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After escaping the game and driving a knife into Ken Castle's gut, John aka Kable had finally settled with his wife and his daughter. Unfortunately the splendor wouldn't last very long for the John and the Humanz only survivor, Trace had not a clue that Ken Castle had a predecessor. His name is Dan Magnus. Three months after the "murder" of Ken Castle and the demise of Slayers and Society, Dan Magnus announced that he has taken over the corporation that Ken Castle owned but has renamed it Omega Federations. He says they have updated the technology to make it safer and that two new games will be starting. They are called Battle Grounds and Daily Life. John, Angie and Trace all know that its bull shit. They know that Dan Magnus is bringing back Slayers and Society. But with different names.

Just when they didn't think it could be worse, Dan Magnus announces his new chief advisor and soon be to be first member of Daily Life, Gorge. Angie realizes she's in trouble. After the downfall of The Humanz, Trace discovered that he was the one controlling her in Society. John knows that he has one more mission. It is to kill Magnus and Gorge. He knows now he has to stop them. He knows that he is number one on the hit list. They will find him and Angie and reprogram them. And take their daughter again.

There's one other person that can help John and Trace with this mission. The only question is where is he? After the death of Ken Castle and the demise of Slayers, Simon disappeared off the face of the earth. Without Simon to help him, Kable will be on Dan Magnus' radar and won't have clue if someone's coming from out of his peripheral vision. Simon needs to help him one last time. John hopes that his worst fears aren't true.


Dan Magnus sits with Gorge in his office at Omega Federations. He asks Gorge if the men are ready. Gorge tells him that he kept his end of the deal and got a hold of sixteen pissed off death row inmates ready to kill Kable. Now he wants the device that will track down Angie and activate the Nano Mites and reactivate her for Daily Life. Magnus tells Gorge that he did something even better and that before Ken Castle was killed, they put and snake in the pit! There is someone out there who will bring Angie back to them and Gorge will have full control of her to do as he wishes. They technology is far stronger then Castle could ever have imagined. They both share a laugh.

Dan Magnus can now only imagine the things he will be doing to Kable when he gets his hands on him for murdering the love of his life! That being an unknown secret about Ken Castle that no one except Magnus knew about. A secret in which Magnus will take to the grave. Literally!