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Sosuke Aizen looked over the vast desert of Hueco Mundo. Footsteps approached behind him on the balcony and stopped a few feet away. He didn't have to turn around to know it was Ulquiorra, he could feel the espada's reiatsu heading his way since he left the monitor room.

"Aizen-sama, the humans and shinigami are crossing the desert, again." The espada informed him, which didn't surprise him. For the last six months they had tried several rescue attempts that all ended in failure. Before he had thought of just ridding himself of the problem and eliminating them, but things had changed.

"Send them back." The lord ordered. He knew eventually he would have to place a barrier around Hueco Mundo to prevent them from entering. As long as Urahara was alive, they would always have a way to get in and would never give up. It was useless and they were only wasting their time if they believe they could take what was his.

"Of course, Aizen-sama." Ulquiorra bowed before leaving him alone and finally Aizen turned around to walk out the door the espada had used.

Things had certainly changed since he first arrived in Las Noches. His plans were going smoothly as he predicted and knew that the shinigami would be at a disadvantage when the time came to face them. Even if they defeated all of his espada, they wouldn't stand a chance against him or Gin. They had completed their army, but something was still off. After all the years of planning he did not leave variables that could be used against him alone. The Ryoka boy was a variable he was unsure of and he did not work this hard to fail because he ignored one boy. After all, the boy did obtained Bankai and defeated two captain class shinigami in a short amount of time and his powers were still growing.

Naturally he sent spies to watch the boy, but when Ulquiorra reported the boy was trash something still didn't sit well with him. The Ryoka boy was succeeding until something distracted him, his hollow perhaps. Ignoring the advice from his fourth espada, he sent Grimmjow and Ulquiorra to retrieve the boy. He put up a better fight than before and was able to use his hollow mask, but he was still no match for the two espada. They brought him in kicking and screaming.

Once the boy was in his care, he felt everything was back on track. However, once again the boy threw everything off. He meant to torture the boy and make him a broken tool…not fall in love with him.

He still remembered the first time he saw Ichigo smile. It made his heart flutter and he never wanted to see tears of pain in those beautiful brown eyes again. Of course the boy wasn't trusting of him, but it slowly grew when he saw his friends were returned to their home safely each time they attempted to rescue him. Overtime, it became more and Aizen realized he found heaven without having to retrieve the King's key. The boy caused him to change his plans, instead of wanting to spend eternity as a god; he wanted to spend it with Ichigo.

Gin was not pleased when he discussed the change of plans, but that changed as soon as the espada brought the silver haired captain's timid lieutenant for him to play with. Tousen was a slight problem. He still wanted revenge against Soul Society and left with Wonderweiss at his side. The rest of the espada did not seem to care. He would often find Ichigo sparring with Grimmjow and Nnoitra.

Aizen stopped at his door and placed his hand on the knob and turned it. A small smile formed on his lips when he saw the blankets ruffed on the bed and the sleeping figure he had left hours ago was still there. As he approached, he watched the boy's naked chest move up and down slowly and knew he was beginning to wake.

He sat down on the edge of the bed and ran his fingers through the soft orange hair that had grown slightly since Ichigo had arrived. His eyes watch his lover's peaceful face twitch in annoyance, already knowing he is not alone. Aizen's smile only grew when one eye lid opened and looked at him before it shut again. The boy tried to roll over and face the other way, but the lord wouldn't have it. He grabbed Ichigo's pillow from underneath his head and ripped it away. The teen grumbled in annoyance and glared at him. Poor thing was not a morning person.

"What the hell? I don't bug you when you sleep." Ichigo growled and tried to reach for his pillow, but the brown haired man moved it away. It was amusing to see him agitated, though it could be easily fixed. When Ichigo first arrived, he had the same defiant attitude that Aizen failed to break. He often wondered if it was the boy's defiance that he found so attractive, his power, or every aspect about him. He wasn't sure, but he leaned towards the latter

"If you continue sleeping like this you will miss the whole day. Breakfast was already served and lunch is being prepared at the moment. And no, I will not allow the espada to save you a meal to bring down to you because you were too lazy to get up. Personally, I feel Stark is rubbing off on you." Aizen commented to Ichigo who at that moment took a chance and grabbed the pillow. He placed it over his head. The lord frowned, he would not be ignored. The boy surely knew that by now.

Aizen stood up and took off his jacket, placing it at the end of the bed before crawling across it to straddle the teen. He couldn't surpass a chuckle when he heard Ichigo groan in annoyance.

He always got what he wanted.

Aizen pulled the pillow away from the vizard with ease and tossed it to the side. A smirk spread across the older male as he bent down with both of his arms on either side of Ichigo's head. The ever present scowl crossed Ichigo's face. There were a few battles he knew he could win against Aizen, depending on the lord's mood; however, he knew this one would be a losing one unless he was able to get an advantage. The only thoughts running through the other man's face was how adorable Ichigo looked when he scowled in a pouty fashion. It was much better than the etches of pain that crossed over his face before

Aizen leaned down and placed a kiss on Ichigo's lips which the teen gladly accepted and kissed back. The teen reached up and pulled the older man to him and traced the small scab marks he had made two nights ago from clawing at the lord's back. He felt a shiver run down his spine as Aizen's fingers traced down the sides of his chest, pulling the blankets down in the process.

Aizen stopped as soon as Ichigo broke the kiss and pushed against his chest. He stared down at the teen and saw a look of frustration. "You're wearing too many clothes." Ichigo grumbled and pulled at the zipper of Aizen's shirt. The lord once again chuckled before he leaned back on his knees.

"So sorry about that, my little strawberry," Aizen replied and saw the teen's eyes narrow. He hated the nickname, something all of the residents in Las Noches learned quickly.

