"I DON'T CARE! YOU STILL BETRAYED ME " He bellowed an inch from her face. You could hear the mixture of anger, hurt and pain in his voice, no matter how much he was trying to hide it. You could literally see the man's heart breaking as he stood there, body shaking and fists clenched . Ten minutes ago he was happy , fresh off a hunt and now... well ,he's not. I watched as she lifted her arm as if to touch him then thought better of it and lowered it again . You could see she was upset and for a moment I almost felt sorry her until I realized that he would never talk to her like this unless it serious. I couldn't help but wonder what it was that she had done to gain such a reaction from him . It must be really, really bad . For a second I thought I saw a flash of relief in her eyes as he turned toward the front door and started walking away. He reached the door and pulled on the handle, letting the door swing open slowly, and stood there as if unsure whether to take next step. I was so confused.

"What you did was wrong. If you weren't happy you should of come to me, talked to me. How could you do this to me? I thought we were forever but I guess I was wrong ." He said quietly. Even I could see the loathing in his eyes as he turned and glared at his supposed mate.

My Rosie sat on the love-seat, her magazine forgotten on her lap as her head swung from one to the other, mouth ajar and shocked speechless. Which is quite hard to do. If any one thought they were it for each other it was her. She loved our brother and sister with her whole heart, just like me, and thought they were as solid as we are, just like I did, but we were obviously wrong.

"What the hell is going on you two?" She asked a moment later when she found her voice . Rosie didn't like not know what was going on and she hated not know why one of her siblings was upset . In her eyes if she knew what the problem was she could try and fix things, if she could. She came across as mean and bitchy to random strangers and the people in the little town we live in but to family she was loyal and caring and hated seeing them in pain.

"SHE CHEATED! She cheated on me with our brother. I'm sure the both of them can fill you in on any details you may want to know but I'm leaving." He said before walking out the door.

I watched as Rosie flew from her chair, her magazine falling to the floor, and across the living room faster than I had ever seen her move. Her hand connected with our brother's face who was standing at the back of the room trying to hide in the shadows with enough force to cause a crack in his marble skull and send him flying through the wall behind him. Then she walked over to our sister and spat in her face .Appalled and ashamed to call them family just as much as I am now .

"Emmett I will not stay here with those... those vile creatures, can we please leave?" My Rosie asked me and to be honest I felt exactly the same way as she did, looking at them made me feel physically sick to my stomach. No one would do what she had done to her supposed mate, no one could, it would cause them to much pain to be with some one who is not your mate. That made me realize that they couldn't be true mate.

"Of course Rosie." I replied. While I would miss our parents I just could not stay here while they were here. Rosie and I said a quick good-bye to Carlisle and Esme and with a promise to call and let them know we had settled some where we grabbed some essentials and left to find our brother. Not once glancing back at out home we followed his scent, hoping beyond hope we would find him.

Luckily for us he had not gotten far, only about half a mile, as he was walking. He looked defeated ,like he had the weight of the world on his shoulder's and it was sad to see . He was usually quite a happy man and to see him void of his usual self was a bit alarming . When ever he was in the forest out side our house he loved watching the trees ,trying to find the small critters that were in a hurry to hide and finding as many greens and oranges he could in the leaves' on the floor or in the trees , said it relaxed him . But now it was like he didn't even see the forest and had no idea where he was going . It was like a shell of him self was walking around .

"Hey bro. You want some company?" I asked him as we slowed to a walk besides him .

"Yeah, sure." Was his reply. Completely devoid of all emotion. We walked along side him in silence for a few more minutes until we heard a voice on the wind, the breeze carrying it quite a distance, breaking him a little more .

"I'm sorry Jasper!"