Chapter Nine

The place that had been found was perfect for the coming event. The overcast day was windy and it could clearly be heard from the wide, tall trees that surrounded the massive grass clearing. The only building in sight on the field was a run-down abandoned barn fifty metres away. Briefly it was looked over. The red paint was beginning to chip and faded and there were three windows; one was boarded up, one was broken and the other was clear and uncracked.

Michael stepped onto the soft grass alone and moved near the dead centre to survey the area. At the moment it was clear and free of enemies so he called his army forward. The entire heavenly host stepped onto the ground, behind Michael and lined up accordingly and patiently, they waited.

It wasn't long before thousands of figures were seen coming towards them in the distance. Michael's features hardened at the sight. There was no mistaking who the people were. He could smell them from here and it reeked thickly through the air. Michael's head nodded slowly. Yes, the smell made it all too clear.

The legion of Hell, Lucifer's cursed minions stood before them, leaving a large space, eagerly watching as Lucifer walked through and out in front towards Michael, who continued to wait. His eyes narrowed as they followed Lucifer's every movement. A small smile played on his lips and his eyes seemed to twinkle with amusement. It made the anger within Michael rush through his veins at a faster rate. Breathing deeply, he managed to calm himself. He needed to be calm.

"Michael... so this is how it ends?" said Lucifer, coming to a stop.

"Yes," said Michael quietly. "You always knew it would end here, we all did."

There was an almost uncomfortable pause between them. Lucifer chuckled softly and licked his lips. "Had to get Castiel killed, didn't you? Lost something you could have greatly used."

"Castiel was not an object. He was an angel," said Michael heatedly. "And do not forget, Lucifer, you were the one who talked to Jesse and made him angry about what happened. Things were fine before you opened your mouth to him."

"Keep telling yourself that, Michael," Lucifer retorted acidly. "We both know that you had refused Jesse's demands it would have been you that died."

"And I'm sure you would have preferred that," hissed Michael.

"Yes, I would have welcomed that."

"You're despicable, Lucifer," said Michael in a low, dangerous voice. Ignoring the fact that Castiel's blood that still stained his jacket, he said more. "Castiel's blood is on your hands."

A breathy chuckle left Lucifer's lips as he briefly glanced down at the ground. He folded his arms over his chest but eventually put his eyes back on Michael. It was clear that Lucifer didn't want to get into this debate. He was still angry about Castiel's death but there was no time for him to change it, so, he decided to move to more pressing issues..

"So, tell me, big brother, are you really going to be able to kill me?"

"Yes," said Michael firmly.

Lucifer's chuckle turned into a laugh. Michael could feel the tension between the armies they stood in the middle of but they all kept their ground, waiting for the inevitable order. The tension then showed through when thunder rolled in the darkening sky above them, startling several of them. Silently, the angels prayed as they glanced towards Michael.

The smile on Lucifer's face remained but it seemed to have soured slightly. "Oh, Michael, you're arrogance is showing," hissed Lucifer. "God is not going to help you win. Our powers are equal. Surely you know this."

"I am aware of your... new abilities, Lucifer," said Michael calmly. "But surely you know that every time we've fought, I've won."

"Only through luck."

"Keep telling yourself that... freak..."

The smile vanished and his face turned stone cold. Lucifer's hazel eyes seemed to freeze and with a click of his fingers, his minions raced forwards. With a silent order, Michael's army did the same along with the hunters that were fighting alongside them. As the two sides clashed with ferocity, Michael and Lucifer remained unharmed. They all knew no one would win against them alone.

At the same time, Michael and Lucifer took the same ready attack position and seemed to size each other up. Lucifer's grin returned as he spoke. "Let me show you what your freak of a little brother can do!"

Out of thin air, Lucifer produced fire from his finger tips and sent them straight at Michael, who dodged all except one, which singed his jacket sleeve. Instantly, Michael seemed taken aback by the velocity and intensity of Lucifer's attack but he quickly put his blank mask back on and stood up straight.

Suddenly, several vicious growls were heard in the trees that surrounded them. Only a few of the hunters noticed but they didn't stop. The new sounds made Lucifer laugh. The next words he spoke boomed across the entire field.

"And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth."

Michael's anger sharpened. "You are not Death, Lucifer!"

"Maybe not but I will be yours. Besides, I think many others would disagree with you," said Lucifer quickly, shaking an index finger at him. "I've got my minions, released Death as well as the other horsemen, killed a few of your army, and the only person that can kill me is you. I'd say I'm not far from being death."

The snarling in the trees grew closer and a cold chill ran through Michael when he turned to see what was coming towards them. The physical appearance of them couldn't be seen but Michael knew exactly what they were. They smelt of fire, burning flesh and fresh blood, the unmistakable smells of Hell. Instantly, the demonic dogs attacked bringing down several hunters and angels at once.