"Shut up." Ichigo growled as he sat up bringing the blankets closer to his body. Now he wasn't in the mood anymore. His eyes roamed over to where Aizen was when he felt the bed shift. He found his lover's shirt was already off and his hakama falling to the floor. Ichigo felt his cheeks flush, something that even after all this time he couldn't help. Though it wasn't as bad as the first time…he'd rather forget about that. Aizen acted differently then. He began to wonder if over the months if he had developed Stockholm syndrome or everything he saw was really an illusion. However, he learned that was not that case at all. Something about Aizen had changed from the sadistic asshole that would torture him to the loving man that was currently caressing his body.

Ichigo let a moan escape his lips as Aizen sucked a spot on his neck. The older man's hands wandered over his body and pulled the blankets back to expose Ichigo's nude body. The teen ran his hands through the gelled brown hair, messing it up in the process. He kissed him before pushing Aizen down onto his back. So many times Ichigo had Aizen on top of him in a dominating manor and it made him feel like he had no control over what happened. This time there would be none of that.

Aizen was a bit surprised by the boy's action, but it passed when he felt the boy's mouth on his already hard cock. He had gotten much better at giving head than the first time. He remembered the terrified face starring at him and unsure of what to do. Now Ichigo could make him give in and moan as the teen engulfed the entire length into his mouth. The boy gagged slightly when it reached the back of his throat and withdrew slightly. He caught his breath before licking the head once more and began sucking on his cock again.

Aizen's hands moved down to grab the boy's hair and stroked it affectionately as he moaned. He felt a hand grab his wrist and Ichigo stopped his actions. He withdrew his mouth from Aizen's cock and smirked at the older man. "It's my turn, now sit back or I'll tie you up." Ichigo threatened and Aizen was amused. He knew he was stronger than the vizard and could overpower him without even using his Zanpakutou, but for this once he would he'd allow the boy to have his way. He would restrain himself, for now at least.

Aizen brought his hand up to his side as Ichigo gave one last lick with his tongue along the lord's length before he pulled back. The older man arched an eyebrow as Ichigo sat back with his legs spread slightly. It was at that moment he realized what the boy's intentions were: the brat was teasing him!

Ichigo placed a few fingers in his mouth and began moving them in and out like he did minutes before with Aizen's cock. He watched as one by one each wet digit escaped the teen's mouth and the slick fingers ran down his chest until they made their way to his entrance and circled it. It took all of Aizen's self restraint to say screw what the boy wants to flip him over and fuck him into the mattress at that moment. He was usually very patient and allowed things come to him, but he didn't know how long he would last. He had to squeeze the base of his to keep from coming when he saw Ichigo's next actions.

Ichigo inwardly smirked knowing he was getting to Aizen. This would teach him to wake him up. He placed his index finger inside his entrance and added a second soon after. He gasped as he began to stretch himself and his half lidded eyes looked over at his lover. A drop of sweat ran down the side of his face and his hands were at his side, though he could tell they were itching into the bed sheets with frustration. Ichigo continued to prepare himself until he knew he was ready. At the moment, he knew he certainly was with his cock dripping pre-cum at the tip.

Ichigo moved his other hand down to his cock and wiped the droplets off and brought them to his mouth. He licked his fingers clean, tasting himself while making eye contact with Aizen. The older man looked like he was about to jump in at any given notice. Good!

The thoughts of tying Aizen up and leaving him there crossed Ichigo's mind. If he had been in this positions months ago he would have done so and torture the bastard, but things had changed. He wouldn't leave his lord like this, it didn't suit him.

Ichigo crawled up Aizen's body and gave a quick peck to his lips before the brown haired man could return the kiss Ichigo impaled himself on his cock. Both men moan in pleasure and Ichigo braced his hands against Aizen's shoulders for support. They had sex numerous times before, willingly and unwillingly, but it still took some time to get adjusted.

Aizen's hands moved automatically to Ichigo's hips and grasped them. He was about to move the teen up, when the vizard shook his head at him. "I'm in charge this time." Ichigo ordered, but Aizen refused to take his hands off the boy's hips. Finally, Ichigo pulled up and then back down gasping in more pleasure than before when his sweet spot was hit.

He felt Aizen's nails dig into his hips and knew there would be bruises later from the action. Apparently, the patient and calm lord was losing his cool from not being in control. "Ichigo," He whispered and the teen automatically started moving faster, Aizen's hips jerking up to impale him deeper than before.

"Shit," Ichigo cursed and barely caught himself from falling on top of the other man. He regained his balance and started moving again, this time more prepared for Aizen's sharp thrusts.

The older man leaned against the pillows that supported his back, his fingers finally releasing the boy's hips. He knew his strawberry wouldn't last longer, and thought perhaps he would give a little assistance with that. He slid his hand over to Ichigo's cock and wrapped his hand around it causing the boy to moan.

"Sosuke," he whimpered and bit his lip in order not to cum right there. His cock was already painfully hard and the feeling of his lover's fingers stroking against him was too much. He released over Aizen's hand and it splashed onto both of their stomachs. Ichigo was panting as he fell forward onto Aizen, who gave one last thrust up and came inside the teen.

Ichigo slid off of the older man and laid onto his side. He could feel the odd sensation of the lord's seed leaking from his entrance and dripping down his thigh. He gave a small yawn and was surprised when Aizen leaned down to kiss him. He returned the kiss, letting his eyes drift shut and that's all it took before he fell back asleep.

Aizen looked down at the now sleeping boy and realized he got what he wanted: to go back to bed. They were more alike than he realized or maybe their personalities were rubbing off on one another. It didn't matter; he would let his little Ichigo go back to bed. He earned it.

He kissed the boys forehead once more before allowing his eyes to shut with a satisfied smirk on his face. He'd allow the boy to win this battle, it was only one.

After all, he already won the war.

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