"I don't believe it!" John says.

His vision comes back in full and he can now see strait. John has seen Magnus for the very first time. The only person other than those in Federations and Gorge to ever see him. John drops his riffle and drops to his knees. He stares at Magnus for a moment before he can say anything.

"How? This can't be! After everything…How can you be the protégé of Ken Castle? How could you this? What about me and everyone else? How can this be Simon?" John blurts out.

Magnus chuckles a little bit as he approaches John and says to him,

"Oh yes Kable. My previous identity. How can I forget? How can I do such a thing indeed? You see, when I first heard of Ken Castle, I was contacted by a girl named Amy Trace. She had just been fired by Castle when she didn't agree with Society. Then her stupid brother discovered cloning and disappeared. She wanted to thwart Castle. So she met the Humanz and used some connections to get to Castle. She had a fake gut meet with him and select a random soldier to use the mind control nannites. The she pulled strings at the prison she worked at to have them work with Castle Corp. to house the Slayers and cover up the controlled killing of a prisoner. I would then control the soldier as a Slayer. I hacked the Slayers game and memorized all thirty battlefields and even downloaded the schematics." He rambles.

"But the feds, the investigation, your room?" John says

"All part of the plan to throw you off. You see, me and Trace knew that we could manipulate the system and make sure you made it. Castle would be enraged to know you might make it. Just the way to fuck with him and throw him off. The feds arrested me, but those were the rookies. The feds had already promised me and Trace immunity and promised me Castle Corp. if I went along with using you to kill Castle. That way it was a Slayer and everyone's hands are clean. You see, the feds hated Castle more then you. Through emails between me and Castle with a name I got off of a T.V. show, I convinced him to get leverage by adopting your daughter. You threw some curve balls but ended up where we needed you." He explains.

"I don't understand." John says.

"Pretty much padre, you were just the guy randomly selected to help us. But you murdered the love of my life, Slayers. My fault though I guess. But you made it past the sixteen pissed off death row inmates. My Super Slayers and my Ultimate Slayer. You see, the fact you got to Castle was a part of the plan. After we killed Castle, as promised, the Gaming Commission gave me what I wanted. I emancipated myself and legally changed my name to my alias. Dan Magnus. The programs I had I didn't need any more. Except my favorite one that I programmed what they would say. The twins. So Trace and I got what we wanted and we thought everything was fine. Until we heard about the Slayer compound. Then I found out about Gorges fat ass. Then trace brought up the fact that you would protest Battle Grounds. We knew Track would help you to kill me.
So we set you up to come on this mission. We knew you couldn't resist when I hired Gorge. Everything from the word "Go" was a set up. The gifts, the holonotes were all pre arranged. My genius was the clone I kidnapped and reprogrammed from your friend over there. Then I blew him up when he talked too much. Just as planned. You lead us to the Slayer Compound. Just as I hoped you would. They came here. Making my job easier. Losing my true love, Trace, was not in the plan. When I kill you, your wife is next! I love you big guy. But that's why I'm the one who's going to kill you. I got to finish it. Nothin' personal. Now take your pistol and we will go ten pace and fire!" Simon rambles again.

"I can't believe you Simon. You fucked up my life for nothing. I won't dual with you. I won't! Not after everything. I can't!." John says.

"Yes you will! Trace told me this could be ours. Have to be rid of the past first. Why do you think I had Punjabi kill Gorge! My last gift to you! And start Dailey life with no veterans. To make it work with all new people. Now lift up that gun and fire it Kable!" Simon shouts.

John sits on his knees. Refusing to get his pistol off his hip. Simon yells for him to do it. John still refuses. Simon threatens the Ultimate Slayer. John looks down and prays.

"Llik mih!" Simon shouts. Punjabi comes towards him. John grabs his riffle and begins shooting him. Bullets penetrate the Ultimate Slayer but he keeps coming. John begins to run around the basement shooting and hiding. Punjabi grabs whatever it is and throws it or smashes it.

