Chapter 3

It's been a month since Ryuichiro Isaka discovered he was he was like living in hell.

He would always vomit in the morning, he had nausea and he always feel a little dizzy.

His lover Asahina seem to be very happy about would always check what Isaka was eating(if it's healty for the baby or not) and he even check if Isaka overfatigued himself from work.

Asahina was a lot more gentle to him too!While in the past he would always scold him for almost everything he does, now Asahina would just sighed and tell him with a sweet loving voice that he should'nt do various things.

Isaka can't belive that his lover would do such things for him.

"Ryuichiro-sama"Asahina opened the door.

"What?"the younger man asked.

"Your father is here"

"Oh..."he said nervously.

They had a long discussion last night about telling his father about the baby.

Asahina thought that it would be better if Isaka's father know about his upcoming grandchild and their relasionship since Isaka's belly would grow bigger sooner or later.

Isaka was totally oppose about it because he wasn't ready about his father's reaction about this matter.

But in the end Asahina won and they decided to tell everything to his father today.

Isaka felt like his body was shaking and his heartbeat rising of nervousness while he waited for his father to open the door.

"Hello"a tall man with gray hair and brown eyes entered the was Isaka's father.

"Hi"he said nervously.

"Please have a seat"Asahina said politely.

", Isaka what should we discuss about?"the older man said smiling at his son.

"Well...I have been in a relasionship with Asahina and recently I discovered that I'm pregnant"Isaka said with a shaky voice.

Suddenly there was tense in the older man eyes widened because of the unexpected then after a while he smiles and hug his son.

"That's wonderful Isaka I've never thought I'll have a grandchild and with Asahina too!Congratulation to both of you"

Isaka shocked look at his father weirdly who kept a huge smile asking for more information about the baby.

'My father is realy weird'Isaka thought.