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Toris had parted ways with Natalia after the disturbance in the shower. They needed time to calm down and if anything was brought up, deny it, to anyone. They weren't quite ready to announce what was going on behind the scenes in the large house.

The next day Toris got himself out of bed early. The reasoning for his early departure from the warmth of his bed was simple. There was another bed, warmer and far more appealing, waiting for him. He had not gone to bed with Natalia for another simple reason. Ivan was making a check of his siblings rooms that night. Though their older sister was not at the home at that time, Ivan made a habit out of checking both his sister's rooms, for whatever he might think would be there to harm them. Many things Ivan did made no sense to anyone but him.

Toris quietly opened the door to his room. He poked his head out of the doorway and peered down the dark hallway, both directions. When he was sure there was no one there he slowly left the confines of his safe haven and ventured into the darkened cold hallways of the Russian's home, to reunite himself with his love. Toris did love Natalia, that was certain to him. What wasn't certain to him, was whether or not she felt anything near the same. Was she just letting him have what he had desperately wanted, to hold it over his head at another time? Was she just using him for her own physical needs? Toris hoped these answers would be made known to him soon. Though he was content for the moment, taking pleasure in their activities.

He had quietly made his way to her door. Toris pressed his ear to the oaken door, feeling the cool exterior to the heat that awaited inside. He chuckled a bit at the comparison to his Natalia. He reached for the doorknob and gave it a light twist, it was unlocked and he completed the turn, pushing the door open. He entered the room with haste and closed the door behind himself, locking it tightly and promptly.

Natalia sat against the headboard of her bed in little more than a light nightgown she typically wore in the summertime, it was thin and not meant for cold climates. She chose to wear it because she would need more help warming herself up after wearing it a while. She had waited until Ivan had finally retired for the night before putting it on. Toris would be coming to her door soon and she wanted to be ready for him. How she burned for him to be there then, in that moment.

But she knew he would not be there for some time at least. So she contented herself with some light reading in the meaning time. It was the novella 'Carmilla' by Joseph Sheridan LeFanu, a story about a young lady, who finds herself in the company of another young lady. The visitor turns out to be a vampiress in the end, feeding off of the youth and vitality of the young ladies she enraptured. Natalia loved the story. In a way, it was sensual to her, making her blood burn in her veins. Making her wish Toris was there, all the more.

The clock struck 3:00 A.M. Toris would be knocking any moment, she hoped. It is what they had agreed to, but she was beginning to think perhaps he would not come, for fear of her brother. But sure enough, seconds after the clock had finished its chiming, Toris quietly, yet swiftly, entered her room and locked the door behind him. Natalia looked at him as he leaned against the door. To her, he looked a bit conflicted. But she meant to ease his stormy thoughts, whatever they were, making him look as such.

Natalia slid farther down in her bed, a sign for Toris to join her, she was quite cold after all. Toris slowly moved towards her and the bed, removing his shirt as he did. As he stood next to the bed, he began to remove his pants as Natalia watched him carefully. She made note of every twist of his fingers, noting how nimble they were. She had a few idea's for those nimble hands that were no doubt cold. She smiled, they would be very warm soon enough.

"...I'm glad you are finally here..." Natalia said quietly. Toris looked at her for a moment, not saying anything, looking at which way he should go about positioning himself on the bed, whether on the edge, or directly over her, or to the side of her. "That is good. I hope you rested easy while we were apart. I plan for there to be very little resting while I am here..." He replied after he determined how to go about mounting the situation. His reply made Natalia smirk. She had the very same plan it seemed, so they were at an agreement. They had many of those lately.

Toris, after he had sufficiently removed clothing, crawled onto the bed, over Natalia. Her eyes roamed his body. His lean muscles were taught with anticipation and he was almost too quick with positioning himself. He was anxious. Toris wanted Natalia as badly, if not more, than she wanted him. He eased himself down and pressed his own body against hers, feeling how cold she was. How cold she had let herself become, waiting for him. Her nightgown was very thin indeed, Toris noted.

Toris pressed his lips into Natalia's for a long, deep kiss. They were getting warmed up and they were going to be getting far more active in the very eminent future. Natalia slip her hands up and around Toris, giving him goosebumps as her hands glided across his skin. In response he began to kiss her neck, nipping at the skin as he made his way down her neck to her upper chest, already goose-bumped from the temperature of the room.

Things got heated up between the two and Toris felt it was time to initiate their activities. So he shifted himself and Natalia gave a gasp when his weight was removed and his member made itself known to her. Toris made no waste of time in penetrating her after he had shifted his position. Natalia gasped again and her back arched in response to his slow rhythmic motions in her. She grabbed tighter at his back, catching one of his cuts and he hissed, and bit at her neck in return. Natalia bit her lower lip as Toris' teeth grazed the flesh of her neck. She again caught one of his cuts and received the same response again. She delighted in it and took his responses gladly, each and every time she caught one of the cuts with her finely manicured nails.

Toris picked up his pace a little, earning an appreciative moan from Natalia. She bucked her hips against his as he pressed back into her, getting a strange grunt from Toris, telling her he wasn't expecting it, but that he didn't mind. He drove in harder and she bucked again. After a few moments of it, they were both lost in the hard rhythm, pure instinct driving them to their peaks. The bed, at this time was squeaking with a rhythm all its own. They had effectively worn the bed out. Natalia would need some work done to it to keep their activities unknown to the rest of the house. Luckily Natalia wasn't next door to anyone and there wasn't much to worry about there.

Natalia was the first to climax. and she let out a louder-than-intended moan that sent a shudder down Toris' spine. Toris was also very near to his own peak, but he had a plan before he was through this time. He focused on something aside from Natalia. He felt her shudder with ecstasy and her back arch as he continued his motion. She clung harder to his back. Toris intended to give her more than one orgasm, with this first encounter of the evening. So far his plan was working.

Natalia's head was a jumbled mess. All she could focus on was her own burning pleasure she was experiencing at the moment. How Toris had changed recently.