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And then… it hits me.

She can date me. This won't get her fired.

I'm so screwed…

End Recap!

"So, she can date us now?" Kukai questions, glancing away from his video game to look over at his friend, who simply nods in reply. A crash echoes from the screen, and Tadase lets out a victorious yell. Kukai hurriedly looks back to the screen and attempts to get back into the game.

"Ikuto, you know, we should talk about that thing that you said to me," Negihiko states.

"What thing?" Ikuto asks.

"You said that you would rape her."

Tadase and Kukai freeze, and look back at the conversation. Two crashes come from their game, but they don't look back.

"What?" Kukai asks, slowly.

Tadase's lips are pressed firmly together, and his brow is furrowed.

Ikuto shrugs. "It's not like I was serious, Negi-"

"Yes, you were," Negihiko interrupts. "I know when you're kidding, Ikuto."

"Okay, well, maybe at the time, but I wouldn't actually-"

"You better not!" Kukai yells. "That's a serious threat, Ikuto. You can't just go out and about and make threats like that. You're insane."

"It's not like I threatened her or anything. I just said it to Negi, okay? It's not big."

"You won't, right?" Tadase asks, finally speaking.

Ikuto sighs and shakes his head. "No. Okay? No. I won't."

The boys nod to each other, and go back to their games. Ikuto picks up a baseball and throws it in the air, Negihiko starts working on his homework, and Kukai and Tadase go back to their game.

It's Friday. Oh, good lord, it's Friday. And Amu—wow—she looks amazing.

She's wearing a button down, as usual. It's blue today, and her skirt is a dark brown pencil skirt. Every time she turns around he can see her perfect ass so well. Her hair is pulled back into a messy ponytail, but, god, it looks amazing on her. She just looks all-around beautiful.

It's expected. God, she should never change.

"Ikuto-san!" Amu snaps. "Pay attention, please."

"I am paying attention, Sensei," he purrs.

Amu rolls her eyes and goes back to teaching. She's teaching about the different types of poems. The girls, Ikuto realizes, are all super into the lesion.

"It'd be so romantic if a guy wrote me a poem," Ikuto hears a girl whisper behind him.

Another girl giggles. "Wouldn't that be great? It's too bad most guys aren't really romantic like that."

Ikuto turns to the front. Romantic, huh? Is that what girls like? He pulls out a sheet of paper, and begins writing, titling the paper "Amu".

At the end of the day, Ikuto is almost done with the poem, but he puts it away a few minutes before class ends.

When the bell rings, he waits until everyone is gone before he gets up. His posse is waiting for him at the doorway, but he waves them off. Once they're all gone, he marches up to Amu's desk.

"Wear something really nice tonight," Ikuto states.

Amu looks up. "Nicer than this?"

Ikuto nods. "Maybe a nice black dress or something."


There's silence between them for a few seconds, then Ikuto clears his throat. "You, uh, you never actually gave me your address."

Amu looks up, startled. "Oh! Oh, gosh, you're right. Um, yeah, here, hold on…" She tears the corner of a paper off and jots down her address, then hands it to Ikuto. "Six thirty, sharp. Don't forget."

"Of course I won't," he smirks, and then walks out the door. It's time to plan…

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