Number XII and the Keyblade Master: Part 2

Sora, Donald and Goofy were at the Altar of Naught, along with Kairi, Riku and the King. Xemnas was talking to Kingdom Hearts when he felt the presence of Sora and the rest.

"What do you want?" Xemnas asked in a tired voice. "My Kingdom Hearts is already ruined. What more could you get here?"

"We want you gone, Xemnas!" Sora shouted as he charged his Ultima Weapon at Xemnas. Before Sora could attack, all the Organization members were standing in front of him, protecting Xemnas.

Sora saw Roxas and gave him a weak smile. Roxas smiled back, hesitantly.

"What are you smiling at?" Axel asked the blond.

"Nothing!" Roxas defended immediately.

"ATTACK!" Xemnas ordered.

Sora and the rest positioned themselves and soon the battle began.

"You three…" Xemnas looked at Axel, Roxas and Xigbar. "…stay here." The three obeyed and stayed with Xemnas as they watch the rest of the Organization members get eliminated one by one.

"Anyone who'd like to be next?!" Sora shouted, angrily. "Axel?!" Axel was about to attack Sora when Xemnas blocked his way with arm. "Axel… let Roxas take him."

"Me?!" Roxas asked in disbelief. "But why? I-I-I can't… I can't…" Roxas protested.

"Silence!" Xemnas shouted and immediately Roxas stopped talking. "Listen to me, you're Sora's nobody so basically you know everything about him which, in this case, will make it a lot easier for you to defeat him."

"But I…"


Roxas moved towards Sora. He summoned his Oblivion and Oathkeeper and dragged it on the floor and moved closer and closer to Sora. Sora felt disappointment and fear for Roxas. His Ultima Weapon was at his hand but was not positioned for battle.

He was too stunned because of what was happening, that he didn't have the strength to move nor think of what to do next. He just stood there, waiting for whatever Roxas was gonna do next.

Roxas made his signature pose and ran for Sora. Just when the keyblades were only centimeters away from Sora's face, Roxas stopped.

"DO IT NOW, ROXAS!" Xemnas said, impatiently.

"I c-cant…" Roxas's keyblades disappeared and he faced Xemnas. "I can't do it, Xemnas. And I won't!"

"Rox?" Sora said, softly. Roxas looked at him and gave him a wink. He turned his gaze back to Xemnas and said, "I can't do it because… he's my other… and…" Roxas looked at Sora again and cupped his cheek. "And…" Roxas repeated. Roxas leaned in, Sora did the same and they kissed each other.

"WHAT?!" Everyone shouted.

"What is going on here?" Riku asked.

"Roxas… how could you? You've betrayed us." Xigbar said.

"Maybe…" Roxas said calmly.

"But why?" Axel asked, anxiously.

"I'm sorry Axel, but I guess this happened for a reason." Roxas tried to explain.

"I don't care what your reasons are, Roxas! You're going down!" Xigbar attacked Roxas but thankfully Roxas was fast so in just a second, Xigbar was then eliminated.

"I've had it with this nonsense. All we do is kill and attack people. We collect hearts and stay in the darkness… but for what purpose?!" Roxas blurted out. "Nothing!" Sora wrapped his arms around Roxas's body. "Shh… It's okay… Calm down, Roxas. I'm here." Sora whispered in Roxas's neck.

"Thank you…" Roxas smiled weakly. He then made his voice straight again and said, "I'm leaving with Sora whether you…" He looked at Xemnas and Axel. "… or you guys…" He looked at Sora's friends. "… like it or not!"

Roxas turned his gaze to Sora. "See… I told you we'd be together soon." Sora giggled.

"Let's go…" Roxas grabbed Sora's hand and began to walk away.

"Roxas! Look out!" Kairi shouted.

Roxas turned around and saw Xemnas running towards them. Roxas pushed Sora out of the way and fought Xemnas. He brought his Oblivion and Oathkeeper out and made his signature moves.

"Roxas!" Sora shouted, worriedly.

"Stay there, Sora." Roxas said and Xemnas hit him.

"ROXAS!" Sora shouted. He stood up and made his way to Roxas but was blocked by Axel.

"Axel… I don't have time for you." Sora said, bitterly.

