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A/N: this is the prologue for a story about Mac and Dick and the way they help each other in the year after Cassidy dies. This is the only chapter that is written like this, the rest is in 3rd person. Spoilers for Not Pictured and there will be various tie-ins from season three. Enjoy!

There are unspoken agreements made during that summer when you're always drunk and I'm always crying. We will save ourselves or save each other. Veronica and Logan have been through enough. They deserve their happy ending, so while we may be drowning in our own tragedy we will not pull them under ourselves. You go to the Caymans and I go camping and we tell anyone who asks that we are fine, but my red eyes and your slurred speech are giving us away. You don't talk to me unless you're drunk so we speak more often than I'd like. Sometimes you're cruel its my fault he died, he never cared about me, if I hadn't taken up all his time you could've seen, you could've saved him. Sometimes your kind he loved me, you're sorry, you can see what he saw. But your never sober and I never answer you. Maybe if I was running into you at parties it wouldn't be so sad, I wouldn't be so compelled to help you, but when I see you you're stumbling from bars or laying on the beach with a brown paper bag. We are not friends, we won't ever be friends but if I see you and you're drunk I pick you up and take you home. This isn't pining or some sort of lingering feeling for your brother. This is a coping mechanism, a way to survive. Little miss dead-below-the-waist and mister public intoxication pulling each other along. It may look like a one-way street but you're helping me more than you know. I couldn't save him, but I can save you. He could never accept the help he needed, but you can. It won't be easy, nothing that happens in this town ever is, but maybe we can keep each other out of hell.

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