Number XII and the Keyblade Master: Part 1

Sora was at Hollow Bastion fighting Heartless, along with Donald and Goofy. They were outside Merlin's house, on their way to see Leon and Cloud when a bunch of Heartless attacked them.

A lot of heartless were present. Some were the Surveillance Robots, others were the NeoShadows. There were also the Soldiers and the all too annoying common Shadows. Strangely, there were also groups of Nobodies, called the Samurai Nobodies.

Sora ran into the Bailey and got separated form Donald and Goofy.

From there, lots of heartless were still tailing him. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a guy in a black appeared. All of the heartless that surrounded Sora disappeared in a snap.

"You're… You're from The Organization, aren't you?" Sora asked harshly as he pointed his Keyblade toward the mysterious stranger.

"Yes I am, Sora." The guy said lowly. Sora stared at him with wide eyes, shocked. "H-how do you know my name? Who are you?"

"I'm you, Sora."


"I'm your Nobody, Roxas."

"Roxas?!" Sora charged his keyblade at Roxas but his Nobody blocked it with Oblivion. "Why are you here? Did The Organization send you to kill me?" Sora shouted still forcing his keyblade on Roxas.

"No…" Roxas said calmly. "But I did come for you."

Sora stopped struggling but his keyblade was still on Roxas's. "Why?! To kill me?! Then do it! Do it now Roxas!" Roxas sighed. Oblivion disappeared and he brought his hood down. Sora was taken back by Roxas's appearance, so he brought his keyblade down. He looks exactly like him, except for the hair. Sora's hair is spikier and brown while Roxas had not-so-spiky hair and it was blond. Roxas also had the most beautiful set of eyes. Similar to his, only lighter.

This is the first time Sora actually noticed Roxas's appearance… the last time they met they were in a battle.

Sora thought that Roxas was a beautiful boy but he set that aside first. Right now, he needed to get away from this guy and save his own life.

"I'm here because…" Roxas began. "I wanted to save you. The Organization is indeed planning to kill you and I'm here to protect you."

"And who are you trying to fool here? Me?" Sora asked with a raised brow. "Ha! It didn't work! I maybe a lighthearted person but I don't believe anyone that easily especially if THEY'RE MY ENEMY." Sora growled.

Roxas smiled and said, "If I were lying, would I waste my time in telling you all these?" Sora was about to say something but Roxas cut him first. "No. If the Organization wants to kill you and I'm up with the plan, I should've killed you by now."

"Okay… But why? I thought you hated me. You said I was the very reason why you shouldn't exist in the first place. You said I'm light and you're dark. We're opposites."

Roxas moved closer to Sora and Sora took a step back. "You said it Sora. I'm dark and you're light. When there's darkness, light should always be there to take the darkness away." Roxas took a step forward and Sora took another step back. "Sora… I don't hate you. I'm just sad that I found out that I'm just a Nobody."

"But you're not just a Nobody, Roxas. If you are, you wouldn't feel any pity for me, right?" Sora said as he continued to step back until his back hit the wall.

"Right. I also wouldn't be able to feel…" Roxas trailed off.


"Feel…" Roxas repeated.

"Feel what?!" Sora asked impatiently.

"I wouldn't be able to feel Love…" Roxas blushed.

"Love?" Sora asked shocked. "For me?" Roxas nodded reluctantly.

Sora noticed that Roxas's body was pressed against his and that his arms were wrapped around his waist.

"I guess now… you'd probably think of me as the worst Nobody ever. I mean who would've thought I would love you, I mean I'm you." Roxas said. Sora chuckled. For the first time ever, Sora had actually felt happy knowing that there was someone who loved him even though it wasn't who he expected.

Sora thought of something just to test how true Roxas was.

"You got that right Roxas!" Sora shouted. "You really are the worst Nobody ever. I mean, I already hate you because you're part of the organization and now this!" Sora pushed Roxas away.

"I'm sorry…" Roxas said as tears started pooling in his eyes. Sora began to walk away while Roxas watched him. Sora was about to reach the end of the Bailey when he smiled and stopped at his tracks. Guess this is enough… Sora told himself. Besides, hurting somebody especially a lover is not part of my book. (Borrowed from the song Never Knew I Needed- Ne-yo)

Roxas stared at Sora's frozen position. Roxas froze too for the next thing he knew he was pinned against the wall. His lips collided with Sora's. Sora wrapped his arms around Roxas's waist and pressed his body against Roxas.

Roxas pulled away. "What are you doing?"

Sora smirked. "Isn't it obvious?"

"I can see that." Roxas smiled. "But why?"

"Just think of it as a reward." Sora smiled.


"Yeah… Because I've learned that only a person who loves someone dearly can let someone they love go." Sora explained. "Also… it's with the way you cry. No one's ever cried for me like that before."

Roxas smiled. "I may not have a heart, but I know these things. And seeing you happy is already enough for me to go on." Sora smiled and leaned in again. He kissed Roxas full on the lips and Roxas kissed back. Roxas wrapped his arms around Sora's neck and pulled him closer. They stayed like that for what seemed like forever until Roxas pulled apart.

"You should go now. Donald and Goofy are probably looking for you." Roxas said.

"Aren't you gonna come with me?" Sora asked. Roxas shook his head. "Why?!" Sora asked, anxiously.

"Because I can't go with you, Sora. It doesn't go that way." Roxas cupped Sora's cheek.

"But we're together now, right? Or are we not?" Sora asked.

"Of course we are." Roxas chuckled. "But things don't always go our way right?" Sora didn't say anything. "People see me as a bad guy because I'm part of The Organization. If they see me with you, they will think that I'll—"

"But you won't! You won't kill me Roxas!" Sora shouted.

