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Mada Mada Dane

Chapter 1

I could tell you that I've walked this road before and that I know exactly where I am going. But that would be a lie.

You see, I've never seen this road in my life, though I'm nearly 95% positive that I've traveled it before.

How does that work, you ask?

I'm blind. Have been since before I can remember, which I'm guessing means that I was born blind.

Oh well, you can't really miss what you've never had, now can you?

No, I don't mind that I'm blind. What I do mind is that not being able to see is getting in the way of my dreams.

I've always wanted to be a ninja. I've always wished for the power to protect people.

Can you blame me? I was raised by one of the Legendary Three Sannin, after all, and my father was the Fourth Hokage. It's in my blood.

My godfather, Jiraiya, doesn't believe that I can do it. He says it's too dangerous.

I'm blind, people, not incompetent! Do you think that I haven't picked anything up over the years?

Sorry… ranting. I tend to do that a lot.

Anyway, that's why we're going to the Village Hidden In the Leaves; so that I can fulfill my dreams.

I don't care what the old pervert says, I will be a ninja one way or another.

Look out world! Here comes Naruto Uzumaki!


"What do you mean I can't be a ninja?!" I yelled at the old man before me. Well, I think he was an old man…

"I'm sorry Naruto-kun, but with your… um… unique condition, I cannot allow you to join the forces." A gravely, slightly tired voice answered me.

"He put you up to it, didn't he!" I pointed in the general direction that I thought my godfather to be in.

"Uh… Kid? I'm over here." His voice was about three feet in front of where my hand was pointed. "And no, I didn't put him up to anything."

"This is so unfair! I'm better than half the genin in your forces!"

"But you're blind. Face it, Naruto. You may be good, but no amount of strength will help you if you can't see the enemy!" Jiraiya snapped back.

"Alright, Naruto-kun," The old man said, stopping the bickering pair mid-sentence. "This is what I am going to do for you." I heard him pull a file out of a stack of papers. "I have two genin that just graduated. One of them is very sickly, and his teacher is afraid that he is too fragile for this life. The other is a girl sponsored by your team mate, Jiraiya. She just came to the village a year ago. We have no idea who she is or where she comes from. In fact, she only really talks to the other genin on your team." The Hokage opened what I think was her file and handed it to the pervert to read. "What we do know is that she can neither control nor manipulate chakra without causing herself immense physical pain."

"Isn't that redundant?" I asked. "I'm pretty sure that control and manipulate are basically the same thing."

"That's another argument for another time." Jiraiya was clearly not happy about what was going on. "Old man, are you sure about this? If he gets hurt, I swear I'll–"

"You'll do what, Jiraiya?" I've never seen – well, heard, the old man so serious before. "We can't stop him, you know that. This is my solution."

Yatta! I screamed in my mind. I've done it! I'm a ninja!

"Naruto-kun, report to the academy at 9 o'clock sharp tomorrow morning. There you will meet up with your teammates and sensei." If I wasn't blind, I might have noticed the death glare my godfather was sending his sensei. But what did I care?

"You got it, old man! Come on, you old pervert!" I started toward the door. "There's a bowl of Ramen with my name written all over it."

"We're not through here," I could just barely here Jiraiya hiss between his teeth. "You have a lot of explaining to do old man."

He did know I could hear him…. Right?

And who are these teammates of mine? It sounded like we were a kind of infirm team… like they were placing us together to keep us out of the way.

A boy that could collapse at any moment and a girl who can't use chakra without hurting herself… then there's me. Your one and only blind Jinchuuriki who happens to have an overprotective godfather.

And what about our sensei? Is there something wrong with him too?

Oh boy… this is a disaster waiting to happen… isn't it?

Oh well… I pushed it to the back of my mind. I'll think about it tonight.

Right now, it's time to celebrate!

One Year Earlier Location: Unknown


Why was it always dark?


The crisp air burned her lungs.


Her feet were aching, longing for a rest that she could not give them.


Come on, damnit! Run faster!

Twigs snapping.

Who is that?

How close are they?

Faster. She had to go faster.

She couldn't breathe. Been out of breath for longer then she could remember.


God, she wished she could stop and rest. But she didn't dare. She didn't have that kind of time.

What day was it?

It had taken her three days to cross the mountains and two more to run through the forests at their base. She didn't stop. She couldn't stop.

She had to get to the sea. She had to make it no matter what.

Everything was riding on her being able to get there.

She couldn't let them down.

These trees. She didn't know these trees.

She had never been this far away from the compound before.


She could smell the salt in the air. She had to be close.

