Chapter 2

As Isaka headed towards his apartment's door he can't help thinking about the news that he was opened the door and saw that Asahina was sitting on the couch waiting for him.

"Hello I asked where have you been?"

"Ummm….there and here…"


Asahina suddenly noticed that the man was a bit worried and headed towards him.

"Ryuichiro-sama let's do reason is that we didn't do it for a week and I'm already at my limit"

"Baka!we didn't do it because of work you know"Isaka said with an irritated face as Asahina carried him into the room like a princess.

"Ryuichiro-sama I can notice that you're at your limit too"

"Eh!how did you-"

"You didn't complain when I carried you like a princess in the room"

"Well…"Isaka smiled as he watch his lover undressing them Asahina pinced his right nipple an his talented tounge liking the moned with a low voice as he noticed that the man was slowly putting his hand on his pants and grabbing the his cock.

"The tip is already wet"Asahina smiled as he headed towards Isaka's orgasm then doing a blowjob.

"Ah…"Isaka moned to the pleasure."Stop I'm coming"Isaka said while he came to the man's mouth.

"I'm gonna put it so be ready Ryuichiro-sama"Asahina smiled at the man slowly putting his cock into the man's opening.

"Ahhh…Asahina"Isaka Asahina began trusting him slowly and after a minute it was going faster and faster."Asahina…Ahhh…stop….you might hit….the baby"Asahina suddenly froze looking at the man with shoked eyes.

"Baby?!"he asked.

"Errrr….ummm…haha…what am I saying…hehe"Isaka said with a fake smile.

"Ryuichiro-sama!"Asahina shouted at the man.

"Ummm….today I went to the doctor and they said that I was pregnant of 2 months".

"Pregnant how?"Asahina was looking with a 'Question mark face'.

"Well I discovered that I'm half-man half-woman"


"Soo what should we do?.....if you like we can abort it you know"


"Well,I thought you won't like having a baby"

"Hehe….can we keep it?"

"Ok"Isaka smiled kissing the man.