"Why, am I not THAT good enough for you?" Axel asked as he bought his Chakrams out.

"I guess I could play along." Sora casted lots of 'Thundaga' on Axel and attacked him while he's at it. Finally, Axel was defeated so Sora made his way to Roxas again.

Xemnas held Roxas in the mid-air, at the end of the Altar of Naught, holding only his arm.

"The Keyblade's chosen one. I see that this NOBODY is important to you." Xemnas said in a low voice.

"He's not a Nobody, he's a SOMEBODY!" Sora shouted. "I thought I'm the one you wanted, so why not take me instead."

"Sora… NO!" Roxas protested.

"I'm afraid I cannot do that. Roxas betrayed us." Xemnas explained.

"So what?! Roxas doesn't want to be with you guys, he wants to be with me." Sora said. His temper was rather high. "He doesn't like it here. He wants to be with me, where true happiness is."

Xemnas laughed. "Sora, we don't have hearts that's why we don't feel anything."

"THAT'S NOT TRUE!" Sora cried as he charged his keyblade to Xemnas.

"If you dare hurt me Sora, I swear, I'll let Roxas fall." Xemnas threatened.

"Fine, I'll give you whatever it is that you want and in return, I want Roxas back."

"I need a heart, Sora. A very powerful one."

"Fine! Take mine!" Sora stabbed his keyblade to his chest and his heart floated in the air. Good thing I have an anti form, otherwise I would've passed out by now. Sora told himself. Sora motioned the heart to Xemnas.

"There! Now let Roxas go!" Sora shouted.

"Great idea!" Xemnas laughed and let Roxas fall.

"Roxas!" Sora ran after him and jumped off the Altar of Naught. Both were falling so fast that it might be impossible for them to survive. Sora grabbed Roxas arm and hugged him. Sora took the Lamp Charm out of his pocket and summoned the Genie.

"Whatcha' need Sora?" the Genie asked.

"I wish Roxas and I were back on top."

"You got it!" Genie snapped his fingers and just like that, Sora and Roxas were back on the Altar of Naught. They both fell on the floor with Roxas on top. He poked Sora's head which made Sora pout. "What was that for?!"

"For being an idiot!" Roxas said angrily. "You could've gotten yourself killed, Sora!" Roxas blurted out then his voice turned soft. "Didn't you know that you scared me by doing that?"

"I know… but…" Sora said softly. "… I'm more afraid of losing you, Roxas." Roxas smiled at this and kissed him. Sora was about to kiss back when…

"Umm… GUYS!!! A little help here!" Kairi shouted. She and the rest of the gang were fighting Xemnas. Roxas helped Sora up and told Kairi that he and Sora will take care of Xemnas while she and the rest can go somewhere safe.

Soon, Sora and Roxas defeated Xemnas and Sora got his heart back.

"You did it Rox! You saved us!" Sora said, cheerfully. "Thank you." He smiled and hugged Roxas.

Roxas smiled and hugged back. "Thank you too… Sora."

Sora and Roxas were so busy thanking each other and telling how great they are, that they didn't notice a glowing thing in between them.

"Sora! Roxas! What's that?" Donald pointed the thing.

"It's a heart." Riku started.

Roxas looked at the thing. "It is." He said with a lot of amazement in his voice.

Suddenly, Roxas floated in the air and the 'heart' went inside Roxas's chest exactly where his heart was supposed to be. Roxas was on his feet again and all the light that had come from the 'heart' was gone.

"What. Just. Happened?" Sora asked, confused.

"It would seem that your love for Roxas and his love for you…" The King said. "…even though he doesn't have a heart. No offense." The King told to Roxas.

"None taken." Roxas smiled sincerely.

"…had created this special 'heart' that was suitable for Roxas only." The King finished.

"You mean… I have a heart now, right?" Roxas said, excitedly.

"Absolutely!" The king said.

"Then that means I'm a real human now." Roxas said. "I'm not a Nobody, I'm a SOMEBODY!"

Sora hugged Roxas from his back. "That's right, and you are MY somebody." Roxas faced Sora and hugged him back. "Just remember that, Roxas, okay?"

"What is?"

