My brain isn't working lately cause I've posted a few stories but decided to delete them because my brains couldn't process what to do with them and I feel like I'm disappointing my readers. :( God, I 'm so sorry. Really, I am. It's been such a long time and school's really been making my sched tight and well...to make this short = MY LIFE IS BECOMING CRAP. :(

Okay, so since I have come back to my most favorite place in the world, I shall come back with a story. Once again this is a story about La Corda D'oro. This story, Taking Chances, is about Kahoko's journey bring a fresh graduate out of college, deciding if she should continue the violin and finding her long lost love. (I bet you all know who he is.)

I own none of the characters, just having some fun. :D

Kahoko 's POV;

It felt like it was just yesterday that I was an ordinary highschool student in Seiso Academy, being chosen to play the magical violin by a fairy and well...the rest is history.

Well they're kind of wrong, my story isn't finished just yet. And I hope you'll be there to witness it with me.


"Hino." he murmured my name but it wasn't the name he usually called me.

I looked up to his eyes, they were the same bright gold which I may or may not ever see again. He took my hand in both of his, his warmth surprising me. "I'll never forget you."

"Don't say that." I argued, biting my lip to keep my tears from falling. "Don't keep any promises...please."

"Hino," he murmured once again, "I don't keep promises that much but this, I surely will."

"You can't say that you will, Len, just..." my voice trailed off and my lips kept quivering then suddenly his lips were on mine. His hands released mine but now wrapped them around my waist, holding me close to him. The beat of my heart increased with his unexpected move, Len wasn't comfortable with showing public displays of affection.

"Don't go..." I ended up saying after the passionate kiss, it came out as a whisper. His grip on me tightened.

"We're never away from each other, you'll always be in here." he placed my hand on his chest, I felt the soft beat of his heart under my palm.

I nodded, not needing words anymore. I simply tiptoed to kiss him once again then let go of him. 'Take good care of yourself, Len.' I prayed with all my heart.

I counted the steps he took going to the plane and he looked over his shoulder one last time to give me his unique smile.

The smile, that until now, I long to see.


These were the memories I had ever since he left.

Though he would call me before I slept and I would call him in return everyday after work, these simple things faded away. I didn't get anymore phonecalls or letters from him abroad. I would usually convince myself that he was just too busy with his work that he didn't have time to talk to me.

I was wrong.

One night, on December 6, I read on the newspaper: 'World Famous Violinist, Tsukimori Len, engaged to fellow concert pianist, Sawako Miaka.'

And that one promise he gave to me broke into a million pieces.