La Muerte: A Maximum Ride story

Summary: Seven years post FANG: a Maximum Ride Novel, Max and the Flock, including Dylan, has settled into a steady type of living, working for the FBI. Max hasn't given up on Fang, though Dylan wishes she would. But nothing is as strong as the love they share for each other. What will happen when during her new mission for the Feds have her crossing paths with her lost soul mate? Will she be able to convince Fang to stay? Or will some unknown force get to him first?

Read on to find out.

AN: Maximum Ride is not mine... only this Alternate Universe of it is. Ages: Max, Iggy, Dylan, and Fang: 21; Nudge: 19; Gazzy: 15; Angel: 13.


"Agent Ride," My boss Deputy Agent Stone said, "New mission for you."

That's right. Maximum Ride was now an official FBI Special Agent. It's been Seven years since Fang left the Flock, seven long years. I've stayed true to him though, despite Dylan's constant failed efforts.

Yeah, Dylan. Dylan stayed with us, much to my annoyance, and has settled in to a steady understanding with the flock. Over the past seven years he's been trying to get me to forget about Fang. Yeah, like that'll ever happen. Fang's the only one for me. I wonder if he's changed at all...

"Ride!" Stone yelled, dragging me from my daydreams, "Focus!"

"Right," I said, "Sorry Ma'am."

"Gather your Flock," Stone said, "You're gonna need them all to beat this one."

"Too bad," I said, "Guess that case will have to wait thirteen more years."

"On the contrary," Stone said smirking, "A certain Black winged boy has been mentioned in this case file. Several times."

My look changed from smug to shock, to anger, and then to hope in less then three seconds. What did Fang have to do with a federal Case? He'd better not have gotten himself in trouble.

"Let me call them up," I said. Stone smirked.

"Just meet me in the conference room," Stone said walking away.

I picked my phone up and dialed Iggy's Extension.

"Yello? Ig's Bomb Squad," he said jokingly, "what can we blow up for ya?"

"Funny Ig," I said, "Call everyone else. I got a lead."

"On what? Sasquatch?" Iggy replied. I laughed.

"Nope, guess again," I said toying with my 'Brother'.

"Uh, got it!" Iggy said, "Roswell doesn't have aliens and has been telling the truth all along?"

"Nope," I said again, "Here's a hint: F-Nick."

I heard the phone clatter as it hit the floor. I smiled knowing exactly what Iggy just did. For a blind pyromaniac, he's usually not that clumsy.

"Iggy?" I asked, suppressing laughter, "You still there?"

I heard muttering as Iggy tried to find the Phone on the black tiled floor of his office. He requested white, but they didn't believe him when he said he could see all white. Thus Iggy's current predicament.

"Yeah. Yeah I'm here," Iggy answered, he sounded as though he was trying to catch his breath, "Are you serious, Max? You got a lead on Fang?"

I smiled and answered, "Yes."

I heard the phone clatter to the floor again as Iggy whooped for joy. That was the primary reason we took jobs with the Feds. If Fang messed up and accidentally revealed his location, they'd be the first to know. Finding Fang was priority number one now that the world was safe, for the Flock. I'm not sure how Dylan would deal with this news though. I smirked as I saw his usual cocky arrogant smile turned into a frown in my head.

"I'll call Gazzy and Dilly," Iggy said, "You tell the girls."

"Right," I said, "We'll all meet in the Meeting room with Stone for Briefing."

"Dilly's gonna be pissed," Iggy said, A smile in his voice.

"Oh, hell yeah," I said back. Iggy laughed and then hung up.

I dialed up Nudge and Angel. I put them on three way conversation. Gazzy, Nudge and Angel had been allowed into the FBI when they asked to be tested on their intellects and turned out to be smarter by at least twice their age. Out of all of us, Angel was the smartest. Not surprising, she is the mind reader after all.

"Hello?" Nudge asked.

"Hi Max," Angel said, "Hey Nudge! How was Florida? Those presentations must have been hard."

"Oh you have no idea!" Nudge said, "First we had to set up the charts, power points, the chairs, and everything else by ourselves. Then they wanted us to either do it at three in the morning, or lunchtime! Can you believe that!? How could they expect me to skip out on lunch, seeing as I need to eat three times as much as they do? Gosh, sometimes our bosses are sooo inconsiderate. Aside from the presentation, there was a lot of beach candy, if you know what I mean. So many cute boys in nothing but bathing suits. I think I got at least seventeen phone numbers! Can you believe that!? I-"

"NUDGE!" I shouted into the phone, earning a lot of dirty looks come my way, "I have big news."

"What Max?" Angel asked, "Dylan try to propose again?"

I laughed, "No Angel. I got a lead."

"WHAT!?" They both exclaimed.

"You heard right," I said, "Stone has a mission that mentions him, a lot apparently. Fang's finally slipped."

"That's great Max!" Nudge said, "You think we can convince him to come back? Oh, I hope we can. I miss Fang a lot. No way have I missed him as much as you though."