"No!" Michael shouted before he could stop himself. He whipped around to face Lucifer again who could only smirk at him. "You evil, slimy bastard!" Michael yelled. "You really are a freak! Twisted and pure evil. Part of me thought you could be turned back. Back to who you used to be but now I see the Lucifer I remember is gone, replaced with your dark soul."

Holding up one arm, Lucifer mocked his brother by moving his fingers against his thumb, taunting him. "Talk all you want, Michael," said Lucifer, arrogance coating his voice. "It hasn't done you any good so far. Give up. I'm never going to listen you again. I'm not a child and I certainly don't take orders from you."

"You were once at peace, Lucifer," said Michael, his voice getting louder with each word. "You once had Father, your brothers, your sisters... me. Were we not enough? Was getting back at Father for his creations really worth it?" Michael paused. "Lucifer... you were once the most beautiful of all angels... but now there's nothing but black emptiness and hatred and revenge filling your head. But you do know that killing me won't give you your revenge!"

"Yes it will," said Lucifer quickly, stepping closer to Michael. "It will sadden Father and perhaps it will make him wake up to what he's done. He was a bad Father. He created these... hairless apes and asked us to bow down to lesser creatures that were filled with rage, violence and the deepest of sins. How could Father have been so blind as to create them? Were we not enough for him!?"

Michael's shoulders slumped in defeat and he sighed heavily as he looked to the ground. As the heaven's opened up and rain drenched them all, Michael cringed at the sounds of the angels and hunters dying around him. He was ready to end this but it seemed Lucifer was not yet there. His own deepest feelings could no longer be contained in his head.

"Do you want to know why you deserve to die, Michael?" asked Lucifer, but he didn't wait for an answer. "It's because you are blinded by your need to be loved by Father, for your need of his approval. And the sad thing is, Michael, that you never needed it. You were loved by all of us and we weren't enough for you. I wasn't enough." They both still ignored the chaos and rain surrounding them. "You deserve to die because you betrayed me, your little brother. The one you practically raised. You chose everyone else over me and it hurt. It still hurts, Michael but you're not my brother anymore. Those days ended long ago and they'll stay hidden."

Not wanting to hear another word, Michael reached up to the sky before moving his arms down fast, bringing bolts of lightning with him. They hit the earth, burning it white hot and Lucifer managed to avoid all of them. Wasting no time he launched himself at Michael and grabbed the front of his jacket before throwing Michael to the other side of the ground, colliding with the barn. As one side came down, Michael groaned and rolled onto his back. Lucifer was standing over him within seconds, holding something that shined in the moonlight that seeped through the clouds. Panicked at the thought of losing, Michael kicked out at Lucifer, hitting his hand, knocking the blade from his grasp.

Seemingly amused, Lucifer chuckled but it was short lived as Michael got to his feet. They sized each other up once again. "Perhaps a dose of your own medicine is needed." Before the words could fully be taken in, Lucifer gathered water from thin air above his air and reeled it into a fast paced whirlpool before throwing it at Michael. The archangel couldn't escape it. The giant ball knocked him backwards, further into the barn, hitting the next wall. Wanting Lucifer away from him, Michael pushed wind towards him, sending Lucifer backwards into the crowd of their armies.

Michael got to his feet again and walked outside. The first thing that caught his eyes made the panic well up in his chest further. A few hunters, along with Bobby, were surrounded by hellhounds. He watched as they growled menacingly. The hunters took their chance and shot at them, making them angry and pounce into action. All of them but three were taken done and they ran away from them, trying to shoot. As one of the demonic dogs gained on Bobby, Michael moved quickly. This was why he wanted no humans here but he had to admit, there wasn't much angels could do against the ferocity of the dogs. Just before it jumped on Bobby, Michael grabbed it by the tail and took hold of its neck. Instantly, the air lit up with fire as it burned. Once it was dead, Michael let it fall to the ground and shared a look with Bobby before he took off.

Heading towards the place Lucifer stood watching, Michael caught sight of others in the battle. Raphael was taking care of a group of demons at once as was Zachariah, while Gabriel pursued one in particular that seemed more than eager to escape him. The demon slipped upon the wet ground, panting in terror and as she turned Gabriel was upon her quickly, pulling her to her feet and looking down at her with contempt. Michael stepped a little closer to hear what his brother was saying.

"You've been nothing but trouble," he hissed with delight. "This is going to be worth it though."

The words made Michael want to say something but of the demon his vessel knew as Meg, he knew the trouble she had been to him and his family. Michael let Gabriel have this moment. He watched as Meg's blue eyes widened dramatically as Gabriel placed one hand over her shoulder and squeezed tightly. Red lights flickered from within her body and fire burst through her eye sockets as her body shook violently. A scream left her mouth piercing through the battle with ease, gaining a little attention.

Quickly, Michael continued to move through the battle but grabbing hold of his silver blade swiftly he swiped the blade across the neck of four demons who watched the commotion, staining the grass with drops of their demonic blood. Slowly, he walked the invisible path, towards Lucifer, who still watched everything, with what looked like a cross between curiosity and glee. Feeling his anger burst through him, Michael reached out and began to choke Lucifer before he knew what was happening.

