This is the last chapter of My Broken Angel. It is rated M for sexual content at the end. Please enjoy reading, and I apologize for the long delay of the final chapter.

The chapter is un-betaed, all mistakes are my own.


Dean woke from his nap a few hours later, turning in the bed to get more comfortable. He was still half asleep, but he could feel the coldness in the motel room which made him shiver. He felt something warm and solid next to him, and snuggled closer to it go get warmer. The body he was snuggling up against tensed, and only then did Dean remember that it was Cas he was lying next to.

Dean's eyes shut open and he quickly drew away from the angel. "Shit, I'm sorry!" he blurted; afraid he might have somehow hurt Cas by getting so close into his personal space.

But Castiel just stared at him in surprise before his expression softened. "It's okay, Dean. My wings are healed, so you didn't hurt me," he said.

"Oh," Dean said, feeling relieved. "But still, I got into your personal space way too much…"

"I don't mind it when it's you," Castiel told him, honestly, and it made Dean blush slightly. He lay his head down on the pillow and stared into Cas' eyes for a while. Neither of them said anything, they just enjoyed each other's warmth.

Dean didn't know how it happened, but they most have unconsciously moved closer to each other, and their foreheads were touching as they stared into the other's eyes.

"Cas?" Dean asked, voice coming out gruffer than he expected. The angel's eyes focused on his, telling Dean he had the angel's attention. "I'm glad you told me what was wrong. I'm sorry I've been such a dick to you lately."

"Your frustration with me is understandable," Castiel said, lips curving into a small smile. He broke their eye contact and stared at Dean's clothed chest. "I'm sorry I put you through so much suffering, it was not my intention. I just…" he trailed off.

"Hey," Dean said, gently pulling Castiel closer to him. He cupped the angel's chin and made him look up at him again. The blue eyes looked pained, reflecting how bad the angel felt about what he had put Dean through.

"Don't worry about it," Dean said, gently. "I know it was hard and that you needed time. I admit I was pissed at you a few times, but that's over now. Can't we just forget about that, just for now?"

Castiel stared at him for a few moments before he nodded in agreement. Dean smiled and released his chin, moving his hand up Castiel's cheek and the angel shivered at the gesture; letting his eyes close.

Castiel was being so full of trust right now that it made Dean's heart ache. He couldn't help but stare at how Castiel's soft-looking lips parted and let out a silent moan. He wanted to kiss Castiel right then, but he hesitated. This was not what the angel needed right now, and Dean didn't want to ruin this moment of trust. But god, those lips looked so inviting.

Suddenly the door was opened and Sam stepped inside. "Hey guys, you still alive?" He froze when he saw them on the bed, sharing something that seemed to be very intimate.

Dean and Castiel pulled apart abruptly, and Dean glared up at his brother, who was still standing frozen in the doorway. "Jesus, don't just burst in like that!" he snapped. He sat up on the bed and rubbed his eyes. Castiel turned around to stare at the intruder who was Sam.

"Uh, sorry," Sam said, still somewhat shocked. Then his lips curved into a knowing smirk. "Did I interrupt something?"

"No! Not at all," Dean blurted, feelings his cheeks flush. Castiel looked away and flushed as well.

"Hey guys! Well rested and healthy?" Gabriel said as he suddenly walked in the door, which Sam had left open. He gave one wave of his hand and then the door closed.

"Jeez, this isn't a fucking conference room! Why is everybody showing up in here?" Dean growled. He stood up from the bed and put on his abandoned shoes again. Castiel followed his example and got up as well.

"Because it isn't every day you see the two of your snuggling up in bed together," Gabriel smirked knowingly.

Dean's jaw dropped. "Dude! We did not snuggle!"

"Deny it all you want, big boy, but I think both Sammy and I know you're a bad liar," Gabriel said, mockingly.

"Yeah, whatever," Dean mumbled. "Wonna tell us why you just storm into the room like that?"

"Well, I came here to talk to Cas, actually," Gabriel said, turning his gaze to his brother. Castiel tilted his head and stared at Gabriel.

"With Cas? His wings already healed, what do you wonna talk with him about?" Dean asked, frowning as he stared between Cas and Gabriel.

"Well, since the two of you seem to be kind of intimate already—" Gabriel stopped Dean's embarrassed protest by holding up his hand before he continued, "—I have a proposition that will you help you gain more… well, freedom."

"What kind of proposition?" Castiel asked.

"Well, it requires that you have to go outside with me for a minute," Gabriel said. "Alone," he added, and glanced over at Dean.

"You wonna talk with Cas alone?" Dean asked. "No fucking way; I ain't letting you alone with Cas for one second—"

"Dean," Castiel said, and Dean immediately kept quiet and looked at Cas in confusion. "It's alright, I… I don't think Gabriel has anything bad in mind."