"When's the briefing?" Angel asked. That's my girl, always straight to the point. I think Fang's absence had that affect on her.

"As soon as everyone gets here," I said. I heard two clicks, signaling the phones had hung up. I stared back at my phone. I couldn't believe they just did that!

Then again, this is the first lead we've had...well, ever!

I smiled and stood from my desk. I grabbed my badge and headed to the conference room.

Fifteen minutes later, I met the rest of the Flock outside conference doors. Dylan looked too happy.

"Hey Maximum," Dylan said, "How are you?"

I looked at Angel and asked mentally, does he know?

Angel shook her head, her blond curls bouncing with each shake.

"Nope," Angel said, "Iggy wants you to do it."

"Then how'd you get him down here?" I asked Iggy. Iggy smiled.

"Just said, 'New mission. Max needs your help on it.'," Iggy said, "And presto! He was here first."

"Oh," I responded.

"Is it true though Max?" Gazzy asked, "Do you have a lead?"

"A lead on what?" Dylan asked. Yeah, finding Fang was not at the top of his priorities.

"Fang," I said, "And I hope it's true, Gaz. Otherwise, I'll be really pissed."

"Yes!" Gazzy cheered, "Finally!"

"Wait," Dylan said, "What do you mean, 'Fang'?"

"Just that," I answered him, "I think I have a lead on finding Fang."

"But he told you not to look for him," Dylan said. I glared at him.

"When have I ever listened to anyone else?" I asked him.

Dylan fell silent. Ha! I win.

"Oh, good," Stone said, "You're here. Come in."

We walked in after our boss. We all sat in various spots. I could tell everyone, except Dylan, was itching to get through this and go find Fang. I was too.

Stone dimmed the lights. Dylan was sitting across from me, next to Gazzy's right. Thank god!

"As you know," Stone started, "we've been trying to get Antonio Ferez, the Drug Lord for about three years now. It turns out he's been hiding in Brazil. The Ministry of Foreign Relations has finally gotten the okay from Brazil to send in some of our people, aka you guys."

"Okay," I said, only caring about getting to Fang, "What's the plan?"

"See that's just it," Stone continued, "We don't get to make a plan. They are teaming you with a representative sent from the UN, so he's going to be in charge. Sorry Ride. This guy is known as La Muerte or Death. But the most interesting thing is his profile. He's done three tours in Iraq. He knows at least half of the world's language. And he's been given the Medal of Honor, twice. This is also the guy who caught the Freelancer that had gone after Prince Abdul-Haqq. This guy is good."

"How's he gonna keep up with us?" Gazzy asked, "Unless..."

"I can't promise anything," Stone said, "But as soon as I read his background, which there hardly was any, I knew you six would be the ones to put on this mission."

"You said there were pictures," I said, "Can we see them?"

"Even better," Stone replied, "We got a clip."

Stone pressed a button on her remote and instantly the video started playing. It had a picture of a young male, most likely my age, holding off three armed men. All this guy had was a Tonfa. Was he good at using it or what? He took them out in two minutes flat. Our representative turned his face to the camera and the whole flock, including myself, gasped.

It was Fang. He had a light chinstrap framing his face. He looked...good. Really good. His muscles looked bigger then Dylan's, and that's saying something. Iggy eats much better now and he still isn't anywhere near Dylan's size. But I guess that's Fang for you, always making you wonder. Fang had a short cropped haircut and that really shocked me. Fang loves his long hair. I'd thought he'd never cut it. Fang was easily four inches taller then the last time we saw him, so that made him at least 6' 2". To sum it up in a few words: Fang was waaay hotter then before. The next part of the clip shocked me even more.

An armed assailant tried to attack Fang from behind, but Fang vanished. I though he had gone invisible until less then a split second later, he appeared two feet behind the assailant. Fang can teleport! Oh, not fair! Then Fang pulled a gun from behind his back and started to say something in Arabic. Too bad we all failed that course, would have been nice to know what he said.

"I know what he said," Angel piped up, "I retook the class and aced it. Fang said 'You have the right to remain silent. Or Allah help me, I will end you here and now. It is your choice. Die now, or go home to your family in a few years. Choose wisely, Allah is watching.' Wow, I'd never think Fang would be so scary."

I nodded and watched in surprise as the assailant dropped his weapon and slowly lowered himself to the ground. Fang came up to his side and kicked the gun away. He held the assailant until the authorities came over to him. They were arresting the other three men from before. Fang turned his attention over to the camera. He raised his right arm and went to make a snapping motion with his hand. Once he snapped his fingers, the camera lens broke. Fang walked over to the camera and snatched it from someone, muttering something in another language. It sounded like Greek.

Nudge spoke up this time, "I think he said, 'Ah, Dammit. Now I have to get this camera to Charlie, hand it over to Obama, hope to god he gives it to the Feds to lock away.' Or that's at least what it sounded like."

Once the film ended, I had only one thing to say, "When's our flight?"

