The day started off normally for Natalia Arlovskaya, known to most everyone as Belarus, the little sister of Ivan Braginsky, or Russia. She awoke in the morning with her normal mind set, to 'become one' with her big brother.

She had a strange fascination with her brother, to the point of stalking him and wanting to marry him. But oddly enough, this is not about her obsession with her brother, this is about something Natalia was never expecting.

Natalia got out of her bed as usual and ambled over to her armoire. Opening it up there were the usual dresses she wore, in two colors; dark blue and black. Today she picked out one of the blue ones and pulled out a set of her white thigh high stockings with the garters to hold them up. She also grabbed a pair of her black leather Mary Jane's. She began to assemble herself like she did every morning, never forgetting her white hair bow. Soon enough she was ready to leave her room and find out where her brother was and what her was doing today.

She quietly opened the door to her room and went out into the hall towards the kitchen as she did very morning. She was going to make breakfast; she always did, to impress Ivan, or at least to attempt to.

She set the table as her makeshift borscht, was heating on the stove. Soon the other inhabitants of the house started to show themselves. When they entered the kitchen to find Belarus, they all gave a silent groan, except Latvia who let his groan be heard. And he was greeted by a glaring Natalia for it.

Russia, Latvia and Estonia all hated the food she made. The only one who seemed not to mind was Lithuania, who was in love with the young woman. Toris had known Natalia since she was a young girl living in the grand Duchy of Lithuania. Belarus had been a part of the Grand Duchy since it became as such. But she was much different than she was then, as was Toris.

Natalia didn't seem to care much for Toris anymore; if she did she hid it well. She dropped a bowl in front of him without even regarding him when he stuttered when he said good morning.

Ivan looked at the Baltic's sitting around the table with him. "I have lots of paperwork to do today, what are you guys going to be doing?" He said before he hesitantly took a bite of the food in his bowl.

Estonia adjusted his glasses and cleared his throat before answering. "I was planning on catching up on some reports that I have gotten a little behind on….Maybe a little light reading." He said calmly.

Latvia shifted his weight as he stared at his food and didn't answer. Russia never really expected a lot out of the boy. So his lack of answer went unnoticed.

Toris happily went about eating the food set before him by his love. "Well, I was thinking about going through my closet and cleaning some things out." He chuckled as he took another bite,

That statement made Natalia turn to regard him curiously. But she ignored him and went to doting on her brother. That made Ivan try to stomach the food faster so he could get away from his crazy younger sister. "Ah, well that sounds good, I need to be getting to my paperwork. Please don't bother me." He said. He then looked at Belarus. "That means you too. Be good. Don't get into any trouble, ok?" He told her before he got up and quickly ran out of the room.

She was left in the kitchen with the Baltic nations. She turned to them and they all jerked their gaze away from her, except for Lithuania. He smiled at her and turned his face back to his bowl blushing. She hated how shy and submissive he had become. She used to admire him. But she was young and naïve. And she learned that he wasn't what she had thought.

She huffed and went to prepare the desserts for tea later. The Baltic's were soon finished and quickly left the room. And Toris went to cleaning out his closet, full of memories of his past as The Grand Duchy of Lithuania. And of a young Natalia who had relied on him, who had always been there for him.

A few hours later it was time for tea and Natalia brought a tray to Ivan's room. She knocked on the door and announced it was tea time. Ivan however was not in the mood for tea, so he would not even unlock the door for her and her hands were full so she couldn't remove the doorknob that separated them. So she went away from Ivan's room and to the next room down the hall, the room that belonged to Toris Lorinaitis.

She knocked but there was no answer. So she checked the door and it was unlocked so she entered. The room was cluttered with old boxes and objects. Many of them she recognized from long ago. She looked around at everything a flicker of nostalgia burned in her chest. And then she found Toris.

Toris was standing in front of a three-pane mirror. He was wearing his armor from his younger days as the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. He hadn't heard Natalia knock or enter. So when he turned to go back to his closet he was surprised to see her standing there. He just looked at her at her.

She was lost in memories of long lost days in a faraway place. The look on her face must have given her away because Toris blushed and rubbed the back of his head as he chuckled. She was brought out of it when he laughed and she cleared her throat to hide the fact that her cheeks were beginning to turn a rosy shade of red.

"U-um Miss Belarus, look, I found my old armor. And it still fits. Ha ha! I'm kind of surprised it isn't too small." He said laughing. He picked up a small wooden box and held it out to Natalia. "It's a box of stuff that reminded me of home when I was away. That reminded me most importantly of…of you Natalia…" He stammered as his face burned. She just stared at him for a moment as he looked at her lovingly and darted his eyes away shyly.