"Cas…" Dean said; not liking the idea of Cas being alone with the archangel. Not when Cas was just starting to feel better. He couldn't have Gabriel hurt him, not ever.

But Castiel had already made his decision, so Dean had to stand back and watch him disappear outside with Gabriel, leaving him alone in the motel room with Sam.

"He'll be alright, Dean," Sam said, moving closer to his brother to reassure him. "I don't think Gabriel has the heart to hurt Cas anymore."

"He better not," Dean said behind clenched teeth as he stood waiting for them to return.

A bright, white light and the true voice of an angel from outside the room alerted Dean, who was already aiming at the door before Sam's hand on his shoulder stopped him.

"Dean, wait!"

"What? Let me go, Sam!" Dean snapped; glaring angrily at his brother and desperate to get to the door. The suddenly the light and the noise was gone, as if it was never there. "The fuck…"

Sam and Dean stepped back when the door was opened; revealing Gabriel, Cas and… wait, two Cas'es?

There, in the door, were two Cas'es – or Jimmys – and Dean's mouth dropped. Surely he hadn't hit his head lately?

Gabriel was smirking at Dean, who was still staring in disbelief at the two identical figures in the room. "Easy Dean, you're not imagining things. It's just Cas and Jimmy."

"Wait. Cas and Jimmy?" Sam asked, staring in shock at the two.

"I figured it'd be easier for Dean and my bro to start 'new things' if they are alone. So I made a new body for Cas and let Jimmy keep his own," Gabriel said with a shrug.

Suddenly it made sense to Dean, who now suddenly noticed that even though the two people were identical, they were very different. One was more openly staring around the room and smiling, while the other seemed more reserved and was staring at the floor like he had a habit of doing lately.

"For which I am quite grateful, thank you," Jimmy smirked.

"Jimmy? Wow, hadn't expected seeing you around again," Sam said, still staring at the man in surprise and disbelief.

Jimmy chuckled. "I know, me neither. Feel good to be free again." He looked at Castiel and added, "no offense."

Castiel turned to look at Jimmy, and the tiniest smirk formed on his lips. "None taken."

"So," Gabriel said, gaining everyone's attention. "We should get you home then," he said, looking at Jimmy who simply nodded.

"It was good meeting all of you, though I almost have no memories of being with you," Jimmy grinned.

"Yeah well, you too," Dean said, feeling slightly awkward about the whole situation.

When Jimmy had said his good byes to everyone, he turned to face Castiel, who lifted his eyes from the floor to look back at him. "I haven't always been happy to be your vessel, but I am happy that you're doing better. I hope you and Dean will be happy together."

Both Dean and Castiel blushed at that, and Dean smacked Sam's arm when his brother grinned at him.

"Thank you, Jimmy," Castiel said, blushing with embarrassment.

Jimmy chuckled and let Gabriel sent him home to his family.

When Jimmy was gone, Dean walked over to Castiel who looked at him with blue eyes that lit up when he came over. He wrapped his hands gently around the angel's waist, and smiled when Castiel didn't flinch away from his touch anymore.

"Yeah okay, I'm leaving the room," Sam said, and hurried out the door.

Gabriel chuckled as the younger Winchester hurried out of the room. "Well, have fun, guys," he said.

"Fuck off, Gabriel," Dean said, though he didn't move away from Castiel and didn't bother looking over at the archangel. Gabriel just laughed and disappeared in a flutter of wings.

"Dean?" Castiel said, concerned, after they had been standing forehead to forehead for a while and Dean hadn't said anything. Dean's hands tightened around his waist and drew him closer. Castiel was surprised at how easily his body allowed itself to be closer to Dean's.

"Jesus, Cas," Dean sighed; weeks of exhaustion and frustration finally reaching an end. "I'm just so happy you're feeling better now."

"As am I."

Dean suddenly felt so tired. He had spent weeks staying awake at night for hours worrying about Cas, and he hadn't gotten more than 4 hours sleep each night. He was exhausted.

"C'mon, let's lay down again," he said, dragging Cas over to the bed. Castiel followed without protest and rested his head on Dean's chest when they got settled in the bed. Their shoes and Cas' coat and jacket lay abandoned on the floor.

Dean started moving his hand up and down Castiel's back, absently. He almost didn't notice the small whimper Castiel gave when he reached his shoulder blades.

"Shit, I'm sorry," Dean said, immediately removing his hand.

Castiel stared up at him and blinked a few times. "It's alright, Dean. My wings are healed."

"Yeah, but aren't they kinda sensitive?"

