A New Man

I'm hiding. I don't want him to find this. Oh God, me hand's shaking. The Doctor's gone. He's gone. Disappeared in a blaze of golden light. That won't make any sense, to...whoever's reading this. So I better give the basics. We were onboard a space station called The Game Station but it used to be called Satellite 5. And there were these aliens called Daleks. I've met them before. Just pray you never have to.

'Cos thing is, first time round, I met one. This time there were thousands. We hadn't a hope. But I refused to believe that. But then, well the Doctor asked me why hadn't I asked to leave and let history take it's course. Cause I'd never ask that of 'im. If there's even the slimmest chance to save the day you bet the Doctor's gunna try it.

But he tricked me. Locked me inside the TARDIS. Emergency Protocol One. Sends the companion safely home. Do me a favour and give him a smack from me. Idiot. But I got back. I...I don't know what happened. I looked into the TARDIS, there was this light, singing inside my head and then...I woke up on the console room floor. I do remember that when I got home, I was in the park and there were these 2 words everywhere.

Bad Wolf.

Throughout our travels I've seen those words everywhere. Heard them everywhere. I thought the were following us. A message. I was right. They were proof I could and would and did get back to save my Doctor. That's weird. Why would I 'my'? I opened up the TARDIS. It's alive. It has a soul. I saw it (well I didn't, your not supposed to look) when we were facing down Margret the Slitheen. Nasty, big green aliens that stink. They're from...here goes, God knows if I can spell it...Raxacoricofallapatorius.

But...whatever I did back there. It killed him. It's my fault. He saved himself but it's not him. It's some other man with lots of big brown hair, thinner with big teeth. Whose calling my name. I'm hiding in the library in one of the dark gaps between the mammoth bookcases on the second level.

Uh-oh...it's alright he's gone, opened the door shouted "C'mon Rose!" and... I can hear groans. Oh God I think he's hurt himself...

Rose x