Lucifer's hazel eyes widened in fear as Michael came closer. Once he was a few feet away, he closed the distance between them and looked up at his little brother. Taking a firmer hold of his blade, Michael licked his lips and swallowed hard. This was the moment. Glancing up at the Heaven's for a brief moment, Michael prayed for Lucifer's soul.

Lifting his blade with what seemed like an enormous effort, Michael ignored the rain and took in a deep breath before plunging the blade into Lucifer, just below his heart. The pressure around Lucifer's throat lifted and Michael had no choice but to listen to the choking sounds he made as his vessel's lungs filled with blood. Releasing his hold on Lucifer, he let his brother fall to the grass which had turned soft from the rain and sorrow filled Michael's features. Tears rolled down his cheeks and mixed with the rain as he watched Lucifer's eyes glaze over from the unmistakable signs of impending death. They were fixed upon the dark sky and gradually, the life faded before disappearing completely. Finishing it was a blast of a pure light from the body that illuminated the field and gained the attention of all. Lucifer was dead.

The battle behind him stopped cold as all participants' eyes were fixed to where Michael stood, his body rigid and still, looking down at the body that just housed Lucifer. But it was soon realised that it was not over. Fresh choking sounds reached Michael's ears and he focused upon the body again. He breathed a sigh of relief at seeing it wasn't Lucifer but Sam.

The rain lightened as Michael knelt onto the grass and moved a little closer to Sam. Touching his forehead gently with one hand, Sam's body convulsed from the touch and he eyes locked onto Michael. His body shook violently as blood dribbled from the wound thickly as well as from his mouth. As his skin began to pale, Michael pressed his hand into Sam's forehead harder and he tried to block out the fact that Bobby was right behind him, watching.


The choked out name almost broke Michael's heart. Lightly, he shook his head. "I'm Michael and Sam, repent, please repent. Be the child of God you once were. Repent."

"I-I'm sorry... p-p-please forgive me... I w-was wrong... I... I repent."

A light emitted from Michael's hand and engulfed Sam lightly. For a brief moment the pain left his body and he heard the words from Michael. "Go. Be at peace, Sam. You are welcome in the garden of Heaven. Your brother will join you shortly."

A breath hitched in Sam's throat and his eyes rolled up into his head and as Michael removed the hand from his forehead, he felt Sam slip away. For a moment, Michael hung in head in what appeared to be sadness but eventually, he got back to his feet and when he looked towards the battlefield he couldn't help but notice that only his army remained. The demons had fled. But Michael carried no worries. He knew that things with them would settle and go back to the way it used to be.

As Michael approached Bobby, he took something from his pocket and placed it into the hunter's hand. It was Dean's amulet. "I'm sure Dean would want you to carry this."

Bobby scoffed lightly and wiped blood, dirt and tears off his face. "So, guess you're leaving now too, huh?"

"Yes," said Michael quietly. "I know it's not over. The aftermath will come but it won't be as hard. Lucifer is gone. But remember, evil still remains. The boys will want you to carry on with them in mind." Michael stepped closer and spoke so only Bobby could hear. "I know it gives you little comfort, but they are in a better place. They are with my Father, their parents, and all angels. They are loved and will be waiting for you to join them. You have a place in my Father's paradise."

"What am I supposed to do with their bodies once you leave them," he said quietly, briefly looking towards Sam.

"Burn them. Give them an honourable hunter's death," said Michael steadily. "They will not be brought back and it will stop them from being used." Michael paused, almost feeling unsure of what to say. "Do not think you're alone. I and the others will be watching over you. Good luck."

Thinking of nothing more he could say that would help Michael knew it was time to leave. He was set to kill Lucifer and that task was now complete. There were no more reasons for him to remain down here. Taking a few steps back he looked towards several members of his army. Many of them, including Raphael and Gabriel joined his side. Michael smiled faintly at Gabriel. He was glad he was finally coming home. It was where he and all of them belonged. Michael looked back at Bobby and the other hunters that had survived. A small feeling of pride filled him and a faint smile tugged at his lips. His family was back together and the world had finally been set right. Michael hadn't failed.

Several white lights lifted upwards from each body gently and floated unaided towards the sky which was now clear of clouds. When they faded completely, Bobby moved to Dean's body which was now lying on its back, looking up at the sky with open eyes, just like Sam. Tears fell down Bobby's face but this time he didn't bother wiping them away. It seemed as though it really were the end.

The lights in the sky disappeared. The angels were gone. Bobby sighed heavily. He felt empty. Michael's words gave him no comfort but he hoped that someday when this day was nothing but a horrible memory they would mean something. Gently, Bobby closed Dean's eyes and put his gun down beside him. Looking to a couple hunters, he silently asked for help and without saying a word they gave it. Both Dean and Sam were picked up by fellow hunters and carried off the battlefield.

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