So I've had this in my head for awhile. I like the Jake/Nessie pairing and decided to play around with it more.

This story is unrelated to my other one, One Night. This is AU when Jake runs away, but he never comes back for Bella's wedding. Things in the Cullen's lives go on and Bella had Renesmee. The pack didn't know until she was born and let her live after the Cullens agreed to move away and not return.

SM owns Twilight.

I can't believe I wound up in a high school. Teaching. Hell, I didn't even like my 2 years in high school. But I needed some source of money, and Lakeside high school was hiring a gym teacher. Bam. Jacob Black became a gym teacher.

Fuck. That sucks. I am a badass werewolf. And I end up as a high school gym teacher.

I hadn't come home in 10 years. When I got Bella's wedding invite, fuck man, I bolted. I wasn't going to stay there just so I could see her all pretty and blood-less. I didn't even think I could have stayed to rip the Cullens apart for breaking the treaty.

I still kept in contact with the pack of course. They said Bella took it a step farther and went and got pregnant with the leech's demon child. Whatever. Sam made the Cullens leave and promise never to return to La Push or Forks.

After me staying wolf for about 3 years, Embry, Seth, and Leah came to find me and they made me phase back. We have been traveling together since. I became alpha, and I made Leah my beta. All in all, we were all miserable. Everyone back home was imprinted. Sam, Jared, Paul, Quil, Collin, Brady, Sean, and Blake, they all had imprints.

Leah came with me because she hated being under Sam's rule. Embry came because we had been friends for our whole lives, and he just needed a change, to get away from people who knew him as the bastard child. Seth came just because. He brought a sense of happiness to our little pack, which we all appreciated.

We were residing in a small little suburb of Chicago. We all just took the first jobs we could find. I was a gym teacher. Embry, who actually got an English major form an online school, worked as an English teacher at the same school as I, Leah chose to be a bartender, and Seth is a bag boy at a grocery store.

Badass werewolves and we are reduced to this. Fuckin' a!

We all still phase of course, we protect human life wherever we go. We live for the days we come across a vamp. I always wish we would come across those goddamn Cullens. I would rip Eddie's face off in a heartbeat for what he did to Bella.

"Dude!" Embry called. "We're going to be late!"

I groaned and rolled out of bed. It was 6am. School started at 7 and some jackass who made the schedules thought it would be a good idea to have gym first. Idiot.

I nudged the girl sleeping next to me, "I gotta get to work."

She stirred as I got out of bed and grabbed a towel.

"Oh. Ok." She said quietly, sitting up and wrapping the sheet around herself. I continued to gather stuff to take my shower. "So, do you want my number?" she asked.

This is the part I hate most about one-night stands. The 'break-up'. "Um, no, lets just keep this to a one night thing." I said somewhat coldly.

She closed her eyes and gave a humorless laugh. "I should have known."

I shrugged and went into the bathroom. "Thanks for the fuck!"

It took me 10 minutes to shower and get dressed. Embry, Seth, and Leah were in the kitchen, eating.

"Some day a scorned woman is going to cut your dick off with rusty pliers." Embry laughed.

I looked at him and smirked, "That, coming from you?"

He shrugged. "I do all my sleeping around in different cities. You are going to have to see her at work today."

Right, she was the secretary. "What can I say, I have that hot secretary fantasy."

Leah threw her shoe at me. "I don't want to know about your fantasies! Its bad enough that I have to hear you and your hos going at it, and then see it later!"

"Leah, you need to get laid!" Embry laughed.

Leah frowned at him and Seth groaned in annoyance. "Not while I'm in the room!" he yelled.

Embry snickered. "Come on Jake. I have to pick up an extra copy of Bless me Ultima, apparently there's a new student starting today."

I nodded and went out the door to my old, trusty Rabbit. "So do you think Nadia will be pissed at you today?" Embry asked as we pulled in to the school's parking lot.


He rolled his eyes, "Nadia, the woman you fucked last night."

"Oh! Um, probably." I replied.

"Dude, at least I get their names first."

"I don't want to hear it, Em."

I parked my Rabbit and we got out. Usually, I dreaded going to work, but today, for some reason, I was almost drawn into that hellhole. Embry and I passed the office, Nadia glared at me.

"Alright, man. See you at 2:30." Embry said as he wandered into his class room.

I walked to the gym to set up the friggin' volleyball nets. Who thought having Gym first period was a good idea? I set up two volleyball nets and gathered all the balls.

I watched my students trickle in, still half asleep. The guys obviously came in first. They were all buzzing about the new student, apparently a hot girl. The girls came in about 5 minutes late, they all felt the need to redo their makeup and stuff their sports bras. It was shameful the way they threw them selves at me. But that's one line I would never cross. I would never, ever sleep with one of my students, no matter how hot they were.

