Chapter 1: New Kid

The class finally settled down in their seats as the teacher walked in.

"Alright you guys, we got a new student today. Her names Izzy and I want you all to be nice this time. Izzy? Izzy get in here." he said and looked at the open door.

A short, skinny girl peeked into the room and she slowly walked into the room looking scared to death.

"H-hi. I'm I-Izzy." she stammered. It was her first time ever moving to a new town and her parents told her that it'd be fun. Yeah right, she told herself every minute of the drive.

"Okay, go take a seat." he said Izzy did what she was told without any hesitation. She could hear people behind her laughing quietly and saying things that she couldn't understand. Oh well. This would be fun.


Izzy hated walking home. She had to do it before back at home and she had to walk home here. Its was bitter cold even though it was October. The autumn leaves kept hitting her face as her cheeks became red from the cold. She just wanted to cry so much at the moment. But what would crying do to help? Nothing. That's what.

Nearby, a police car stopped and just sat there in the street next to her.

"Lord Megatron, this girl that walked past me. You were right. She doesn't seem like a normal human. There's some strange power in her. I can sense it." the car sent the transmission to his leader.

"Follow her. And wait for Starsream and me."

"Yes sir." he said and drove off slowly after her.

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