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"Rose Hathaway, Your assigned Moroi is Christian Ozera." Alberta said.

Shock, confusion and sadness echoed through the bond as I stood up to collect my Silver stake and to receive my promise mark.

I couldn't understand…How?

Then I looked up and saw Queen Bitch smirking satisfied with herself.

Does the bond mean anything?

In the end Lissa got Eddie as her Guardian.

At least she is with someone we had grown up with, and someone I know will look after her.

Christian and Lissa were still together, so that was saying something right? Wrong.

I sighed for about the millionth time as I stretched.

I thought that if Lissa and Christian were still together, I would get the chance to stay with her, but fate obviously had a different idea.

Life obviously hated me; I have already suffered enough, why does it want me to suffer more?

Okay, don't get me wrong, after Christian and Lissa broke up, I was there for him, but only because I couldn't be there for Lissa, because she was sent straight to the Royal court the day after graduation.

I wish I could be with her, but I guess she moved on, which only made Christian even quieter. He barely talks to anyone.

We have been living in a place in California for a while, but it was pretty cool with the amount of Dhampir's and Moroi's that are around.

Honestly? Since Dimitri died…I felt something for Adrian, but what did he do? Hurt me like almost every other guy. He decided that since Lissa was now single that he would comfort her, hence allowing them to have more of a relationship then just friendship.

They are together now, and well honestly, no matter how much Christian and I clash in personalities, I'm starting to see why Lissa liked him.

When we have guest over and their kids are with them, he is so compassionate and sweet, he smiles like he hasn't in 10 years-And I should stop now.

What is wrong with me? I can't fall in love with him. First of all he is Lissa's ex, and well…he is my charge, isn't that illegal or something.

But I guess not, I have seen Dhampir and Moroi couples, married happily with kids.

I just hope Christian can handle everything that will happen in the future.

Lissa is said to be Queen once Queen Bitch dies, Adrian being her now boyfriend—if they are together long enough—he will become King with her.

I don't hate Lissa, I don't think I ever could, but lately…she has been blocking me from her, and Adrian, he has stopped dream walking.

I don't have contact with Eddie, and Christian is always in his room, or with his new girlfriend.

It's depressing at times, but I live, as usual.

Life has been so different. Things are weird I guess, I miss Dimitri, and am still hurt by Adrian, I don't have anyone to talk to, not that I actually do talk to anyone but still, it's nice to have that someone with us right?

At the moment, I'm laying on my bed staring at my roof, covered with random posters and photos, listening to the rain beating hard against my window, with the slight beat echoing from Christian's room across the hall.

"Rose!" I heard Christian say before my door creaked open.

I hadn't actually realized I was crying until I felt something swipe across my cheek.

"What's wrong?" He asked softly, but loud enough for me to hear over the rain.

I shrugged, like I said before I don't like talking about my life. They come first, my life has never really mattered…

"Rose," he said sternly, "Talk to me" he said in an almost pleading tone.

"What's there to talk about?" I snapped.

His face didn't show anything but concern, for what I didn't know, but I hated when people openly showed sympathy for me!

I rolled my eyes, and sat up, about to stand, but Christian caught my wrist.

"Let it go"

"No. Not until you tell talk to me."

"What if I don't huh? I'm only a shadow! That's all I'll ever be." I said pushing back tears and a sob.

I pulled my hand out of his grasp, and walked towards my door, running down the hall and towards the stairs which lead straight to the front door.

Rain, storms, I don't know why, but it always had a way to make me smile.

Spreading my arms out, I started spinning as if trying to let the rain wash off my pessimistic thoughts away, though that will never actually happen, it's just a nice thought.

"Rose come back inside, you're going to get sick!" Christian yelled from the door over the rain.

I stopped moving, since when had he actually cared about me?

I turned to face him, "Why do you care?" I yelled smiling as thunder clashed above.

"Because I don't need a sick guardian!" He yelled back, rolling his eyes and walking off.

I rolled my eyes, typical!

Christian's POV

I walked back into my bedroom, and watched Rose from my floor to ceiling window.

She was beautiful, but I wouldn't be able to tell her that, I couldn't tell her I love her…could I?

"No." I muttered shaking my head.

