Junjou mistake

Chapter 1

"Ryuuchiro-sama are you alright?"Ashina said while looking at the man while he emptied the contents of his stomach.

"of course,baka!"


"Oh!gosh it's soo late!I have to drag idiot Akihiko at the meeting!Asahina get my jaket!"


At the meeting

Isaka can't concentrate to the sighed,after he and Aikawa had dragged Akihiko to the meeting forcefully he suddenly got sick!He can't belive it!He'd been like this for 2 weeks!



"DIRECTOR!"Aikawa shouted glaring at Isaka


"We've been thinking that the actress Aya Sakurai would be perfect for the main role…..soo?What do you think?"

"Ummm….I think she's perfect!"

"Soo,it's setteled then."

After the meeting

After the meeting Isaka went to the doctor but unfortunately he got a really bad news………..

"Come again?"Isaka asked with an agitated voice.

"You're pregnant about 2 months"

"But it's impossible!I'm a man"

"Yes,but we discovered that you're half-man half-woman!

His face was pale after he got the news he can't belive he was pregnant of 2 he think of tthe problem he suddenly remembered that he should tell Asahina about how!?

uaaahh really really sorry for my bad english but hope you liked it ;)