself.

"That's not my name, Ashley." She walks over to me and grabs me by the hips. "Come on, baby. Age ain't nothing but a number…I'll be 17 in May."

Come again? I push her off, more annoyed this time. "..Wait a minute. You're 16? How old is your cousin, Felicia?"

She's upset now. "My name is Michelle, you stupid dyke." She said with venom in her voice.

Ohh, so now I'm a dyke cause I won't fuck you. Kids today have no respect. Like I care, I'm already out the door laughing. "Whatever, me and my friend are outta here. Have fun wet dreaming about High School Musical, little girl."

I walk down the hall and I hear little groans and giggles. "Ah, fuck. Dammit, Carmen!" I hear Ne-Yo's 'Mirror' blaring in the background. I know they won't hear me knocking so I just burst in. What I see before me…I don't even know if I should laugh my ass off or gouge my eyes out.

"Yo, A, what the fuck?" A stunned brunette and Carmen's pissed-off look are staring me down. Carmen is in her bra and panties while her 'companion' is dressed in a maid's outfit holding a duster…I'll leave the rest to your imagination. "Damn, don't you know how to knock?"

I smile holding in my laughter. "I did, you couldn't hear me." Then, I couldn't hold it anymore. "Ahhh, hahahahahaha. Oh, this is priceless." I laughed so much, tears started coming out.

Carmen gets up out of the bed and starts pushing me out. "Thanks, Miss Buzzkill, now get out!"

I got serious. "No, wait, we gotta go now." I look down. "..and put some clothes on, I don't wanna see your goodies." Don't get me wrong, Carmen has a killer body, but she's like family to me, my partner in crime.

She rolls her eyes, "Ash, I'm about to get acquainted with my new friend here, right, Angela?"

The brunette crosses her arms, "It's Amanda, Carmen."

"Right, I knew that, mami. My bad." Carmen smiles

I roll my eyes, "No, you didn't. Would you come on?"

"A, stop cockblocking, you're ruining it for me." Carmen hisses. "Where's your girl?"

"It's past her bedtime, C. She's 16." I take out a cigarette and about to light that sweet nicotine up when I hear the brunette speak. Hmm, is she 16 too wearing that type of outfit?

"Uhm, you can't smoke that in here!" Carmen is busy putting her clothes on, mumbling about growth spurts on girls today.

"And why not?" I light it up and inhale "It's a free country, right?" I say while blowing it out my mouth.

Just then her cousin comes rushing in, "Oh my god, Amanda! Your parents just pulled up!"

"Parents?" Carmen and I say in unison. Carmen grabs her jacket "That's it. Let's go! I'm not tryna get arrested tonight."

We hear the front door open. Shit, we can't go out that way. Carmen and I both look at each other, then the window. Carmen groans, "Aw, I hate heights."

"Move your ass, Sanchez!"

We climbed down to the ground with ease…well, I did. Carmen fell flat on her butt. I helped her up.

"I could've broken my coccyx, ya know."

"Since when did you start paying attention in Anatomy & Physiology?"

We jog to my car, my baby…an Infiniti G35, black on black. I named her Shane….what don't judge me? So I named her after the most notorious L Word character. You would too if you've taken a ride in it.

"Since I started flunking the first exam cause I was messing around with that girl with the nice-sized breasts." She winks.

"Oh, yea, the canteloupe girl." Carmen snorts and breathes a sigh of relief. "What?"

"I'm glad I didn't give Amanda my number."

"I'm glad we didn't get caught with underage girls." I said with my eyes on the road.

"Hey! Your girl was underage. I'm pretty sure mines was on the verge of 18. How was I suppose to know? We met them at Ego."

"You always try to justify your actions. Maybe look to see if they have a Jonas Brothers cd lying around."

"Eh, jodete" She is silent for a moment, then starts speaking again. "Amanda was lookin' good in that maid outfit though, right?"

I smile a little bit. "Yea, she was…then again, you think Miley Cyrus is hot."

"Damn right! Give her a few more years."

"Like that would stop you." We both laugh and I crank up some Drake on my stereo. You know this is a good time to introduce myself and my homegirl. I'm Ashley Davies and that's Carmen Sanchez, best friends and ladykillers of L.A.