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Chapter 5 - Rui Mizuno: The Guardian of Truth

October 13, XX59 - 10:00 hours - Namimori Middle High School 3rd Floor

Gokudera's feet froze in place as he saw his ex-boyfriend; walking along with his boss and the transfer student disappear from his view. He instantly felt the need of going out of the room, run after them and confront them about the things that he missed within the last two months. He wanted to apologize for his boss for he prioritized other famiglia instead of him and for not being on his side for those two months.

Aside from his boss, he wanted to tell Yamamoto of how idiotic he was for breaking up with him for no reason at all, of how he was blinded by his ambition of being the right-hand man that he forgot him, of how he stupid he was for taking his love as nonsense, and of how he longed for him for that last two months.

His mind flew with the surge of thoughts about Yamamoto that he did not notice that his classmates were now walking outside the room. He stared at them like a rabid dog, blaming them for what happened, although a part of him was shouting that it was clearly his fault. He looked at his hand and saw the authorization letter crumpled inside his fist. He instantly opened it and put it between two pages in his thick, Japanese History book, hoping to remove the creases in it.

He was about to go out when one of his girl classmates, Aiko Minami, approached her. She swallowed and then asked,

"Go-go-gokudera-kun, do you have a minute?"

Just what I need. "What do you want?"

The Storm Guardian noted the girl's eyes evading his glare when he looked at her. He knew her for a fact that this girl in front of him has a huge crush at Yamamoto, not that he wanted to remember it.

"Um," the girl started, her hands wringing in her front and turning her body in place, "Gokudera-kun, why did you left?"

Is this girl an idiot or what? Of course, it's for the Tenth. "A vacation for Italy. What's it to you?"

"Well, I mean, why did you left them?"

"Again?" his anger, started to slide past him.

"I said," in a voice that implicitly voiced out her sorrow, "why did you left them?"

What the hell? You have no right to ask me that, slut!

His stomach turned upside down upon hearing the girl's question the second time, with more emphasis on the word them. A rush of guilt and regret came to him like torrents, making him very irritated.

"Are you saying something, stupid woman?"

"It's just, um, when you left, they became strange."

Fucking god! What in the hell really happened in those two damn months? "How strange is strange?"

That question slid out of his tongue unconsciously, as if he realized that he chose the wrong words. However, the girl's expression changed. Her hands stopped wringing on each other and her eyes courageously met his green eyes. She breathed deeply and released the bottled emotions that she had been keeping,

"Gokudera-kun, what you saw earlier was just one of the things that they had been doing since the past weeks."

The Italian's eyes widen in horror. "Past weeks? And what do you mean one of the things they had been doing?"

"It all started when the transfer student came here weeks ago."

The silver-haired bomber reasoned out "You know what? I don't get you. What does that mophead have something to do with all these?"

Aiko was doubtful of whether she should say it to Gokudera or not. She was really afraid that the person in front of him would kill her for saying. However, she thought of Yamamoto and that gave her courage to continue,

"That transfer student was the one that-"

Strains of agitation and anger started to mix in his voice. "Would you just tell me straight what it is!"

"Since he arrived, Yamamoto's attention just went to him and Tsuna."

"This is beyond nonsense! As if I would believe that."

The girl breathed deep and said, "You are not forced to believe. Since Rui arrived, he evaded all of us except Tsuna and him. And he suddenly became like you, Gokudera."

"What do you mean by 'that'?"

"He easily became agitated and angry whenever Sawada was hurt. I guess what you saw earlier can serve as proof, but it was nothing compared to what happened three weeks ago."

"What happened during that time?"

"Yamamoto rushed into the school wielding a sword and was looking for-"

"Is Mr. Eizawa here? He's needed to the conference room."

They looked at the direction of the voice and found Tetsuya Kusakabe, the Vice Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee. His presence alone struck fear at Aiko that she stopped talking and quickly ran away from Gokudera.

The Storm Guardian let out an angry snarl. "Let's just go, Kusakabe."

The tall prefect replied, "Well, if it isn't Gokudera-kun. I'm glad you're back. But-"

He walked towards the Kusakabe and hand him the crumpled letter. "I'm his representative and I have his permission."