I walked over to where they were congregated; Leslie Steeves was looking at me with smoldering eyes. She was one of those girls who were into teachers, not that I would touch her of course.

"Oook." I began, "Volleyball today. Green, Fox, Powell, Cook! You're team captains!"

The 4 kids I called stepped forward. "I'll pick last." Andrew Cook said. I actually hated the kid. He was like me; he slept around a lot. But, unlike me, he could touch the high school girls.

"Cook! The point is to get the best team! You want to pick first!" I yelled.

He smiled in a cocky way. "I'm waiting for someone."

I checked my attendance list, and sure enough, there was a new name on it, Mason, Carlie. I cocked an eyebrow at Cook, "The new girl?"

He nodded smugly. "Yeah. I got dibs by the way. And not just to have her on my team." He informed everyone.

I was about to reprimand him for his tastelessness, when I was interrupted by the gym doors swinging open, "I'm sorry I'm late! They had trouble printing my timetable! And I couldn't find this place." A high silky voice said.

She was walking towards us, looking around the gym. I noted that her scent was the single most alluring scent in the world. Like rain and lilac.

Cook approached her. "I can show you around for the rest of the day if you want." He offered.

She looked at him and smiled sweetly. "Thanks. So I'm really sorry about being late, I'm new today." She said as she lifted her head to me.

My jaw dropped.


Imprint. Soul mate. Perfect. Happy. Love.

My thoughts were a mess. I just knew I had a new reason for living, this beautiful creature was now at the center of my universe.

I imprinted.

Brownish reddish curls framed her heart shaped face. He chocolate brown eyes looked like I could stare into them for days on end. Then her lips! Oh, her lips! Pink, perfect, great for kissing!

I quickly swept down her body, as did all other males in the room. She was perfectly toned and proportioned. She had the softest, most silky looking white skin ever.

"Um, they said I didn't have to change today." She shifted uncomfortably. "Is that ok, Mr…?"

I snapped out of my trance. Right! I should probably say something. She probably didn't want her gym teacher ogling her body. "Um, I'm Mr. Wolfe." I didn't want to be reminded of La Push and its painful memories, so I went by a different last name. "And yeah, you don't have to change today."

She smiled. It was beautiful. "Ok then, do you want me to just sit over there or something?" she asked, gesturing to the bleachers.

Andrew Cook slung his arm around her shoulders. "Aw, Mr. Wolfe, come on! She's new! And this is first period! Lets get to know her a little bit."

She smiled at him. "Oh, I don't want to disrupt your class."

I shook my head. I did need to know more about her. "I think that sounds like a good idea. So, Miss Mason, why don't we all sit on the bleaches and you can tell us a little bit about yourself."

"Ok." She shrugged.

My class moved to the bleacher and sat down. Cook and his friends surrounded her. I was going to end up beating his ass if he didn't leave my girl alone.

"Well, My name is Carlie Mason." She started with a smile. "I'm 17 years old. Um, I don't know where I was born, but I've lived in New York, Moscow, Paris, Tokyo, and, most recently, London."

Jesus, she's lived more places than me!

"Dang! Why did you come here then?" Kelsey Samson asked.

Carlie smiled, "Well, I'm emancipated."

"What does that mean?" the dumbass, Cook, asked.

"My parents don't have legal custody anymore. But not because they were terrible parents or whatever, they're awesome and I love them. But I wanted to be independent. So they let me go. They're still back in London. But anyway, they let me spread my wings, I guess, and they made me promise that I would move to a small town and finish school. So here I am." She laughed.

Cook looked pleased. "So no parents?" he asked.

I frowned. She laughed. "Nope. Just me."

Cook put his around my baby again and leaned in closer to her. "So do you have your own place?"

She nodded. I would have to find her address and make sure Cook doesn't sink so low to get what he's after.

The rest of the period passed with people asking Carlie everything about herself. Cook even had the audacity to ask what kind of panties she prefers. I was about 3 seconds away from strangling him. I overlooked the fact that I was dying to know, too. But that wasn't the point, he didn't need to know what kind of panties she wears, only I do!

Carlie pretended she didn't hear his question and answered all others. I made a mental list to impress her with later:

Favorite color- green. Good, she would like La Push then

Favorite Animal- Grizzly bears. Kinda weird, but I guess they are kind of cute.

Favorite Food- Pancakes. One of the only foods I can cook.

Favorite store- BCBG. What ever the hell that was.

Favorite music- classical. Ok, that's weird. But I still love her!