She slammed the platter with the tea down and quickly left the room, as he was left staring at where she had been standing. "She must have had somewhere else to be." He said obliviously. He went back to his closet in pure ignorant bliss.

She stomped off to her room cursing under her breath. She tried to hide the fact her eyes were welling with tears, even though no one was around. The man she knew and admired, she considered dead. Because Toris and the man he used to be are far too different in her eyes. When she reached her room and had shut the door behind her she began to cry.

Toris had removed his armor and left his room to go thank Natalia for the 'wonderful' tea. As he made his way down the hall towards her room, he began to hear soft sobbing coming from behind Natalia's door. He stood at her door and leaned his head on the cool wooden door.

She had pressed her back against the door and slid down to the floor as she tried to stifle her tears. "That idiot, doesn't he realize I don't see him the same way anymore? Doesn't he realize that his lack of self-confidence, that he used to have no want for, irritates me and makes being around him almost unbearable?" She wondered aloud.

She didn't know she was actually asking him if he knew that she found him irritating.

He leaned his forehead against the door before a tear ran down his cheek and he went back down the hall towards his room. When he entered his room he went back over to the armor he had just taken off. When he gazed into the shine; he became lost in the memories of when he was younger, when he had the admiration of a young Belarus. He stared at it hard as he pondered what he would do next. He decided he would show her that she was wrong. He would show her that he still had that confidence she had admired buried in him somewhere. He just had to find it.

Natalia finally stopped her tears. And she felt stupid for crying at all, she had come to terms with her heartbreak long ago. She had Ivan now. She didn't need anything else. All she needed to do was be with her big brother.

Belarus crept out of her room and made her way to the kitchen to get herself a cup of tea to help make sense of the things rushing through her mind. She acquired the tea and went into the drawing room. No one was there. The house was relatively silent. She heard everyone in their own rooms. Except Ivan, he was silent. He never made a lot of noise, except when he was punishing someone.

She stood by the window staring into the night sky and at the nearly full moon. As she took a sip of tea she heard the door open, shut and lock behind her. She turned to see Toris leaning against the entrance of the room. She blinked a couple of times, not sure of what he was doing. He had his face lowered as if he were in inner turmoil with his thoughts. But then he raised his face enough to her peer at her through his bangs.

The look in his eyes was one she hadn't seen in many years. She was taken aback. He then began to make his way across the room to her, strength in his every step. He stopped a couple of steps away from her and stared at her.

Toris looked at Natalia with such intensity, that she thought her heart would stop. He then very quickly closed the distance between them and took a hold of her with as much assuredness that she had ever known him to have.

The tea fell from her hand as if she hadn't been holding it at all. Her heart began to pound.

She tried to gather her wits about her. She tried to make some sort of sense out of what was happening to her. She was puzzled, nothing like this had ever happened to her before.

A small gasp escaped her lips as his hands began to roam her body. She had already been taken aback by his sudden show of confidence. It wasn't that she never thought he had any, she knew he did long ago, but it seemed to die with The Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

But here he was, somehow he had found his confidence and was now demonstrating it very vividly.

Natalia knew that Toris had some romantic attachment to her, but she never knew his feelings were this strong. Toris, as she had seen him, the shy bumbling servant of her brother, was holding her tightly.

He grabbed her chin with one of his hands and held her close with the other. He pulled her face to his own and pressed his lips hard into hers.

Her initial shock had left her mouth slightly agape and Toris took that opportunity to dart his tongue into her mouth.

Natalia was startled. Within the flurry of indiscernible thoughts in her mind, the only definite thought she could grab a hold of was a slur of what appeared to be "how could this happen?" and what can only be described as incoherent jabber.

She tried to pull her head away but his grip on her chin prevented her from breaking their kiss, which was becoming more passionate as it continued.

Her head told her to fight him off, she loved her big brother; she loved Ivan. But her heart told her differently, and her body shook with longing.

She began to give in to his kiss, even to the point of darting her own tongue into his mouth once or twice. When he felt her return his kiss he let go of her chin and began to let his hands roam again.

He slid his hand down her hips and slowly began to slide his hand back and forth along the outer part of her thighs.

She caught a small moan in her throat that escaped her mouth as another gasp. As her thighs began to burn more as he caressed them, her head spun and her body ached. She slowly leaned forward into him and pressed her chest into his, swaying side to side a little as she did.