"I see," he replied as he returned the letter to the bomber, "but I cannot join you. I need to fetch the other teachers and the club representatives."

Having nothing else to say, Gokudera passed Kusakabe without a word and walked towards the conference room.

October 13, XX59 - 10:00 hours - Namimori Middle High School Detention Room

The trio entered the Detention Room quietly and as soon as they stepped in, Yamamoto released his arms off the other two. Then, he sat the fourth seat on the first row. The transfer students carefully placed their bags on a nearby seat and settled down on the third chair to the left on the second row. Tsuna, meanwhile, occupied the seat beside Yamamoto

Immediately after the brunette sat down, the swordsman turned towards Tsuna. "Are you okay? The punch and the fall must have hurt."

Tsuna, who was humming a strange song, replied, "It was nothing. However, I am worried on what happened earlier."

"You're worried about me?" he asked, feigning the amazement that he had shown in his face.

"Of course. Why would I be worried about him?"

"Because you two are best friends?"

"Friends? That's not funny, Yamamoto."

"C'mon, acquaintances?"

"I can live not knowing him."

"You're freezing, Tsuna."

"Huh? Really?"

He chuckled, "Yup."

Tsuna couldn't help but to feel awkward at what Yamamoto said. Personally, he knew what the swordsman meant underneath the words, but still, having it said to him was still different. However, a smile flashed out of his lips, making Yamamoto smile too.

Out of nowhere, Rui said, "Disappointed."

Both turned around to look at the transfer student behind them. They saw him holding his shirt, focusing his eyes on the bloodstain while on the chair, sitting on top of the balls of his feet. Then, when he noticed that the two was staring at him, he looked at them and said in a very vampiric manner,

"Disappointed. Failed. Kill."

Both Yamamoto and the Vongola boss were startled by what he said. Sweat beads came out from Tsuna's head while an expression of realization came out from the other.

"What kind of a friend am I?"

Yamamoto, smiling with his signature grin, turned towards the sweating Vongola Boss. Tsuna's eyes widen in shock as the raven-haired man's eyes looked at him with humor with hidden hints of regret.

"What? Why are you staring at me like that Yamamoto?"


Rui's words rang again, "Disappointed. Failed. Kill."

"Seriously, Yamamoto…"

The swordsman pushed his desk forward and then dragged Tsuna's seat beside him, closing their gap to a mere inch. The brunette almost fell out from his seat if not for his hands that tightly held the edges of the chair. Then, his hair stood when an arm was wrapped around his shoulders and a soft whisper tickled his ear,

"Are you disappointed that I failed to kill him right at that spot?"

"Of course not!"

"Are you sure, Tsu-kun?"

"Y-Yes, I'm sure of it."

As if his warm breath was not enough for the Vongola Boss, he started to use his asset and that was using his tongue in licking Tsuna's ear, He let his slick muscle roam around the teen's clean ear, licking the soft, clean ear that still tasted the same.

"So you're telling me that Rui's lying to us?"

Tsuna became more and more terrified as he felt Yamamoto's breath in his ear, both ticking and arousing at the same time.


"Tsuna, could you just tell the truth? You're making me annoyed."

"B-But t-th-that's the truth, Ta- yamamoto!"

His nipped at the man's earlobe, noticing the shining silver earring pierced into it. Using his teeth, he gently nipped the earring, causing Tsuna to moan. The swordsman smiled as he saw Tsuna's reaction,

"You're so cute, Tsu."

Tsuna shivered as he felt a calloused hand running on his lap, caressing slowly the inside of his thigh. The soft strokes were sending electrical charges to his senses, sensual electrical charges.

"W-w-what a-re ah you-ou doing? Stop oh-it."

"You like it, ne? Should I continue up your cock?"

"No-, plea-ple-"

That voice rang again, "Fuck! Don-uh't tease me, mor-uhn…Tahkeshitt…"

Yamamoto smirked as he saw Tsuna's bewildered face. He knew that nothing could be more surprising than to hear his voice came out from Rui's mouth.

