AN: Hello, there. If you're reading this, then…you're reading this. 0.o

This is a prequel to one of my other stories, Tigerstar's Redemption. What that means is that you can either read this story first, or TR, it actually doesn't matter! This story is here to explain some of the events of TR, mostly about Tigerstar himself. I would honestly recommend reading TR first, since some parts of this story might be spoilerific for TR (which is strange, considering it is a prequel…but still.)

If, however, you aren't going to heed my warning, enjoy~

If you have already heeded my warning and have returned to read this story, enjoy, but don't get your hopes up for a really really long story. This will be somewhat short (probably over twenty chapters, but that's short for me considering TR had like seventy-nine or something), but the reason for that will be explained.

Welcome to the Dark Forest.