A moment later she felt her dress begin to slide upward as she started gathering it into his waiting hands. When it was pulled up far enough for him to reach underneath it without him breaking their kiss, he slowly slid his hands up underneath her skirts and onto her upper thigh, lower buttocks. He then jerked her hips into his and she felt him getting harder as she pressed into him.

This time the moan escaped her throat and her mouth as he pressed his hips into his. He broke their kiss and began kissing down her neck to the bow that kept the collar of her dress closed. He found the end of it with his mouth and pulled on it. The bow slid quickly off of her neck with Toris' enthusiasm. The bow gone, the collar of her dress easily fell open on its own, leaving the top of her chest and breasts exposed.

Toris lavished her chest with quick fleeting kisses that left Natalia gasping for air. He ran his tongue along the exposed top of her breast as he slid his hand upward over her buttocks, to the top of her panty line, only to hook the top of them with his thumb as he brought his hand back down over the bare skin of her ass.

Toris pushed Natalia against the wall a moment of eternity later. He pulled himself back away from her, far enough that he could remove his jacket and shirt.

Natalia took that time to catch her breath and to look upon this long forgotten man, neglected by both her and Toris, a man that she had disregarded after she was taken from the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, when he had become a shell of what he had been. As she watched him, her eyebrow raised, she never would have guessed Toris would look so good without his shirt on.

He had removed his shirt and had begun to unbutton his pants. Natalia watched him with bated breath. She tightened her hand around the curtain hanging down the wall. Only now was she thinking more clearly and thinking of what would happen if this continued.

She had known Toris a long time. But she had considered the Toris she knew then, the brave, strong ambitious young man, and the servant in her brothers household, two different people. And now, for the first time, she was seeing them as the same.

He didn't remove his pants. He only unbuttoned them and separated the closures. He then took a step back toward Natalia. As he moved he slid his hand down into his pants and quickly removed the length of himself.

The sight made Natalia give a little gasp. This man, who was timid and stammering earlier in the day, a seemingly weak little man, held something she would have never guessed he possessed. She had figured that because of his lack of self-confidence, he was inadequate feeling with his manhood. But seeing him now, she had discerned he was at least a little above average.

He moved back to her and held her gaze with his own for a moment. She was seeing the man, she had deeply admired when she was young, standing before her; wanting her. She placed her hand against his neck and peered deeper into his eyes.

"T-Toris….." She whispered.

It was his turn to be surprised this time. "You haven't called me by my name for so long." He said softly. He leaned forward and began kissing her neck. As he made his way upward he stopped at her ear to bite softly at the lobe. "Say it again…say my name…." He whispered, his hot breath in her ear making her tingle. He flitted his tongue along the edge of her face as she sighed and grabbed harder at the curtain.

"Toris…..Toris…." She moaned, as he began to lightly bite at her neck making her arch her back.

He guided her down the wall to the floor beneath the window. The only light was from the moon shining in through the window.

He reached underneath her skirt again to finish pulling off her panties. He removed them completely and tossed them aside. There was now nothing keeping him from driving into her, taking her, which was what she was longing for. But he didn't penetrate her immediately.

She looked at him and saw him staring at the exposed part of her breasts. He buried his face into them and began to nip at the tops of her breasts. He pushed his way underneath her bra and nipped at the sensitive flesh. That caused her to give a more verbal moan of pleasure.

When he heard her moan, he discovered she was not a quiet lover. He clapped a hand over her mouth causing her to have to breathe through her nose. Her chest heaved which made him lavish it more before he moved his face back to hers. He pulled her skirt up to her stomach and pressed his hand on the inside of one of her thighs, signaling for her to open her legs wide for him.

She complied and he moved into position. Her back arched as he penetrated her fully. It hurt for a fleeting moment, but the pain only drove her ecstasy. He wasn't a careless lover though. He took it slow until she squeezed him with her thighs. She had wrapped her legs around him and was steadily moving with him as he began to go faster. Her moans were muffled by his hand. And she licked at it as she became more and more aroused.

He drove on and she clawed at his back, it didn't seem to bother him, it actually seemed to spur him harder. It continued for what seemed to Natalia as an eternity but she felt herself peaking. Her back arched farther as she felt Toris empty into her and she had her own orgasm.

As the pleasure exploded through her, everything became blurry and dark. She felt herself get lifted into strong arms and off the floor. Everything after that was a haze.