"I have truth in my side, Tsu-kun."

Tsuna moaned when the swordsman's hand moved upwards towards his crotch. He felt that calloused hand rubbing and cupping his manhood between the sheets of clothing. The said hand was slowly touching him to hardness; something that Tsuna knew was inevitable.

"Yamamoto, s-s-touhp it-uh."

"Shit, Tak-ah-fuck, go deep-uh."

Yamamoto smiled again as he heard Tsuna's voice that Rui imitated. It gave him the motivation to continue on his ministration, looking forward to the point of Tsuna's admission. He knew for a fact that Rui's imitation of Tsuna was not any ordinary thing. Those voices that Rui voice out were Tsuna's real feelings.

"I guess I need to-"

"Ye-yeah-yes, I do-ah re-ah-lly wah-nt you to kill-uh that bastahrd!"

Yamamoto's hand stopped at that words and stood up from his seat, mainly just to kneel in front of Tsuna. He grabbed the latter's hand and kissed it softly. Tsuna felt the heat rushing towards his head, making him redder.

He smiled sheepishly and said, "Sorry, I lost control of myself. You know that I will do anything for you."

"I know," the Vongola Boss replied. "The only reason that I hid it from you is that you might really kill him there. Even if I want him dead, I just can't take the consequence of something bad happening to you."

"It's all my fault, Tsuna."

Tsuna frowned and his eyes lost its shine. "That's okay. Besides, you still have to let the bastard live for him later. That guy will lost his mind if you killed the lowlife."

The swordsman saw that and instantly felt pain in his heart. "I'll set everything right, don't worry."


"Tsuna, this time will be different, I promise. Besides, a student will not be punished if he did not do anything illegal, right?"


Yamamoto fixed his eyes with Tsuna's big, brown eyes and asked, "Tell me, did I do something illegal?"

"Aside from beating the crap out of that student, no."

"See? Then, I'm innocent."

Yamamoto's laughter filled the room. Meanwhile, Tsuna saw Rui on the chair, sitting on the balls of his feet. He smiled at him and apologized,

"Sorry if you have to be involved in our problem."

"Anything for friends."

Yamamoto stopped laughing and asked the new student, who was reaching something from his pocket. "How do you 'see' him, Rui?"

"Pathetic." He said while releasing his hand from his pocket along with something that Tsuna noticed.

Yamamoto laughed and said, "So, have you figured out something interesting?"


"Yamamoto!" Tsuna shouted.

"I won't do anything to him. Yet."

"You promised me! You said you'll so nothing to him!""

"I know, I know. But once he goes near me, Tsuna, I might break that promise."

Tsuna frowned. "Yamamoto…"

Yamamoto looked at both of his friends and smiled, "I think it's time, don't you think?"

Tsuna and Rui nodded in unison.

October 13, XX59 - 10:09 hours - Namimori Middle High School Conference Room

He knew to himself that he should be in his boss's side right now, but he found himself walking towards the meeting room where he was forced to attend a teacher's meeting. He made a swift sweep in his hair to remove the bangs that disrupted his vision.

Few steps away from the door, the skylark appeared, along with its steel tonfas and inquired about him,

"What are you doing here, herbivore?"

"Here." The Italian showed the letter in front of Hibari's face.

The Disciplinary Committee Chairman grabbed the letter and read the contents. His eyes moved quickly line after line, reading the letter with precision. After a while, he returned the letter to Gokudera and said,

"Your seat will be the seat next to Ms. Fujisawa." And after that, he went inside the room.

The bomber followed the man inside the room and looked at the room. He noticed that the tables were joined together to form a big letter U inside the classroom. Then, he saw some chairs being put along the table. In Gokudera's estimation, he saw about 17 chairs per side that made a total of 51. Meaning, aside from him, there will also be 50 other people who will be in the meeting and one of those people is Hibari.

Speaking of Hibari, he saw the man walking towards the front of the room in which the pricipal was stationed. He said something to the man and then walked away. He did not need to ask if their short-conversation was about him since he saw the principal took a glance at him before shifting to another side.

