A Week of Love

(A/N:yay! This story is actually based on my schedule on our last festival week (actually it's the feast of our patron saint (T/N: I'm studying in a catholic school) but I made it as Mai's and Naru's her classmate and stuff so please read!

1st day.

Last Day of Regular Class Day.

"Ohayo, minna!"

We rushed to our seats as Madoka-sensei cheerfully entered the classroom. Sensei is our cheerful and outgoing homeroom teacher. She has brown shoulder-length hair and brown eyes. She teaches Chemistry and enjoys mocking her students and always pair students who are potential lovers.

"Before the break I'll give your last seat plan for this year!" She said cheerfully.

"Again? It's the nth time this year sensei!" The class reacted and shifted nervously.

"Dont worry it's not the couple pairing, I'll pair you with your friends!" Murmurs started to grow and everybody brightened at the thought.

"Let's start! Asakura Rikuo will sit with Sato Keitaro." Rikuo and Keitaro high fived as they sat together in the front row.

"Hoshino Airi with Ichitaka Sachiko, Shirayuki Maya with Matsudaira Rei, Hara Masako with Brown John, Ogasawara Shiori with Harada Sakura ...blah..blah..blah.." I got bored listening and watching their reactions but still, I'm nervous, Sa-chan is with Airi-chan,Maya-chan is with Rei-chan. Who is supposed to be my seat mate?

"Taniyama Mai will be sitting with Shibuya Kazuya."

"Shibuya Kazuya?" the class asked in unison.

"Oliver Davis , who else? I just used his japanese name."

I looked at Naru who seemed to be irritated by the use of his name. We went to the back seat and asked in unison.

"But we aren't friends." The class laughed and Madoka-sensei grinned.

"And why did you use that name?" Naru asked.

"Oh you're not friends huh" Everybody laughed since everybody knew that we've been classmates since elementary and we live one street away from each other, so basically, yes we're friends.

"About the name, I know you'll complain about the seat plan so when you are Shibuya Kazuya then you're next to Taniyama so you'll still end up together." Some of the guys whistle and the girls grinned and winked at me. I blushed so hard that they started to laugh. But what caught my attention is the growing evil aura of Hara Masako. Well I can't blame her, she's head over heels in love with Naru since in elementary days. And she seems to envy me being this close with Naru. Well I enjoyed seeing her like that anyway we've been rivals in every thing we did.(in which I always won). The piano recital during elementary, the drama play in middle school and now the highest position in the student council.

"So let's talk about the upcoming festival week. On Monday the attire is still school uniform we'll have a mass and the service awards, I'll be awarded a 5 years in service awards so remember to cheer for me huh?"

"Hai sensei!" everyone answered cheerfully. When they heard about the uniform part they made faces but when they heard about sensei's award everyone brightened up and grinned .'ah those guys must be planning something again.'

"And they'll be introducing the candidates for the student council. Good luck to our representatives Taniyama-san and Hara-san." everybody clapped their hands and looked at me but a very few looked at Masako.

"And for the assembly in the afternoon, here is the honor list. 7th Mitsukuni Miko, 6th Karino Yuri, 5th Matsudaira Rei, 4th Brown John, 3rd Hara Masako, 2nd Taniyama Mai and 1st SHIBUYA KAZUYA!" sensei emphasized the name of Naru and everybody laughed.

Sensei bid her farewell and we resumed to our regular classes, honestly I don't feel listening to class today so I sulked in myseat luckily I am seated at the Last row but I noticed Naru glaring at me.

"What?" I irritatedly asked.

"Did you forget? You are running for the position of the student council president, so their future student council president likes sulking during class huh?" he said. I got irritated and showed him what I've got. I recited again and again until everybody's staring at me with awe.

"So what about our top-ranked student huh?" I turned to him with sarcasm obvious in my voice. He recited and the next thing he did caught everybody's attention.

"Honestly sir, you've got it wrong you said 5 wives but it's actually 6." He sat down and everybody's looking at him with admiration but I was really pissed. 'not in my favorite subject no, not in history!'


We went home together. He teased me about what happened earlier I was really pissed but when we're in front of my condo I turned to Naru and waved

"Ne Naru let's enjoy the festival week together hmm?" He just simply smirked and turned his back on me.

Yay! Done! Sorry if they're out of character of what I just really wanted to post this no matter what. I rushed to finished this coz I want to enjoy my birthday celebration (rather Our- mine and my brother.) tomorrow. Please review and tell me what you want next for this story and please tell me if it's good or not. And sorry for the grammar and spelling errors. Thanks!

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