A loooong ass flight to Brazil later...

When the plane landed, the six of us got off. Stone told us not to even really pack. That we would be supplied by our representative. Hopefully, Fang.

"Maximum Ride?" A heavily accented voice said. I turned to see a man in his late forties standing with a sign that had my name on it and a number: 6.

"Over here!" I said. I led the Flock over to him. He smiled and then frowned.

"Oh, Senor Nicholas is going to be upset," The man said, "He was afraid you'd take up the job."

My smile had vanished as the man used the name Nicholas. Who the hell was Nicholas?

"Um, Excuse me?" Angel spoke up, "Who's Nicholas?"

"St. Nicholas!" the Man screamed, "Now he'll have to blow you up before you can stop his beautiful white snow!"

All of us backed away from the Crazed Man as he pulled a concealed AK-47 from behind his back. People started to panic and run away.

"We've been made!" Dylan shouted. No shit, Sherlock.

"Now, don't move! Or I'll unload this whole clip into you!" the Crazed Man exclaimed. Before we could even try to figure out the situation, a bullet hole appeared in the man's forehead, killing him instantly.

"Maldito idiota," A voice said behind us. We turned to see...nothing.

"Up here," the voice said in English.

This time when we turned to look, there was a figure looking down at us, holding a smoking gun. Looking closer, I saw a really familiar face.

"Fang!" we all exclaimed. Except Dylan. He just looked on in shock.

Fang hopped down from where he was and looked over all of us, lingering on me.

"Hey guys," he said quietly. His voice seemed huskier then before.

"Fang," I said quietly, "You're really here."

Fang rolled his eyes and smirked, "You didn't listen to me, Max."

I rolled my eyes back at him. I was about to move closer, but he turned his attention to the dead body a few feet from us.

"Aw, shit," Fang mumbled, "Hendricks is gonna kill me."

"Who?" I asked. Fang ignored me and walked over to where a crowd was starting to form.

"All right, move along," Fang said, making shooing motions, "Mueven a lo largo."

I looked at Fang in shock. He was speaking fluent Spanish. When did he learn Spanish?

"I learned it over time, Max," Fang said from his spot near the body. He picked the AK up and looked at it.

"Cheap," Fang muttered, "Could've had the decency to at least use a real gun on you guys."

"How'd you know what I was thinking!?" I asked. Fang looked over his shoulder and pointed at Angel. I looked at her and she shrugged.

"She just asked me because she thought it was a good question, Max," Fang said again.

"So it really is you?" Gazzy asked. Fang stood up with the AK in his left hand.

"You doubt it?" Fang said smirking, "Yeah, Gaz. It's me."

"Fang, good buddy!" Iggy spoke up, "How've you been you Dead-meat, S.O.B.? You know I'm going to kill you for leaving out of the blue, right?"

"Yup," Fang said, dropping his smirk, "And I could care less. I wouldn't have changed a thing. It was better this way."

I was about to ask him what he meant but he bent down and touched the body and disappeared.

"He left us!" Dylan exclaimed, surprised, "Again!"

"No, I didn't," Fang said, reappearing out of thin air, "I had to ditch the body. This is a UN mission boys and girls. Collateral damage isn't seen well on the report."

We all jumped as he appeared in the middle of all of us.

"Now come on," Fang said, "I'll bet you guys want to fly to our safe house and catch up, right?"

"Yeah," I said stunned. Since when had Fang become mister chatterbox?

"Then let's go," Fang said, opening his now 16-foot-wings. He hopped onto the top of a shuttle bus, and then leapt into the sky. We all followed him a minute after he leapt into the air. Fang was waiting for us a good twenty thousand feet up. He smiled as we all joined him.

"Firstly," Fang said, "I just want to apologize to you, Dylan. I realize now my behavior to you because of your attraction to Max was immature and foolish. But I must also state that is I ever find you trying for her again, I will not be afraid to act the same way again. But this time, I will be much harder to fight."

"Fine," Dylan said. I was shocked at both of their behavior. Fang actually apologized to Dylan!! I think the world just ended.

"What the hell?" Iggy said, "But-but you two hate each other!"

"I try to put those thoughts behind me, Ig," Fang answered, "My first year away I went to a monastery in the Himalayas. I learned the way of Buddha there."

"You're a Buddhist?" I said dumbfounded. Fang nodded.

"Yup," Fang said. Iggy and Gazzy burst out laughing.

"You-you're a Monk?" Iggy said, Gazzy still laughing behind him.

"Yeah, so?" Fang said. He stared at Gazzy and Iggy until they stopped laughing.

"So wait," Angel said, "Does this mean you and Max can't get married?"

AN: Ahh, Angel. So innocent. Tell me what you thought guys. If I ruined FANG for you, then I'm sorry, but you shouldn't have read this story then.

But everything is welcomed. I honestly won't be working on this fic as much as my other two: Fang: Archangel in Disguise, and FANG: The Phenom.

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