Before I made up my plan of action, the bell rung and Cook dragged her away. I sat down in my office (dark supply closet) and thought. Carlie was my student. I could get arrested if things got physical. And how was I supposed to keep it in my pants until she was out of high school!

Quil! Quil would know all about this! I whipped out my cell phone and called his number.

"Jake!" he answered, already seeing it was me on caller ID.

"Hey Quil!"

"Holy fuck! You imprinted?!" he yelled back. I heard a bunch of commotion in the background.

I laughed. "Um, yeah. How did you know?"

"You sound happy for once man."

I frowned, could they hear how I feel over they phone? "Well. Yeah. I did."

"Aw! Jake!" I heard my sister yell. "Who is she? Did you tell her everything yet? Are you coming home?"

"Whoa there, Rach! I'm calling because I have a little problem. And I think, Quil, you can help me."

He laughed. "Is she in diapers?"

"Um, no. Well, you know how I'm a gym teacher at a high school?"

I heard a bunch of the guys crack up. "One of your students?" Sam asked.

"Yeah." I replied. "She's 17, right in the middle of her junior year. And Quil, I was going to ask you how you keep it in your pants."

"Jake! Claire is 12! I don't have any trouble keeping it in my pants! I don't want her like that! I'm not a pervert!"

"Well shit! I don't know what to do then! I cant sleep with her while she's still in high school! But I swear to god her scent is like bottled hard on!"

"You do realize that I'm still in the room, right, Jake?" Rachel asked.

"Sorry." I muttered. "But I don't know what to do! And every single guy in my class this morning was staring at her ass and chest! I don't know what to do! I want to kill the male population in this hell hole!"

"I wouldn't do that, it might freak her out." Paul said thoughtfully.

"Oh! And here's another thing! She's emancipated! Yeah! She's here all by herself! No parents to protect her! And I don't even know her address!"

"Calm down!" Jared yelled. "I'm sure you can keep her safe. As long as she isn't a danger magnate like your last love."

Te other line became silent. They were wanting for me to become all depressed and mopey at the mention of Bella.

"Fuck Bella. She can go drink all the blood she wants with her beloved leech, as long as she stays away from Carlie."

"Carlie?" Emily asked. "That's a nice name. I bet she's wonderful Jacob. I cant wait to meet her, when ever that may be."

"Probably not for awhile. I cant have her until she graduates, a year and a half. And even then I can pounce as soon as she's done with high school, she'll think I was stalking her or something!"

"Oh, no. You wont stalk her." Quil added sarcastically. "Seriously dude. Imprinting is like having a pass for stalking. As long as you stay out of sight, its all good."

"Ah! Fuck! But how can I keep it in my pants for 2 years! I have her for gym class! Girls at this school wear sports bras and spandex for gym! Then she's going to get all sweaty and hot as I give her a work out and-"

"Stop!" Rachel screamed from the other line.

She was right. If I kept thinking about giving Carlie the work out of a life time…stop! Vampires. Vampires. Vampires! There, hard-on, gone. "Sorry."

"Well, Jake. I dont know what you're going to do. But don't worry about it, ok? It will all work out." Sam promised.

"You better be right. These two years are going to suck."

"You're doing the right thing, Jake. Just keep her safe." Rachel said.

"K. Bye everyone."

"Bye Jake!"

I leaned back in my chair and thought. And apparently fell asleep…

I couldn't help but have dreams about her. I dreamed of how her milky flesh would feel under my hands, and how her back would arch willingly. How she would moan my name. What her lips would feel like on me. What every part of her would taste like…

"Um, Mr. Wolfe?"

My eyes snapped open when I smelled her. Shit. Now I felt like a pervert. I was having adult dreams about her when she was right there!

"Um, sorry about that. I didn't get much sleep last night."

She smiled. "Oh, I know what that's like." I frowned. Why isn't she sleeping well? "Um, I was sent by our home room to find you. I was assigned to be in your homeroom." She added quickly.

Great. Two periods of torture a day. What did I do to piss the gods off? Part of me was pissed that I would have to endure two periods of looking and not touching, but part of me was pleased I could be in her presents for 2 periods. "Oh, thanks. Is it really 3rd period already?"

She smiled. I love her smile… "Yeah. I had your, cousin?" she asked. "For English. Last period."

"Yeah. Mr. Call? He's my cousin." Seth and Leah were brother and sister, and we were all claiming to be cousins. Leah said it was because everyone though she was fucking us. The idea repulsed her to no end.

Carlie nodded. "That's cool."

Her scent was over whelming in my small office. "OK, well. We usually meet in the gym for homeroom." I jumped up and lead her out of my office. She followed me to the gym.

