AN: So this is it. The epilogue is written in the same style as the prologue, but in Dicks POV. I hope everyone enjoyed it!


You've been so bored without Veronica or Wallace or Parker, you've taken to parking yourself on our couch all day. Mostly you just talk to Logan but sometimes you talk to me, especially when the gaming system is on and you're kicking my ass. Logan says you're good for me, because every day you're here is another day I spend sober. Right now, you're standing on the balcony, on the phone with Veronica. You're smiling, the sun catching in your hair, and for the first time I think maybe I want to kiss you even when I'm sober. I think that should probably scare me more than it does.

Logan's out there now, trying to find out what's going on with Ronnie, but being too big a pansy to ask for the phone. You catch my eye, roll yours towards the pansy, and laugh. It feels like a beginning.