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Tsuikyomi Ikuto walks out of his house, just as a car pulls up. He slowly walks to the car, and opens the door the the passenger seat, nodding hello to his three friends- one blond, one brunette, and one with purple hair. The bruenett grins, flashing his paper white teeth, his eyes gleam with mischeviness. The blond and purple head smile smugly.

Tadase, the blond, spoke first, "Good morning, Ikuto. New sensei today."

Ikuto smirks as he fastens his seat-belt. "She'll quite at the end of the day," Ikuto responds, shaking his head and making his already messy hair more bed-head like.

"How d'ya know Sensei's a chick? Maybe they got some retired military dude that'll make us do something physical for a punishment!" Kukia says energetically.

"Then we would get him fired," Nagihiko, the purple headed one, announces. Ikuto laughs. "Think we should set up a prank?" Kukai asks.

Ikuto's smirk grew while Tadase and Nagihiko eagerly nod.

"Awesome!" Kukai shouts. "I got everything in the trunk!"

"The usual then?" Ikuto causally asks.


"Should we boil the water this time? To mix it up a bit?" Ikuto asks.

"We want to frighten Sensei- not give him-slash-her a second degree burn, Ikuto," Nagihiko bluntly replies.

"Fine," Ikuto says, pouting.

Kukai grins. "That would be interesting, though."

"Kukai," Tadase warns, "don't start."

"Come on, Tah-chan!" Kukai complains.

"You two are party poopers," Ikuto adds.

"Deal with it," Nagihiko says.

"We want to scare, not hurt!"

"Says you..." Kukai mutters.

Ikuto laughs.

"You guys," Tadase starts, "are jerks."

"You're the one who joined my group," Ikuto points out.

Tadase frowns.

"Kukai! Watch the road!" Nagihiko suddenly shouts.

"Wha- shit!"

"What the hell?"

"Are you trying to get us killed?!"

"What were you even looking at?! You should know how not to get in a wreak by now, you ass!"

"Sorry, sorry! I saw something that caught my eye- 'sides, we're on campus, nothing bad could've happened!" Kukai said.

Iktuo and Tadase fume, while Nagihiko sighs and says, "Come on, let's get this prank set up."

---In the classroom...

"So, Kukai," Ikuto says, wire between his teeth, "what caught your eye?"

Kukai grins to himself. "Hot pink chick," he replies.

Tadase coughs. "P-pink?" the blond asks, trying to stiffle a laugh.

"Ikuto-sama!" Saaya- vise president of Ikuto's fan-club- yells. "Tsukasa-san is coming down the hall to introduce our new sensei!"

Ikuto nodded and stood up. "Get everyone inside, make sure they don't trip on the wire."

"Yes, Ikuto-sama!"

Saaya did as she was told, and soon, everyone was seated. And Tsukasa was bringing in the new sensei.

----Ikuto P.O.V.

Tsukasa was bringing in the new sensei.

"After you, Amu-chan!" Taukasa said.

The girl stepped in- shit! That's not a teacher...

Kukai's mouth dropped.

Oh, so this was the pink chick...

The pink haired girl walked in, and tripped on the wire, a bucket of water fell onto her head.

All the guys, including me, got up to make sure she was okay.

Her eyebrows furrowed, and she looked up at Tsukasa. He was smiling.

"Are you alright, Amu-chan?" he asked. "That was just a sort of... insinuation. Don't think about it much."

The girl, Amu, stood up and nodded.

Everyone had looked dumbfound. Still do.

"I'll leave them to you then."

With those last words, Tsukasa ran.

She turned to us. "Take your seats then."

We did as told.

"I'll be your new sensei, my name is Hinamori Amu. I don't care if you call me by Hinamori Sensei, or Amu Sensei, or just Sensei. In my class, you will get a kindness grade, so I expect you to be kind to others, unless you want a verylow average. Now, any questions?" she asked, smiling.

I raised my hand.

Her smile widened. "Yes?"

"So... youare our new sensei?" I asked, confused.

She nodded.

"Uh, exactly how old are you?"

She blinked, surprised. Then smiled, once again. She's hot...

"Around your age." She sits down in her chair. "Okay, let me explain a few things. First, I want you to know that every week I'll give out a 100 everyone I think deserves it, in other words, it's a kindness grade."

I blink. A grade on how kind we are?

"It's something everyone will get. You can fail because of this one grade, mind you. I will not hesitate to give a zero on this if you don't deserve a 100. This is why, at least when I see you, you will be kind to those around you. That includes me!" She smiles again.

Okay, so what if she's a freak? I still want to bang her.

Kukai looked over at me and mouthed I saw her first.

I chuckled. I don't care, I mouthed back.

Kukai pouted.

I raised my hand.

Amu looked over at my with wide eyes, but then smiled. "Another question, uh..."

"Ikuto," I supplied.

"I prefer to go by last names."

"I prefer first."

Amu sighed. "Alright, Ikuto-san. What did you want to ask?"

"Well, it's about the kindness grade. What if we're not really all that.... social?" I asked.

Amu blinked. She tilted her head, and gave me a once-over. "Well, though I somehow get the impression that you won't have troubble with that, I'll still answer. Words aren't the only way to show kindness. Actions speak louder than words, or so I've been told. If you just pick up around your desk, or help someone in anyway, I'll give you kindness points. It's really an easy 100, guys."

I stared blankly at her.

She shifted her gaze back to me. "Ikuto-san? Something you still don't understand?" she asked.

"No," I say quickly. "I understand everything. Thank you for going more into detail, Sensei."

She smiled at me again. My breath caught in my throat.

This is one girl that I will have, no matter what.



"Haha, so, Ikuto, how d'ya like Amu Sensei?" Kukai asks.

Tadase smiles. "Kukai told me that you're going to take a try at her," he says.

"I don't try, stupid. Besides, this'll not only let me have someone to fuck, but it'll also have her fired," I explain.

Actually, I only just thought about that...

"Uh-huh, sure, Ikuto," Nagihiko says, "I bet you just thought of that."

I stare at Nagihiko. "I hate you, you know that?" I ask.

He smiles. "Yep."

We all laugh, and make our way down the stairs. "Well, this is free period, then we have to go back to Amu's. What should we do?" Tadase questions.

Ikuto snorts. "What do you think we should do? We're the kings of pranks- let's prank."


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