"Do I have to spell it out for you?" Sora said sarcastically.

"Kinda?" Roxas scratched the back of his neck.

"You'll always be my SOMEBODY, my dear Roxas." Sora smiled. "With or without a heart, your mine and I'm yours."

"That's so sweet, Sora. I'll definitely remember that!" Roxas smiled then he whispered something in Sora's ear.

"What?! No way… Of course they'll accept you! You're with me!" Sora protested.

"But Riku…"

Sora sighed. He pulled away from Roxas and faced Riku. "Riku… Roxas is my… Other… Aren't you gonna forgive him? I mean I already did, the mere fact that I should be the one who's mad at him."

"I accept him, Sora." Kairi said. "It'll be great to have him in the group. At least there is someone who'll always be there to protect you and make you happy."

"But we can do all those things! We can give those to him Kairi! You, me, Donald, Goofy and the King. He doesn't…" Riku trailed off when he saw Sora's sky blue eyes glistened.

"Riku." Roxas said speaking for the first time. Riku looked at him. "I'm really, really sorry about before. I know what I did was wrong. I should've just given my being to Sora immediately, but instead I let all the anger and hatred take over me. So, I apologize.

"But Riku… please accept me, the real me. I'm not the bad person you know. I just did that for Sora." Roxas said. "I'm saying this, not for my own purposes but for Sora's happiness."

Riku sighed and playfully punched Roxas arm. There was a moment of silence. "Fine… but you have to promise that you'll never ever hurt Sora."

"I swear!"

Riku smiled and gave Roxas a knuckle sandwich which made him pout. Riku laughed which earned a glare from Roxas.

"Don't worry Roxas, Riku laughs at me too every time I pout." Sora blushed as he said this.

"Will you pout for me?" Roxas asked innocently and Sora did as told. "Awww… you're so CUTE! I wonder why Riku laughs at you."

"Ehem!" Riku faked which made the two look at him. "I'm sorry too, Roxas."

Roxas smiled. "Hey guys, wanna go home? I could open a portal for you. Destiny Islands, right?"

"Right." Riku said. Once all of them got inside the portal, Roxas closed it.

"What about us, Rox? Aren't we going home?" Sora asked.

"We are… but I wanna take the Gummi Ship on going there." Roxas said.

"Gummi Ship? If you say so."

"I'll drive…"

"What?!" Sora exclaimed. "No, Roxas. You can't…"

"Yes I can!"

"Rox…" Sora said in a straight tone.

"Pwease… Pwease pwease pwease." Roxas pouted. "I'll be bwewy bwewy good Sowa."

"Fine…" Sora sighed. It a good thing I love you, Roxas.

Inside the Gummi Ship…

"Whoa… this place is so COOL." Roxas exclaimed.

They took their seats and Roxas started to drive really fast.

"ROXAS! ROXAS! ROXAS!" Sora shouted. "Stop the ship! Stop the ship!" He panted.

"What's wrong, Sora?"

"Don't drive it too fast!" Sora poked Roxas head.

"Ow— why?"

"Umm… don't you like to drive it slowly, that way our journey would be more romantic." Sora said cutely which made Roxas blush. "You're blushing again, Roxas."

"And so are you." Roxas poked Sora's nose. Roxas cupped Sora's cheek and pulled him for a kiss. He sat Sora on his lap and nibbled on Sora's lower lip. Sora moaned Roxas's name which made Roxas kiss harder. Roxas moved from Sora's lips down to his jaw and into his neck, leaving visible butterfly marks.

"Sora…" Roxas said in Sora's neck.

"What is it, Rox?" Sora said softly.

Roxas kissed Sora's ear and whispered, "I love you."

"I love you too." Sora moved back to seat and Roxas started the ship again.

Once they got to Destiny Islands, Roxas pulled Sora for another kiss and ran outside. "Roxas!" Sora ran after him and once he caught up, he stumbled into Roxas. Sora gave him a peck and ran again.

Once Roxas reached the little Island, Sora was already at the Paopu tree with Riku and Kairi. Roxas sat beside Sora and panted. "I'll race with you again, Sora. And when I do, I'll make sure I win."

"We'll see." Sora giggled and let Roxas rest his head on his shoulder.