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Mada Mada Dane

Chapter Two

Hana Inuzuka grumbled as she made her way to Konoha's ninja academy.

Recently, she had requested to transfer from training nin-dogs to a field position. When she had filled out the forms, she was thinking more along the lines of joining up with a tracking team. What she got was the title of Jounin Instructor. And, to add insult to injury, it was a dead end team.

Hana had no doubt that they were assigned to her to keep the lot of them out of trouble, herself included. One was blind, one was sickly, and the last couldn't even mold her chakra without going into spasms.

The Inuzuka had initially been furious with the Hokage for giving her this as her first team on active duty since that incident. The poor old man may have had to replace his door after her visit. But before long her anger had been replaced by the defiance and determination characteristic of her clan. She was going to prove that she could do what no one thought possible. She was going to make this team the best ninja Konoha had ever seen.

When she reached the academy, she fell in line with the other Instructors, all waiting for their teams to be called. As time passed each teacher went in to pick up his or her team and took them somewhere in the village to introduce themselves.

Typically, Hanna was the last jounin waiting and, when team 13 was called, went in. Like a good Jounin Instructor to be, she has stayed up all night reading their files. So she immediately recognized the trio making their way to the front of the room, not that it was all that difficult.

The three wore their headbands in some way other rather than as a traditional headband- Naruto had it tied around his upper right arm, Rei had it hanging around her neck, and Hikaru had wore it like a bandana.

Despite the lack of jounin waiting outside, there were still three other students sitting in a corner.

When she looked to see who they were her heart nearly stopped. Quickly she shifted her eyes away from the face that was so similar the one that haunted her dreams. She mentally scolded herself for letting her old emotions surface again, so quickly after being put on active duty.

"Well come on then," was all Hanna said to her team before walking across the room and jumping off the balcony.

She watched as they followed her, the other two helped Naruto with which direction she had gone but he seemed not to need much help other than that, indicating that he was already using his prodigious amount of chakra to compensate for this blindness.

Smiling to herself she began to lead her students to the training grounds where she had set up their first test. Of course it wouldn't have been any fun if she let them catch up to her, but she had to let them catch glimpses of her on occasion.

It had been almost an hour since she had lead the trio out of the academy and they had finally caught up to her as she sat on a stump in the middle of a forest

training zone.

"Now that you're all here I can start your training but first there is a traditional test that you all must pass first. This test will prove you are worthy to be trained as ninja, this is not some schoolroom exam, it is a ninja test in every sense of the word and you will be pushed beyond your preconceived limits if you manage to pass. If you fail this test you will never training as a ninja ever again. Now that that's clear?" Hana paused in her speech and whistled and three grey dogs emerged from the forest, "the Ash Brothers here will take your headbands. They will be returned to you if you can prove to me that you deserve to be called Konoha ninja."

When each of them had removed their headbands and given them to the dogs, the ash brothers disappeared into the forest again. The looks of determination in her students' eyes made Hana smile because she knew she had chosen the right way to motivate them.

Hanna continued her instructions, "The goal of the test is to take the headbands back from the ash brothers. You will have to use all your training and strike like you're going to kill or you will never succeed. Any questions? And they better not be stupid ones."

"Is there a time limit on this test?" asked Hikaru.

"You have one hour, starting now!" Hana replied.

Rei, who was about to ask a question as well, snapped her mouth shut and sped off with the others right behind her. Hana followed at a distance, far enough to remain undetected but close enough to keep an eye on them.

They followed the dogs winding trail until they reached a clearing, and there stood the ash brothers but now they had each transformed into one of her students. But Hana had trained with those three for her entire ninja career and she could distinguish them by their scents.

Coal had taken on Rei's appearance, while Soot looked like Hikaru, leaving Blaze to mimic Naruto- the choices of who would copy who had been made weeks before, and each dog had watched their target since and gotten the hang of their style.

Rei and Hikaru came to a sudden stop as they saw the doubles and Naruto bumped into them, he still had some work to do on that sight issue.

The doubles and the originals faced off.

The originals, not quite sure what to expect, could guess that taking their headbands back would end the test.

Both sides moved at the same time. The battles quickly split into pairs, with each student facing their double.

Hana was impressed that they each of them had come up with a style that somewhat compensated for their handicaps, the catch was they were thrown off by having to face their own strategy.

Coal and Rei were lunging in and out knives flashing as they struck at various vital organs or crippling targets. The speed in which Rei moved was impressive for a new genin, and she fought with a ruthlessness that was more than a little worrying.

Hana watched as Coal lunged forward, expecting his opponent to parry, or at least block his attack. Instead, Rei ducked and slashed at Coal's middle, aiming to kill.

Coal jumped away just in time, but not fast enough to escape injury entirely. The small scratch that he received was just enough to force him back into his dog form.

Rei had won her fight.

Soot and Hikaru were standing toe to toe, swords striking in a staccato rhythm. Two Kenjutsu users on the same team? One was rear enough in Konoha.

Hikaru was beginning to wheeze, but refused to back down. He pushed himself harder and harder, ignoring the pain in his chest.

That was going to get dangerous.

Hana signaled Soot to end the fight and turned her attention back to Naruto and Blaze.

High pressure waves of wind were shooting back and forth between the two ricocheting off the opponents and tearing up the forest around them. The trees closest had already lost most of their lower leaves and branches.

Hana had to hand to the old pervert. That boy could fight.

But there was still one tiny little detail that caused him to lose in the end. He couldn't see his opponent.

Soot broke the stalemate with Hikaru by using a move not copied from her student. With a subtle twist, Hikaru's sword was sent spinning and buried itself hilt deep into a tree.