As soon as she stepped out into the gym, Cook, unfortunately one of the other students in my homeroom, whisked her away to a group of his womanizing, pot-head friends. If he fucks her up at all…

"Alright guys. We have a new member of our homeroom today, Carlie Mason. So make her feel welcome at Lakeside."

A few of the students I didn't have for gym first hour went over and introduced themselves. I could tell Cook was marking her as his. All the guys that said hi, he would give a head nod that was supposed to be intimidating. Carlie was polite to everyone.

After watching Carlie meet everyone, I decided that I should actually do my job as her homeroom teacher. "Hey Carlie!" I called. She looked over to me with her warm eyes. "Come here for a sec."

Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion as she walked over here, she moved with almost unnatural grace. She probably thought she was in trouble. "Yes?"

"As your homeroom advisor, its my job to tell you about all the requirements for graduating and the rules and stuff like that."

Her face broke out into a relieved smile. "Oh! I thought I was in trouble for a second."

I mock glared at her, "And what did you do to already get in trouble, Miss Mason?"

She laughed, it was like tinkling bells. "Nothing." She said with an eye roll. "yet."

I put my face in my hands, "Oh, no! I always seem to get the trouble makers in my homeroom! Did you know that I'm the one who has to stay after school and administer your detention if you get one?" Hum. That wouldn't be so bad.

"Well lucky for you I'm good at evading getting caught." She teased.

"Uh-huh. So then Cook over there will end up with the blame?" I gestured to Cook, who was standing a little ways off, staring at us.

She sighed, "Alright. I guess I'll stay out of trouble to save you from spending an afternoon with Andrew."

"That's all I ask." I said leaning into her a little bit.

Her smile faded a little bit and she shifted away from me. Damn it. Why did I push it? "So, um, what are the requirements to graduate?" she asked.

"Well, I don't know what classes you have already taken, but 4 years of English, 3 years of math, 4 years of-"

"Hey!" a loud voice thundered from the doorway. Embry.

I turned away from Carlie and faced him. He looked shocked. "Embry."

Embry glanced towards Carlie. "Ah, Carlie, would you excuse us for a second?"

She glanced towards me, then back at Embry, "Um, yeah."

She walked gracefully away to Cook and his friends. I watched him wrap his arm around her waist, a lot lower than necessary. I couldn't help but growl. "So its true?" Embry asked in shock.

I looked away from Carlie and Cook to Embry. "What?"

He looked around and leaned in to whisper, "You imprinted."

"Oh, yeah. How did you know?"

"She and Cook were in my 2nd period English. And he was telling everyone that you were acting different around her, like staring at her and stuff. And I just put two and two together. You haven't stared at a girl since Bella."

I smiled. "Yeah. Carlie."

Embry frowned, "She's a student. What are you going to do man? I mean, you cant touch her until she graduates."

"I know!" I yelled. "God. I know. I just- I cant leave her alone. I wont- I'm not- I'm not going to do anything illegal. I'll wait. Here. Until she graduates."

Embry shrugged. "Alright. I'm with you."

"Thanks man."

"No problem." He shrugged and started to walk away. Then he turned back to me and smirked. "You lucked out, she's hot."

I narrowed my eyes, shook my head, and punched him lightly on the shoulder. It was hard enough to make a crack sound. "I know, she's fuckin drop dead gorgeous." I said. "Keep your eyes off."

He smiled wickedly before leaving the gym.

Carlie came back over to me, "So did you want to finish explaining everything to me?" she asked.

"Yeah." I spent the rest of the period going over rules and shit like that with her.

She seemed really excited when I got done. "I was in accelerated classes in London, and took some classes over the summer, so it looks like I'm good to graduate this year!"

I almost exploded from happiness. If she graduated this year, then its really only a year until I could pursue her! "That's great!" I yelled. She seemed to be taken aback. "That you can go to college early, they like that." I clarified.

"Oh, yeah. I'm thinking some where in South America. Or California."

I nodded. "I went to University of Seattle," lie, "it was awesome."

She smiled. "That's cool. I think I might want somewhere more exciting than Washington." Fuck.

"Hey! Carlie!" Damn that Cook! He jogged over to us. "Carlie. The period is almost over, lets go. I can show you to your next class."

"Ok, thanks. I have physics with Mr. Litishev?"

Cook took her hand and lead her away from me. I am going to kill him.

That night I told Seth and Leah about her. They were both happy for me. Leah wasn't too pleased that we had to stay here for a year, but I could tell she was genuinely happy for me.

"So you, of all people, have to resist having sex?" Leah laughed.

"Shut up. As long as she doesn't come into class wearing a sports bra and spandex, I think I'll be fine." I said. Damn my prophetic words!