"Shh…" Roxas gave him a peck. "You're saying that because you already know me and you… love me." Roxas said softly with a blush. "People around you, to be specific your friends, still don't know the Roxas you saw earlier." Roxas brushed Sora's bangs away.

"I promise, once all of these are over, we can be together all the time. But right now, we must go back to our own groups first." Roxas said.

Sora eyes glistened. "I'm gonna miss you, Rox. I know we've been together for awhile but…"

"I know how you feel. I'm gonna miss you too. Promise me that you'll take care of yourself, okay?" Roxas said sweetly.

"Promise…" Sora said. "You take care too, okay?"

"I'm not sure about that. I'll be too busy protecting you to take care of myself."

Sora glared at him. "Then don't protect me." Sora pouted. Roxas laughed at this. "Fine… I'll take care of myself."

"Thank you." Sora smiled and gave him a kiss. "Goodbye, Rox."

"No, I'll see you later."

"See ya!" Sora said. Roxas opened a portal and stepped inside. Once he was gone, Sora left the Bailey.

"Sora!" Donald exclaimed as Sora approached them.

"Are you okay?" Goofy asked.

"I'm fine…" Sora laughed.

"Why are your cheeks all red, Sora?" Donald asked.

Sora's cheeks turned redder. "Nothing… Maybe fighting those heartless just wore me out."

"Okay." Goofy said.

"Come on guys… lets go." Sora said.

Sora, Donald and Goofy reached The World That Never Was, and from there… lots of Heartless and Nobodies attacked them. But thankfully they managed to defeat all of them in just a snap.

Sora remembered that the King said that this was The Organization's stronghold, so he assumed that Roxas must be here.

They were at the Memory's Skyscraper when Sora said, "Guys, I'm gonna check the place okay?"

"Okay! Come on Goofy." Donald said.

"No, err… would it be alright if I go alone? I promise I'll meet you back here." Sora said immediately.

"But Sora! You might need protection!" Donald quacked. "No Donald, it's alright. I promise, you guys stay here while I investigate, sounds cool?" Sora asked.

"Oh… okay!" Donald and Goofy chirped. Sora smiled and went off. Sora entered a dark alleyway but Kingdom Hearts was enough to provide a source of light for him. Sora went further inside the dark alleyway until he felt someone behind him.

"Now what's the keyblade master doing here all by himself?" asked a low voice.

"Who are you?!" Sora shouted bitterly as he summoned his Ultima Weapon out.

"No one special… but to Sora… I'm very special and so is he to me." Sora turned around and saw Roxas grinning with arms wide open. Sora's keyblade disappeared and he ran into Roxas's arms. He wrapped his arms around Roxas's neck and Roxas wrapped his arms around Sora's waist.

Sora buried his face in Roxas's chest and said, "Don't scare me like that."

Roxas played with Sora's spikes and said, "I'm sorry… But you know, you should be more cautious next time. It's not safe to wander in this place when you're alone. Especially you, Sora. You're not safe here, understand?"

"Yes…" Sora sighed. "But how did you know I was here?" Sora looked up. "I mean… Exactly here?"

"I guess… that's just how Roxie works." Roxas smiled.

"Roxie?" Sora grinned devilishly.

"It's my petname."

"Awww… That's so cute… Rox—ieeeeee." Sora said cutely.

Roxas laughed. Once Roxas got hold of himself, he leaned in and pressed his lips against Sora's. Roxas's grip around Sora's body tightened and brought him closer to him as much as possible.

The two kissed for what seemed like forever until a soft moaned escaped Sora's mouth which vibrated in Roxas mouth and made Roxas give out a loud moan. Roxas pulled apart from Sora and said, "That's the first time I've ever done something like that." He panted.

"Me too…" Sora panted hard with a grin plastered on his face. Sora was about to kiss him again but instead Roxas looked away. Roxas saw that Sora was hurt so he gave him a peck and wrapped his arms around him.

"Is something wrong, Rox?" Sora asked with a lot of concern.

"No… But we need to stop for now." Roxas said calmly.


"You're in my world, remember? It's not safe."

Sora brought his face up and pouted. Roxas laughed at this silly gesture which eventually made Sora laugh as well. Roxas hug tightened and said, "I'm just glad I was the one who found you."

"Yeah… Or else I would've been toasted." Sora laughed.

"That's okay, I think you would taste great." Roxas laughed which earned a playful hit from Sora.

"Sora… were you looking for me? That's why you've been wandering around this place?" Roxas asked.

Sora blushed. "Uh-huh. The King told me once that this was the Organization's Stronghold so… I assumed that you were here." Sora smiled. "I really wanted to see you Rox." He said as he rubbed his nose with Roxas.

"You're blushing." Sora stated.

"Am not!" Roxas defended as he tried to calm his face down.

"Whatever…" Sora rolled his eyes. Sora smiled and said, "I love you."

"I love you too, Sora." Roxas gave Sora a peck. "You should go now. I promise we'll see each other again, very soon. It won't be long now."

Sora just nodded.

"Do you want me to open a portal for you?" Roxas asked.

"Okay. I'll meet with Donald and Goofy at the Memory's Skyscraper."

Roxas nodded and open a portal. Sora stepped inside and shouted, "Take care… Roxas!"

Sora was gone and Roxas smiled to himself. "I will… for you."

"SORA!!!" Donald shouted. "Where have you been?!"

"I told you, I looked around." Sora said, a little irritated by the duck's attitude.

"Well, did you find anything?" Goofy asked.

Sora straight face turned into a grin, remembering the events that had happened earlier. "Yup!"

"What is it?" Donald demanded.

"It's a secret." Sora said cheerfully.

"Should we ask?" Goofy said.

"No… just leave it guys."