I have a girlfriend as it is…one that I don't actually like, but what else can I do? After Lissa and I broke up, she was of course comforted by that doosh bag of an Ivashkov, only giving them access to be together. I can't even talk to Lissa with out Adrian trying to yell at me; which is the reason why I stopped all contact with her.

Sadly I have to go for the stupid Coronation of Lissa.

I wish I didn't! I wish there could be a blizzard or something, leaving Rose and I together.

But sadly that will never happen!

I wish I could get through to Rose, she was so understanding during the time that I was broken, and what did I do? I pushed her away, and she's was more broken then I was, not only because of Dimitri who she had killed, but also Adrian who had hurt her by leaving her when she needed someone the most, and that someone she chose was him.

I don't blame her for hating me; I honestly hate myself for what I did, but what done is done.


I sigh as I turn from the window, and look towards where my door is open revealing a soaked Rose, looking well…hotter then ever despite her chattering teeth.

I rush over to her and lead her to her room, and into the connected bathroom.

"You should take a warm shower, so you don't get—"

"Sick, I know." She muttered stepping away from my hands that were against the small of her back.

Pushing me out of the bathroom, she closed and locked the door, before I heard the shower running.

She is so broken, I wonder how she copes. She keeps everything bottled up inside as well as the darkness from Lissa. It's a shock she hasn't gone mental yet.

I shouldn't say that, but it's a thought. But I guess the amount she works out in the gym downstairs helps with that.

Looking outside I noticed that it was getting late, so I quietly walked towards her door.

"Christian, ca-can you—never mind." She muttered as she shook her head.

I looked at her trying to decipher her thoughts, but walked out anyway, knowing if I didn't I would be able to keep the control I have.

Rose's POV

I can't believe I was about to ask that.

I look up as I hear the door close softly.

How could I ask something like that? I'm just glad I got my self control back.

I sigh has I slipped under the duvet cover, closing my eyes and allowing sleep to take over…hopefully without a night mare this time.

'"Little Dhampir? Is that you? I've been wondering when I would see you next." I heard someone say from behind me.

I swiveled around and say those bright green eyes that had once deceived me.

I rolled my eyes, and walked away from him, through the brightly colored petals that surrounded me.

"Rose!" He called out as he ran to catch up to me, "Please listen to me." He said.

"Why? Why should I listen to you Adrian?" I asked as a turned around to face him.

He took a step back, probably by my anger.


"This is the first time you have done this in so long. Why start now?" I said interrupting him.

Suddenly everything started to fade, causing him to frown.

"Don't come back. I'll see you when ever I do, but don't come back into my dreams." I said harshly.

My eyes fluttered open to bright blue eyes instead of the posters and such.

I sat up quickly causing Christian to fall off the edge of the bed, which made me laugh despite the mood I was placed in seeing Adrian again.

I peeked over the edge to see him lying there laughing. "Sorry, but you shouldn't do that." I said as I extended an arm out to him.

He grasped my hand, but instead of using it to help himself up, he pulled me down against him.

My eyes widened. 'What is going on…?' I thought as I felt his arm snake around my waist.

Biting my lip, I quickly pulled out of his grasp.

"Sorry." I muttered before running towards the bathroom locking the door behind me.

Walking over to the sink, I stared at my self.

Shaking my head at the possibility of Christian ever liking me like I like him.

Sighing, I slipped out of my clothes, and stepped under the scorching hot water.

Feeling my muscles un-knot.

Before feeling my stomach knot.

How could I forget? Today has probably got to be the worst day.

Well for me anyway…

Today was Valentine's Day.

I felt a tear slide down my cheek as sudden memories of Dimitri flooded my mind.

Shaking my head of the thoughts, I stepped out, slipping my clothes that consisted of a pair of skinny jeans and an off-shoulder top.

Christian had made it clear that he doesn't like the formalities, and had "forbidden" me from doing so.

Walking downstairs, I saw Oriana with Christian.

She is a nice girl, and we had a lot in common, one being we both loved Christian, and honestly, I'm glad she can make him happy again.

Just wish that would happen to me.

"Hey Rose!" Oriana said, as they saw me approach.

"Hi." I smiled.

"Now that you're here, we can go." She said smiling back, as she and Christian walked over to the door, when Guardian Havard was waiting.

Sighing once again—I've done that was too many times!—I followed them as we exited the house, locking it behind me.

Turing around, I entered the passenger seat, and waited for the day of doom to begin.

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