Games Chapter 3-

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We are playing…

Bella POV

Once Edward sensed whatever he didn't want us to see he went back to the house. When we got there we heard Nessie "We are playing spin the bottle". I burst in the door "NO NO NO NO NO NO!" I yelled no way. Never. "Mom you don't know what happened what they did to me go w badly they embarrassed me and Jake". I turned to Edward" Do I want to know". "Probably not" he replied. "They made a video of me and Jake making out and posted it on youtube!!! Do you know how many people can see that? Do you hate me to now?" "No My little Nessie I don't hate you and I never will." "Then prove it they are all in and dad will play if you will." "Emmett go get a bottle" I said I can't believe I am doing this.

"Okay everyone get in a circle" Alice said just as Emmett came back with a bottle of soda and told Jake to drink it. "Okay" Alice said "here are the rules when you spin the bottle you kiss the person it lands on but if they are of the same sex then you get to spin again. If you land on the same person twice you have to make out with tongue. The third time you land on them its 7 minutes in a closet. So let's get started.

We all sat in a circle with our mates or date in Nessie's and Jake's case. The first person to spin was Alice. The bottle landed on Jake this can't be good. "EWWW I'm not kissing that mongrel". "Aunt Alice language" Nessie said Alice walked over to Jake and touched her lips lightly to his and then she went to the bathroom probably to wash her mouth out with bleach.

The person next to Alice was of course Jasper he span the bottle it landed on Edward thank god for rule number 2. So he spun again and it landed on Rosalie. Oh great this would be funny. I heard Emmett growl in the corner oh no. "Go ahead jasper lets see you kiss you twin" Jake said I saw Nessie hit him jasper growl and Edward shot up a restrained Emmett. "Let's get this over with" Jasper said. They kissed each other lightly on the lips. And ran back to there seats Next Nessie span and it landed on Edward. "EW EW EW!!! She screamed and started freaking out no way no way no way no way not happening redo redo redo." Sorry Nessie no can do you'll just come up with excuses until you land on Jake." "Umm Alice you may have forgotten but he's my father my biological father" "To bad" Alice said. "Come her Nessie he said she sat on his lap and he kissed her lightly on her lips. "That wasn't the best experience of my life" she said. No offence" she said to Edward. "None taken" he said to her.

"Well that means Emmett has to kiss Bella"' Alice said. Oh great I thought. I walked over to him and touched his lips lightly to my. EW I screamed and ran to bathe.

"Okay that game was awkward thanks for nothing Nessie he yelled" So now we will play my favorite game" he said. It is…