Chapter 3-

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Edward POV-

"Alice how could you not have seen this"

"I don't know Edward", she said

"Well she obviously had been planning this for a while", I said as I shoved the tapes in her face.

"I don't think she was something must have happened on day and that night she made the tapes and… But if she had been planning it for a week or so I would have seen It.", she said

"Are you really sure Alice because you don't seem that sure for someone who can see the future" I said now yelling.

"It's not a science Edward no one knows for sure how it works" she yelled back.

At that point I was so angry and upset that I ran across the room at vampire speed. I didn't know who I was mad at Alice Bella, Myself.

"Hey" Alice said coming up behind me "I'm sorry I shouldn't have got mad at you I know she meant everything to you. She meant a lot to me to.

"I don't get it Alice, How could I have been a reason for Bella to kill herself what did I do."

"I don't know Edward", she said

"I have one question" I said


"How did you know about the tapes" I questioned

"Well she said one day about a week ago right before this happened I saw a snippet of a vision of Bella using Charlie's tape recorder to make some tape recordings. I never thought anything of it maybe something for her mom. Then I saw a vision about 3 days ago of you picking up a package on our front steps again nothing that unusual. Then today about an hour ago I saw the same package and tapes as in my other two visions and you were listening to the tapes. I then realized what It meant and I came up here." She said. "So do you want to continue listening"

"Sure", I said.

"So made it through that first one? I know a shocker right who would of thought that poor innocent Phil would be a child abuser? So now onto wonderful number 2. Let's see how you like your story Tyler. Oh Tyler yes Tyler your story is a short one but yet a very important one. Well Tyler we met when you just about ran me over with a van. That was turmoil enough. It caused me PTSD and many other mental problems on top of my old ones. That accident also did something else but we'll get to that later. The you became my little stalker yes you and your fan club which we will get to later cause me fear for my well being. Then you showed up on my door step expecting me to take you to the prom. What kind of Stupid Moron are you? But then when I needed a friend you turned your back on your little toy because she became less interesting. Was that what I was your toy Tyler? Now are you wishing me back so that you would have someone cool and interesting to watch? Well to late Tyler you can't have me back. You and so many other friends made me angry and upset. You liked me Tyler. You thought by taking me to prom you would do me a favor but really I would be doing you a favor. You are the second reason."