"Yes, but you are not exactly touching them. Only the place where they are hidden," Castiel explained and leaned closer to Dean.

"And… you're okay with that?" Dean asked, uncertainly.

Castiel looked up at him from where his head was resting on his chest. "Yes, Dean, I'm okay with this."

Dean was relieved he hadn't hurt Cas or crossed a line with him. He let his hand slowly stroke over the sensitive shoulder blades once again, making Castiel shudder and tighten his grip on Dean with the hand he had dragged over Dean's side. All his reservations about Cas being a guy faded away and it was the tiny, satisfied moan that escaped the angel's lips that made Dean continue stroking, and paying extra attention to the sensitive spots.

Castiel's breathing changed, it was faster now, and he shifted himself so that he was practically straddling Dean with his neck buried in Dean's neck, and their chests and groins touching.

At the first contact of their groins, Dean let out a moan that would normally have been very embarrassing. Then suddenly he became aware of what was happening, and moved his hands to Castiel's biceps, forcing the angel to lean back and look at him.

Castiel looked back at him in confusion; pupils dilated with lust.

"Cas… Shit, not like I'm not enjoying this, but I don't wonna take this too far if you're not ready. It's too soon, and you just—"

"Dean," Cas interrupted him. "I want this. I want to know what it's like when your body feels good."

Castiel was looking at him with such honesty and trust that Dean's heart almost ached. What had he ever done to deserve this?

"Don't think that," Castiel said.

Dean frowned up at him. "Dude, are you reading my thoughts?"

"No, I don't need to; I know what you look like when you think like that," Castiel explained. "You shouldn't think you don't deserve to be trusted."

He leaned down and nuzzled Dean's cheek and ear. "I trust you with all my being," he whispered.

"Cas…" Dean began, but Castiel cut him off by pressing his lips softly against Dean's.

Dean's eyes widened in surprise, but then he kissed back, first softly then harder; feeling Castiel mimic his movements with his lips. He was a fast learner, Dean noticed. His hips bucked up, involuntarily, against Castiel's, and both groaned into each other's mouth at the friction it caused. The angel was already as hard as Dean was himself.

Dean's hands went back to caressing Cas' shoulder blades, and the angel all but whined this time. His back arched, and next time Dean's hands moved over the shoulder blades, they were met with softness. Dean's eyes flew open and he stared up at Castiel's bright, white wings. He was about to open his mouth and say something when Cas' mouth moved to his neck and started licking and sucking. The angel was almost going mad above him; attacking his neck with kisses and sucking, and rutting their groins together.

It was probably the hottest things Dean had ever experienced.

When he finally let his hands meet the feathers and bury them in them, Cas whined into his neck and leaned his wings into the contact. The wings were just as magnificent as the last time he saw them, back when he helped Cas with a dislocated wing.

"Shit Cas, I'm not gonna last long…" Dean said, bucking his hips up into Cas'.

"Dean…" came Castiel's broken reply. "I—" his sentence was cut off when his climax hit him; his back arching, his eyes clenched shut in pleasure and his lips parted in a silent moan as he kept rutting against Dean's hips. The sight alone made Dean come as well, in his pants. Jesus, they hadn't even gotten their clothes off yet. Dean still had the feeling Cas wanted to wait a bit with that so he didn't complain about it.

When it was over, Castiel collapsed against Dean; his huge wings falling down to either side of him as he lay there, trying to catch his breath again. Dean had expected him to be heavy, but the angel was much lighter than expected. Still, he was grateful when Castiel pushed himself off of him and lay back down beside him; wings disappearing from sight as he moved to rest his head on Dean's chest and dragged an arm around his torso.

"Shit, Cas, that was…"


"Can you… you know…" Dean asked, making a gesture to their groins. After a second he felt the wetness in his pants disappear, and he sighed in relief. Come in your pants wasn't the nicest feeling after all.

"Cas, you're awesome," Dean grinned, tightening his arm that was placed possessively around Castiel's waist. He felt the angel smile against his chest before he lifted his head and met Dean's eyes.

"You're welcome."

Dean dragged his angel into another kiss and felt him go willingly.

"Dean?" Castiel asked when they pulled apart, looking into Dean's eyes.

"Yeah, Cas?"

"Can I… Can I stay with you? Forever?" he asked, biting his lower lip as he stared with hopefulness into the hunter's eyes.

Dean was taken a little aback by that, but then his face lit up into one of the brightest smiles Cas had ever seen on him. "Yes, Cas, you can stay with me. Forever."

Castiel smiled back at him before he lay down to rest again.

He knew Dean would be there for him if he ever felt sad again.

The end.


A somewhat cheesy ending, I apologize for that. I've always sucked at making endings but I hope you liked it anyway.

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