Before Hikaru could counter or attempt to retrieve his sword, Soot pulled a short silver chain from out of a pouch, and then, with a blur of movement, whipped it around Hikaru's neck.

He grabbed for the clasp of the collar, but when he touched it electric energy arced from it across his body. The boy collapsed with small rivulets of blood leaking from the edges of his eyes, mouth, ears, and nose.

Rei and Naruto were also collard, both passing out like Hikaru.

Hana whistled as she jumped down from her vantage point in one of the trees surrounding the clearing. The Ash Brothers changed back to their own forms as they gathered around her.

"Now, you boys watch over them as they adjust to the collars. It's a difficult and painful process, even for dogs. I'm sure you remember well." Hana said ruefully. "They will be tethered to you for the first six months, so I expect you to take care of them," She looked directly at Soot and Coal, "And you two! I don't know why you requested this, and I'm sure I dont want to know, but you will behave! Do you hear me? Don't make them feel totally awkward. Now take human form and if they pass the test keep them training at all times."

With that they transformed again. Coal was short with thick limbs and wild black hair, Blaze was of a wiry build and kept his red hair tied back in a ponytail at the base of his neck. Soot, the last and tallest of the tio, had long white hair. They each went to their student and reclined while they waited for to recover from the initial shock of the collars.

When Hikaru regained consciousness his whole body ached, and his vision was blurry. He could just make out a face staring down at him, but features were beyond his power of concentration at the moment.

Suddenly he heard a sharp crack and everything jumped into focus. Dimly he realized that the side of his face ached.

A tall girl stood directly in front of him, messaging her hand.

"Now look what you did!" She snapped a Hikaru, "Your face hurt my hand."

"Excuse me?" Hikaru levered himself to his feet. "I take it you're the one who slapped me."

"Figured it was the fastest way to wake you up." The girl shrugged. "It worked didn't it?"

"Right." He mumbled, more than a little confused. "Where are the others?"

"Not here."

She was right, the clearing was empty except for the two of them.

It was about then that Hikaru realized that shaking his head in confusion wasn't the best idea. He put his hands to his face, trying to steady himself as his world spun around in a nauseating way.

"You might not what to do that!" The white haired girl chirped.

"Where's my headband?" Hikaru managed to grunt.

"On your head. Now come on! No time for questions!" She started to walk out of the clearing.

Come. The word echoed in the boys head but the thought was not his own.

Hikaru ran after her the mysterious girl, asking every question that came to mind. "Who are you? Where is Hana-sensei? Why am I hearing things? What happened to my teammates?"

"In this order," The girl forged ahead through the trees. "I am Soot. Hana is in another training ground. You hear things through the collar. And you were the last to wake up so your teammates are already gone."

"Could you be more specific?"

Soot sighed and rolled her eyes "I was your sparring partner for the test, and I will be training for a while, the same goes for my brothers and their sparring partners. So the collars synchronize with your chakra circulatory system becoming a artificial chakra point. The collars are all synched with each other so they can transmit chakra between them, this chakra can carry thoughts or sensations. And the second effect of the collar has kicked in, you should notice it soon."

Hikaru stopped walking for a second "What effect is that?"

Just then he was violently yanked off his feet, he crashed into Soot and tumbled down into a ditch. Quickly getting to his feet Hikaru reached down to help Soot stand. Instead of a taking it she kicked his legs back out from under him before getting to her feet on her own.

"That is the second effect. A proximity bind that prevents us from being more than two feet away from each other at any time. This will last for a few weeks and it's my job to make sure you don't waste time doing anything other than training." She nudged him with her foot as he sat up and processed what she had just told him, "You getting up or am I going to have to drag you by the collar?"

Hikaru quickly stood up, he was quite sure she would carry through on that threat.

Soon he figured out where she was leading him. Not out of the training grounds like he had originally surmised, but rather further in. When he was sure they had traveled beyond the boundaries of the village he saw what Soot must be leading him to.

It was a house built high in the branches of an enormous tree. From what he could see, the main room was built on the side of the trunk. Three walkways lead away to small sections built on the largest branches.

Soot walked right up to the trunk and put her hand on it, and the collar around her neck glowed slightly and a long thin branch from the same level as the house bent down to them. Hikaru wasn't sure what he was supposed to do until Soot let out an aggravated sigh and grabbing his hand lead him up the branch and stepped onto it.

Hikaru was glad his brother had made him train long and hard until he had completely master the tree climbing exercise or he might of thrown up when the branch unbent, taking them right up the house's level.

When they entered the house, the others were already training.

Blaze was walking silently around Naruto taking swings at him with a short staff at intervals, and when Naruto failed to block them, said something about feeling not hearing the attack.

Coal was putting Rei through an inhuman amount of exercises, taunting her every time she seemed about to give out.

Hikaru soon found no time to watch what the others were doing as Soot turned out to be no less hard a teacher than her brothers. She started him off doing sword routines but he had to do them twice as fast as usual. Not to mention she seemed to enjoy take swings at him with her very sharp sword at random intervals.

After that they ran around the outside of the tree, but not on the walkways, instead they ran over and around the trunk and branches all the time keeping themselves up with chakra.

When Soot finally said the it was time to go to bed they made their way down one of the walkways to a room that was bedroom and bathroom in one. That was all he really took in before he saw the bed on the far end.

Why did it have to be so far away? He stumbled over and fell face first on the covers, not bothering to undress.

His sleepy brain soon registered that Soot laying down beside him, too tired to feel care Hikaru just rolled over and went to sleep.

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