Come on, just a little bit farther. You can make it. You have to make it. You know what will happen if they catch you. Keep running. She thought to herself.

Where were the others? They should have caught up by now.

In her heart, she knew they were gone.

What was that?

The girl skidded to a halt and whirled around.

She could barely hear over the pounding of her heart, her ragged breathing.

Nothing moved.

Light was slowly filtering into the forest as the sun rose into the eastern sky.

She was running out of time.

Again, the girl turned and faced her destination, and with one last look behind her, she took off again.

She prayed that she wasn't too late. That she hadn't missed the ship.

If she had miscalculated, she would be caught.

They would hunt her to the ends of the earth unless she got on that boat. Well, they'd still hunt her. But no one in the world was better at vanishing then her. If she got on the boat, she could head to the elemental countries.

Once she was there, she would be able to just… vanish. They would never find her. And on the off chance that they did, she would have become strong enough to fight them off, or would be protected.

In the elemental countries, she could become strong.

Once she was strong, she would come back and set everything right.

Like I said earlier, everything was riding on her catching the last boat that left from the closing Shinjuki docks. But she had to get there first.


The sun was just peaking over the mountains, high tide was coming.

There was the last boat that was ever going to leave these docks, waiting to shove out to sea.

Our unnamed girl was crouched behind a pile of cargo, about 10 yards away from the boat. It was all she could do to keep still and not rush on deck.

They were here too. She knew it.

She could feel them.

Her plan was to wait until the boat was underway, then run out across the water and jump on.

That was the tricky part.

She, unlike her pursuers, could still use chakra, though it pained her greatly.

She had never been more grateful that the restricting seal hadn't matured fully and destroyed her chakra pathways. Most others her age were not as lucky.

The seal was designed to keep them in line, and be used as a weapon. If one proved themselves to be the best, the seal was removed. All other humans were left as they were until their masters saw fit to breed them. Or kill them.

But that was not going to happen to her.

She was going to escape.

There! The boat had unfurled its sails and started to push away.

The girl tensed her sore muscles and waited. Not yet. Not yet. Easy, she told herself.

Finally the boat was a good mile from shore. An easy distance for her to run. The problem was running on water.

You see, she had never really tried it before. She had read about it! But she was having doubts.

Oh well, it's all or nothing now. She sprang into a run.

Her feet pounded across the boards of the deck.

Shouts and footsteps followed.

They were here!

Just a little farther. She gave a giant heave, and sailed off of the dock.

While still in midair, she added chakra to the soles of her feet and began to run.

She didn't stop to think when her feet hit the water. Just kept running.

FASTER! FASTER! FASTER! You have to go faster! She surged forward, praying her legs wouldn't give out on her.

Left! She dove to the left and avoided a giant explosion of water.

What the?!!? They shouldn't be able to use chakra!

It didn't matter though, she was nearly there.

Almost… almost… jump! She sailed into the air, and landed in a heap on the deck.

I guess I don't have to tell you, but she got some really weird looks.

Not that she noticed, she was too drained.

Shouts and curses could be heard in the distance, getting farther and farther away. She had made it.

She actually did it!

She escaped!

Pain radiated through her shoulder and she could feel the skin tear, the bones break. The only thing she did was bite her lip. She was used to this pain. The pain that happened every time she tried to use chakra.

"So yer de girl that old man Fonse was telln' me 'bout?" A gruff sailor handed her a towel to wipe the blood from her shoulder.

She smiled. Fonse was the caretaker who had organized the escape.

"Yeah, I am" Her voice was horse from not using it. She winced at the sound.

"Oh, aye. What am I ter call ya by?" The man had a kind, weather-beaten face.

She hesitated. She had never had a real name before… What could she call herself?

"Rei," she answered at last. "Please, call me Rei."

Three months later in Konoha

"Hikaru Gekko!" Iruka-sensei yelled at one of his students.

The boy in question was in slouching in the back row of the classroom. His eyes were on something on the floor in front of him.

He was dressed in a standard-issue Jonin shirt that was a little too big for him. He also had a matching bandana, but his black hair found ways to stick out of the bottom at odd intervals. There was also a lizard earring dangling from his left ear. When he looked up from whatever he was doing or thinking, his eyes had dark bags under them and were a little bloodshot.

"Hmmm?" the boy responded hoarsely, slightly raising an eyebrow. He was wondering why Iruka was yelling so loudly.

"Stop building card towers during class!" Iruka bellowed.

"Yes sens –" Hikaru broke into a coughing fit before he could finish his sentence.

