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Author's Note: 'Impartial' is one of several drabbles branching off the premise that Dr. Quinzel worked with another theme criminal before Joker. This scene would be after Harley's gone rogue.


Joker knew how to tango. He'd made a spectacle of it when they spun some Spanish song around Cobblepot's bar. It opened with him humming along, nasal and unapologetically off-key. Harleen was amused so her boyfriend kicked it up a notch, swinging the woman into his arms.

She'd giggled nervously. "I can't dance, J."

"Don't worry Harls," and they strode forward one, two, "I am a very good teacher."

It wasn't anything special. The crowd parted to watch—cheering or leering at how he forcefully led her. A dip where she laughed, suspended in his grip.

Scarecrow couldn't care less.