Games with the Cullen's-

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Chapter 1-

Bella POV

"Bella and Edward get dressed and get down here right now", I heard Alice scream. "UHH", I knew something had to be going on I hope no shopping today. "Come on love we better get going Nessie and Jacob are already there"

"Fine", I said. Balancing was very hard for me and Edward. We walked into our closet. I sniffed for denim and cotton but I couldn't find anything. Damn Alice must have taken my jeans and tee shirts. She is my sister but I really hate her sometimes. I sniffed for the next best thing silk. I found a short silk dress. Then I started sniffing for my sneakers but great alice took those too so I settled with a pair of small white flip flops. Once I was dressed I ran to the door and saw a note on the door-

Dear Dear sister,

Don't even think about leaving this house without doing your hair and makeup.

I know you hate me,


"I really hate Alice, Hate her with passion" I said to Edward as I was crumbling up the note. "Then we were out the door running torwards the house. Once we got there we saw the rest of the family sitting in a circle in the family room. Jake was also there. It had been 5 years since Nessie's birth and she looked about 17 and was full grown and we agreed to let her date Jake. "Hey guys", I said. Alice then ran over to me and yelled "Bella what did I saw about hair and make up and what's with your shoes and." At that point I tuned her out and turned to Nessie. "Hi honey", I said. "Hi mom hi dad" She said. "So what is going on here" the question wasn't really directed at anybody. Alice was the on that answered "We are going to be playing some games". "Yippee" I said in a very sarcastic tone. "First we are going to be playing…"

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