When it had passed he sighed and picked up his cards; he knew he should be paying attention, but he had understood Iruka-sensei the first time he had explained this. As usual, Hikaru was bored, but things got more interesting when two people walked into the classroom.

The first was a ninja, Hikaru recognized Genma Shiranui right away, after all he was his older brother's best friend and fellow Special Jonin. The other was a girl who looked slightly younger than himself but he had never seen her before in the village.

Her hair was short cropped and black except for a silver streak by her left ear. Her eyes were bright blue and were taking in the room like she was analyzing the place. A baggy white shirt and black high collar vest hung from her thin frame, not to mention the black cargo pants that looked about two sizes too big. Over all, not something you usually saw kids wearing in Konoha.

Genma and Iruka turned from their whispered conversation and Iruka addressed the class. "This is Rei, she will be joining your class," Iruka's statement provoked a lot of whispers. It was unheard of to join the academy in the last year let alone half way through that year.

Then he turned to address Rei, "if you would take a seat we will continue with the lesson."

Genma led her to the seat just to the left of Hikaru.

"Do me a favor and keep an eye on her," Genma whispered to Hikaru and winked as he passed.

After Genma had her seated, he left and Iruka tried to get back into lesson where he had been interrupted.

"I am Hikaru Gekko" Gekko introduced himself to Rei, extending his hand. She grabbed his wrist and twisted Hikaru's arm and pushed down on his elbow till it protested.

"Don't touch me!" she hissed through her teeth.

"Fine, fine, whatever you say." Hikaru chuckled to himself as he massaged his sore arm.

After school, as everyone dispersed, Hikaru noticed that Rei was going the way he usually took back to his brother's apartment.

Wondering about that, he began walking home, making sure not to catch up with her; he got the feeling that crossing her twice in one day could get ugly. So he knew he was in for it when she spun around right outside the apartment building.

He saw her fist coming, but she was faster than he was and if he did manage to dodge it she would just keep coming till she was satisfied. But he wasn't prepared for how hard she slugged him, he stumbled back and nearly fell, and before he could fully recover she grabbed him by his shirt and slammed him into the wall of the apartment building.

"Why are you following me!" she hissed staring daggers at him.

"Hey! I've lived in this building as long as I can remember!" Hikaru said.

Rei just gave him a hard look before she released him, letting the poor boy land on his butt. It was then that he spotted some of the older kids form their class walking toward them. Rei noticed too, and as she turned around to face them, Hikaru caught her arm. "You might want to let me deal with those guys."

Hikaru picked himself up knowing if the kids started a fight she would finish them good and if he let that happen he would get a lecture from Genma, his brother, or worst of all, Yugao.

The leader of the gang cut strait to the point "So, why does an outsider like you get to just jump in this close to graduation? Why are you with those of us who worked through the academy!"

"Trust me, she has worked at least as hard as us, just not with us." Cut in Hikaru unconsciously scratching the fresh bruise on his cheek.

"Well, we don't care. We don't like how she acts, so we're here to take her down a notch or three," Said the leader with a smug grin on his face.

Hikaru tilted his head to the right and light reflected off his earring as his usually horse voice took on an almost hypnotic tone "Nah, forget that. You guys have better things to do, like training; you know it's never too early to get ready for the graduation exam."

"Yeah… yeah, we got better things to do, guys" said the leader, and the rest voiced their agreement as they walked off down the road.

When they had left Hikaru turned back to Rei "I have been dying to try that ever since Hayate-nii-san taught me that." He was more than a little smug that it had worked on his first real try.

Rei stared at him for a bit than said "What was that?"

"Just a partial genjutsu called Genwaku (dazzle). It helps if you have something to distract them and they become rather receptive to suggestions. What apartment are you, anyway?"

"14." Was her only response

"Cool my nii-san and I are in 13." Hikaru said as he held the apartment building's door for her.

Rei was silent as they walked down the hall and up the stairs but spoke before going into her apartment "I guess I'll see you on the way to the academy tomorrow?"

"Yeah, probably, and if you need anything, don't hesitate to knock." He replied and they both went into their respective apartments.

It wasn't friendship, she was way too paranoid for that right now, but it was at least a little respect and that was something.

When his brother got home they had a nice long talk about the string of coincidences he had gone through today. His suspicions were confirmed when Hayate told him that the Hokage had set Rei up next door because Hayate was the only Jonin living in an apartment and Hikaru was in the class she was joining. He went on to explain how she had been found by Tsunade and though she still wanted nothing to do with the village herself, she had sent Shizune with the girl to join the village.

That evening Genma dropped by and then Yugao came over and they all ended up playing poker and discussing various bits of ninja news late into the night.

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