Ah, the end of another story! Feels sooo good. 3

Snowkit is next, for those curious, although I'll prolly take a break for a bit. I'm exhausted.

Now, I'd like to thank all of my reviews, followers, and poll-voters; you guys are awesome, and it is only thanks to you that I have the energy to update at all!

However, this AN isn't simply for celebrating; it is for analyzing as well.

Anyone who has not read TR (Tigerstar's Redemption) should read no further, for MAJOR spoilers are involved.

You've been warned.

You still reading? Cool, onto the analysis!

There were so many little details and clues I put into this story, to completely bind it to TR.

Let's start with Gingerstep, shall we? As many of you noticed, Gingerpaw calls herself Gingerstep in ApprenticeClan. This is not a coincidence! Gingerkit/Gingerpaw really is Gingerstep reincarnated. She possesses no memories, except for the occasional dream, and it was probably one of these dreams that prompted her into choosing her ApprenticeClan name. I did this to show the difference between Ginger and Tiger; they were both bad cats who became good, through their journey. However, when they were both brought back to life, they were very different. Tiger (Unke Tiggystwipe, as we call him) was a completely different cat, successfully mastering his faults and evading temptation from Tigerstar. Gingerpaw, however, is very different; she follows the patterns of her former life. She still thinks she is overlooked, she still has self-esteem issues, she is still attracted to the arrogant, somewhat brutal cats (Duskheart, Lionstorm) and in the end she still manages to overcome these and make a heroic sacrifice for Tiger. I think Ginger proves that a character can truly change, if they are committed to it; if they see the light. She provided a nice contrast to Tiger, with what she chose to do with her life compared to what he did. Also, if you remember Mousie, Gingerkit's little friend, I hope you noticed what Gingerstep said about the afterlife; prey caught by warriors is said to live on in StarClan, to be caught again. Mousie was caught by a warrior, Cinderfur, and thus Mousie did go on to StarClan after all. Perhaps he and Ginger met up again in StarClan? For, truly, I think she made it to StarClan. She spent quite a bit of time alone, and I think she might have passed her tests during her life, ending with the most important; selflessness, when she sacrificed her life for Tiger and Fox's love for each other.

Next, let's look at Tigerstar. Many of you wondered how Tigerstar became such a brute in Tigerstar's Redemption, after undergoing his change here. This is for several reasons. First, he was not 'bad' when he first spoke to Tigerkit. He was a bit cold and he did lie about his past, but this was necessary; if Tigerkit knew he was evil in a past life, would he have trusted Tigerstar? Of course not. However, as the story evolved, Tigerstar became more and more of his older self. This was done on purpose. Why did it happen? For two reasons:

Splash's influence over him was gone. As we saw in this story, a lot of Tigerstar's change in character stemmed from her presence. She was his morality, so to speak; the gentle influence, the good force that prompted him to change. With that influence gone, there was no one to watch him. Knowing that Splash would never know what he had done to get to StarClan, he gradually began slipping back into his old ways.

We know that when Tigerstar gave Unke Tiggystwipe a life, it meant that Tiggystwipe had passed one of Tigerstar's tests he needed to go to StarClan. As he did this, he gained more control over Tiggystwipe with each life; he was putting more of himself into Tigerstripe, if you will. As he did, he began losing parts of himself, losing the good traits that had brought him this far in the first place. Basically, the good in him was being sent into Tigerstripe via the lives, and thus Tigerstar was becoming his old self again.

Now, what about the very end? Did Tigerstar really make it to StarClan? My verdict (and although I write the story, my word is not law; you can interpret unwritten events however you please): Yes. The deal was that if his new life passed all nine tests, Tigerstar would make it to StarClan. Well, Tigerstripe passed all the tests in the end, and he made it to StarClan; thus I believe Tigerstar did as well. And do you remember at the end of TR, when it reflects upon how Tigerstripe never quite knew how it happened that he transferred his life to Foxfire? I think Tigerstar did that. Why? Well, after Tigerstripe rejected him, the lives he had earned left him, didn't they? And where else would they have had to go, but to Tigerstar? I think that then Tigerstar regained his "good" side, and once again realized his terrible actions. Then when Tigerstripe was willing to sacrifice himself for Foxfire (and pass the ninth test, although he didn't know it) I think Tigerstar aided him in this, for this way they would both go to StarClan. So I think Tigerstar and Splash ended up there with Gingerstep and Gingerpaw (I assume they would become two different cats in StarClan, since they were independent of each other...or something....). So, happy ending?

Finally, the stories. These were both interesting and fun to write; and, more importantly, they were great for foreshadowing and adding new characters to the mix. Duskheart and Shadeclaw, for example; who would have guessed you'd see them again? Or the North star, even? I think they were a great tool to kind of allow myself to branch out a bit with short, quick stories. And you'll see Snowfall and Otter again too, look out for them~

That's it, I suppose, unless I think of more things – or rather, remember more things. I hope you enjoyed the story, and keep your eyes peeled for some more wonderful Warriors things. :D