Johns keeps running and shooting. Simon shouts from across the basement, "Just dual me Kable!"

John ducks behind a forklift and keeps shooting. Bullets hit Punjabi in the head repeatedly. He's not even fazed. Punjabi grabs the forklift with both hands and shoves it backwards with ease. The forklift rolls backwards and into a wall. A bullet strike Punjabi in the eye. He screams a bit and becomes really pissed off.

He gets a hand around John's neck and lefts him face to face. Simon shouts, "ti leef mih ekam!" Punjabi squeezes a bit tighter. John struggles and unloads what rounds are left in his riffle into Punjabis chest. Suddenly there's a loud thud and Punjabi screams loud as he drops John. John looks up to see the lifts of the forklift sticking through Punjabis knees.

Track is hopping off the forklift and shooting at Punjabi. Simon is heard screaming and running towards them while Punjabi still swings his fists at them and tries to break free of the forklift. John reaches for a grenade and realizes he is out. Track sees Simon pull out a Beretta. He tosses his last grenade to John and dives off Punjabis shoulder and onto Simon.

John runs and jumps at The Ultimate Slayer right before his humungous fist connects to him. John stick his knife into his chest, lifts up to his gigantic shoulder, pulls the knife out and sticks it in his massive neck. As the monster shouts at John, he pulls the pin and sticks the grenade into his big mouth then dives off. John rolls backwards when he hits the floor.

Right as Simon gets the Beretta the grenade goes off and knocks Simon to the floor and Track face first into a crate. Before blacking out Track sees a figure walk into the room and run up to him. Simon and John both get up and then start shooting at each other. Simon insists they do it the old fashioned way. John stays silent. Simon makes mention he's not like Castle and hasn't replaced any of his brain with nannites.

"I can't do it Simon! I can't kill you!" John shouts.

"Then I'll kill you and then kill your wife and hold your daughter captive 'til she's eighteen and marry her." Simon shouts.

John suddenly sees red and stands up with his pistol drawn. He tells Simon to get it over with. Simon stands up with his pistol ready. They stand back to back and begin walking ten paces. On the second pace, Simon turns around and shoots John in the back of the leg. He walks up to him as he sits up on the ground.

"Kable, you're so trusting. I just told you I am going to kill you and you trusted a fair duel. I will miss you." He says while he points his pistol at the back of Johns head.

John lifts his head up, pulling a pistol from his waist and waiting for Simon to try and shoot him. Track begins to come to. He opens his eyes and looks forward and lets out a gasp. John takes a deep breath. Simon caulks the gun and says, "Good bye Kable."

There's a shot that echoes throughout the basement. Track gets up and hobbles towards John. John sits up looks over to see Simon's body collapse next to him and Simon's blood and brains lying in front of him. He turns around, applying pressure to his leg and see's a short, petite blond standing behind him. Track hobbles up and drops his gun when he sees her. "Tara!" he shouts.

Tara spits on Simons body and then hugs her brother. John realizes it's the girl from the twins program. "Let's get you out of here John." She says. She and Track carry John out and tend to his leg. He blacks out. When he wakes up he's with Angie and his daughter and Tara.

"How long have I been out?" He asks.

"Three days. They got the bullet out of your leg and are healing the wound." Angie tells him and his daughter hugs him.

"Plus, the nannites in your brain are no more. I managed to safely remove half the rest have been integrated with my program that replicates your brain cells and they've depleted what's left of the small percentage of nannites that was left. I've done it for your wife and my sister." Track tells him.

John is in disbelief. He asks about OMEGA Federations. Track tells hands him a button and tells him to do the honor. John asks about Simon's body. Angie tells him it blew up in the blast. John says "good."

John pushes the button and watches and on the monitors, everyone there in the base watches OMEGA Federations implode and crumble to the ground.

"It's over John. We're free forever now. Done for good." She tells him.

"The technology is gone. The games are fucking done!" Track says.

"Time to really live my life now." Tara agrees.

"For all of us." John says.


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