Thirteen Reasons Why Twilight Edition

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Edwards POV-

I was driving home from school that day with all my siblings in the car. I didn't talk to any of them. I haven't really talked to anyone since it happened. She was different. She meant more then life itself to me. I tried mercilessly to kill myself but my loving and caring family wouldn't let me even after I begged and pleaded. She was my everything my always. The only question was why? Why would she take herself away from me? I was desperate for answers.

I never thought that the answers to all my questions would be waiting for me on the front steps of my house. There was a box addressed to me lying on the steps. I took it and ran at vampire speed to my room. I then opened the box and found cassettes. There was also a note inside that said

Play These

So I pulled out my old tape player and put the tape labeled one in the player.

"Hello", said the voice on the tape.

I recognized the voice a once it was her voice the voice of my lost angel.

"Hello, my name is Bella Swan. If you are listening to these tapes then my suicide attempt succeeded I am dead. Some of you may be wondering what these tapes are about. Well if you receive these tapes it means that an action you took led to my suicide."

Me I couldn't believe it. I helped lead to Bella's death. The thought was unbearable.

"So here is how this little game works. You take these tapes listen to them and the name that is after yours send these tapes to. I know some of you are wondering well what happens if I don't. Well I have an extra copy of these tapes hidden. I gave them to someone. If one of you decides not to pass the tapes on then those tapes are revealed to everyone. Yes everyone. So if you know what's best you'll pass them on. Oh and luck number thirteen, you can shove these tapes up your ass. So let's get started how bout we with someone very close to my mom. Let's start with you Phil."

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