Upon turning to his right, he saw Ms. Fujisawa sitting and looking herself at the small compact mirror she had with her. He saw how she delicately applied some powder in her face and spreading it evenly on his face. When the teacher saw him looking at her in the mirror, she immediately closed the compact and put it on her bag and asked him,

"So, how was your stay so far, Mr. Gokudera?"


"Well, enjoy yourself. You don't know how long your stay will last, honey." She chuckled a bit before reading a novel on her front.

The bomber sensed something odd with her, as if this person was really different from the one she met earlier. Although not sure of the felling he was getting from her, he asked,

"Excuse me, you're saying something about the Tenth earlier, right?"

She put down the book and replied, "And that was about…?"

"Sawada, you mean?" The teacher was suddenly stopped in her speech as if a thought rushed to her. "If you'll excuse me, I need to go to the restroom."


Ms. Fujisawa added, "If the meeting starts, just tell them where I went, okay?"


"Thanks, honey."

Gokudera watched as the teacher went away from the room, sniffing a strong scent of perfume that lingered in her wake.

October 13, XX59 - 10:17 hours - Namimori Middle High School Detention Room

The three settled down on their seats as Mr. Eizawa walked towards the room, bringing three envelopes that he placed on the table. He had the uncomfortable face as he sat on the chair and faced the three inattentive students.

"Here we are again." Mr. Eizawa sighed.

"Yeah, sensei." Yamamoto smiled.

Looking straight at the Japanese, he said, "So, what do you want to talk about?"

The swordsman replied, "We want Gokudera to be re-sectioned to Class II-D."

The troubled teacher shouted, "That's impossible, Yamamoto! His grades are too high for him to be re-sectioned."

"But what if he failed the English exam and started a fight?"

"That could be a ground… but again, what are you planning, Yamamoto?"

"I want him away from the three of us!"

Knowing that Yamamoto would be unshakeable about it, he turned to Sawada "Sawada, what can you say about what Yamamoto is saying?"

The brunette replied, "I'm fine with it. I don't need useless people."

"I can't believe you, Sawada." He turned to the third one, who was looking at the window. "How about you, Mizuno?"

All Mr. Eizawa got was a confusing stare from the boy before the said boy stood up and went to the windows. However, he could not deny the fact that there was something unusual about the stare that made him a little disturbed.

"It's very difficult, but I want something in return."

The swordsman smiled, "Now we're talking."

"Promise me that you three will never do anything reckless again."

"No problem, sensei."

Tsuna intervened, "Besides, we have an additional gift to you, Mr. Eizawa."

The door opened and in Mr. Eizawa's surprise, it was Ms. Fujisawa. She closed and locked the door, then approached the surprised teacher kissed him in his lips. The kiss was torrid ana a lot of sucking sounds echoed through the room. After they broke the kiss, Mr. Eizawa uttered, "Ms. Fujisawa…"

The said teacher put his fingers in his mouth and hushed, "Just call me Akiko."

"Is th-this th-the additional gift?" he said as he saw kneeled in front of him and felt he silky hands spread his legs with her hands before expertly removing the buckle of his belt.


Yamamoto noticed that Rui was not on his seat, so he stood up and went beside him. He enclosed the skinny man with his arms and hugged him tightly. The transfer student turned around and smiled as he hugged the swordsman.

"Don't you want to watch the live porn?"

"No," he replied.

Yamamoto looked at Rui and noticed its silver earring, shining under the sun and boasting its luster to the eyes of the swordsman.

"Don't ever remove that earring, okay. It looks so good to you."

The transfer student replied, "Yours also. Earrings. Stay."

A chuckle came out from the swordsman, touching his silver earring as well. The earrings that they bought weeks ago were their friendship earrings, which served to be the bond of their friendship.

"I know. The three of us will be friends forever. And we will never leave one another."

The brunette looked at them and snorted, "Would you just do it already?"

Yamamoto looked at Rui and closed his face to the other's face, "Everything will go fine. I promise."

Without any hesitation, Rui sealed the swordsman's luscious, smiling lips with a soft, gentle kiss.

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