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Sequel to 'Castiel's Beloved'

Where The Story Ends

Chapter One


The bellowing voice could be heard from miles around but there was only one person nearby that heard it. Thunder rolled threateningly in the sky and the grey clouds huddled together in thick masses. The grass beneath their feet was cold and wet with due. Slowly, the wind began to pick up, sending a cool but welcome breeze around them.

As a lone pair of green eyes searched the park he stood in, he felt a mixture of sadness and rage. In the distance, the play equipment sat in cold silence. The swings swayed back and forth ever so slightly with the wind, and lightly, they creaked. The removal of life and sound in a place such as this made Michael's veins course with anger.

"Lucifer!" Michael roared again.

He knew his fallen brother was here. He knew it because he had tracked him here. Michael had only been on earth for a few months but already he was eager to end this. The last thing he wanted was to have to call his father in for help. This responsibility of this was his and his alone. Years ago he had had a similar task and this was going to be no different. Michael only hoped that he could save people before his brother went too far.

"Hello, Michael," said a drawling voice. "You called?"

Michael turned on the spot a few times. It seemed Lucifer didn't want to show himself. His face hardened at the cowardly behaviour. "I want to see you Lucifer," Michael grounded out angrily.

A rustling sound behind him made Michael turn sharply. Lucifer stood there, tall and proud, encased in Sam Winchester's body. He wore a clean, crisp white suit and matching shoes and his hair was neatly brushed back. It almost made Michael wonder if he actually cared for Sam. But even if he did, it didn't matter.

"Wow," Lucifer breathed. "For a moment, I could have sworn you were angry..."

"I am angry and you know why Lucifer," said Michael, making his voice calm. "It's because of you."

A breathy sigh escaped Lucifer's lips. He took a step sideways so he stood right in front of his brother, only at least fifty metres separating them. Lucifer's head tilted to the side as he looked his brother over. It seemed as though Michael kept his vessel as is. He was still dressed in the same clothes as the day Dean Winchester said yes.

"It's been a long time, Michael," he said quietly. "You still feel this way."

"You know I do," Michael replied.

Michael's anger boiled over, seemingly from Lucifer's presence alone and he sent a shockwave of wind Lucifer's way but his fallen brother blocked it with ease. It seemed to amuse him in more ways than one. A smile tugged at his mouth and Michael felt his fury increase.

"You may still be the big brother here, Michael, but in power we're equals," said Lucifer, his voice thick with complacency. He looked Michael over again. "It doesn't have to be this way again. It can all change. Now."

"Like you said it could before?" Michael asked quietly, his eyes narrowing. "Nothing has changed since then, Lucifer and it's not going to now."

"Why?" asked Lucifer. "Why do you obey father? Why are you so loyal to him?"

"You've already said it," said Michael, his voice betraying a vague hint of sadness. "Because he's our father. He created us and we are his children. We must obey him."

"And not have minds of our own?" Lucifer questioned instantly.

"No," Michael said quickly. "We use our minds for the good of the people here, on this earth. We do not use it for selfish reasons. You refused to bow down after Father had given you an order. You disobeyed and had to be punished."

"Did the punishment fit the crime, Michael?" asked Lucifer.


"Because Father said so?" Lucifer questioned, his anger starting to rise.

"Because it needed to be shown what happens when you disobey," said Michael firmly. "It was an example to the ones who followed your thought pattern. It was wrong."

It went silent for a moment and the two brothers stared at each other. Lucifer thought for a moment. "Does that mean that... you've considered Father's orders to be wrong at one point in time?"

"No, never," Michael said, gritting his teeth together.

"Ah huh," Lucifer hummed disbelievingly. It was time to change the subject though. He had the distinct feeling that they were never going to agree on this issue. "I have wondered... how are you going to know who to trust? A few angels have fallen, some have been brought back by me, some have disobeyed and some, including your closest brothers have gone against your direct orders. How will you trust anyone but yourself?"

"I'm not playing your games, Lucifer," said Michael in a steady voice.

The smile that tugged at Lucifer's lips evolved into a wide grin. The glint in his eye sparkled with amusement and seemed to dance in front of Michael, mocking him. The anger within Michael surged within his chest, threateningly to spill over at any moment and Lucifer could feel it building.

"The games have already started, Michael," said Lucifer confidently. "It's only a question of how they're going to end."

"It's going to end with your death," Michael stated firmly. "Unless you go back to hell."

What little colour Lucifer had in his face, drained within seconds at the mention of hell and the smile vanished instantly. "I am not going back there," stated Lucifer.

"Well, you cannot stay here."

"Would you not feel guilty?" asked Lucifer quickly.

"It's not about how I feel," Michael replied. "This is about what's right and wrong. You need to stop what you're doing. This is all because you want to get back at Father and it cannot continue. I will, as I said, give you the opportunity to return to hell. Take it or leave it."

"You'll have to kill me," spat Lucifer.

"So be it," said Michael.

The battle between them started off with a bang but it was just about over as quickly as it began. Lucifer backed away from Michael's advances, though a smile lit up his features. Michael's features on the other hand were unwavering and rigid.

Lucifer let out a bark-like laugh as he continued to move backwards. "Is this how you really think it's going to end, Michael?" When Michael didn't respond, Lucifer continued. "Because I have so much in store for you. Just wait and see."

Just as Lucifer stepped out onto the surrounding street a car horn blared and tyres skidded across the road. Michael ran forwards just in time to see the car turn sharply around the nearest corner and to learn that Lucifer was gone.

Michael's jaw hardened. It could have ended right here. Breathing deeply, Michael made himself calmer. Admittedly, there were a few things that needed attending to before Lucifer. One main reason was because deep down, he knew Lucifer was right. How did he know who to trust?