Title: Elf Boy gets a cold
Author: Trinity/lee
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the concepts or characters of LofR
Summary: Despite what Legolas may tell you Elves can get catch colds. Which leads to much exasperation for the rest for fellowship
Notes: Most place names in this story you may not recognise as I have invented them myself due to a lack of any similar place in Middle Earth. If you are American please excuse my Australian spelling. Other than that enjoy!

-Attack of the Sniffles-

The thick silver mist hung between the smooth tree trunks of the forest of Kala'm. It obscured the view of the forest floor where dark coated slinking creatures were occasionally glimpsed darting between the feathery ferns, adding to the ominous atmosphere.
Walking through the forest was slow going as the trees were thinly spaced and the dull green ferns clung to clothing. The jet-black trees themselves were unscaleable, offering no branches strong enough to offer support and the bark glassy smooth. Legolas himself could not climb them and had to content himself with braving the cold mists, which seemed to adhere to ones, clothes, chilling their bones.

The fellowship, reunited, sought the remaining Orcs that had fled after the Ring's destruction to the four corners of middle earth. As they were seeking out their various nooks and crannies they had disturbed the local inhabitants, causing new alarm to ring through the land.

And so it was after twelve months rest, it came that the company had to set off again to finally rid the land of the dregs of the noxious villains.

They now approached the second week of their journey. Rumours from neighbouring villages had brought them to the forest of Kala'm where it was believed a small nest of Orcs hid. They party planned to quickly eradicate them and then move on. They had assumed it would take little of their time, but now found themselves sorely mistaken.

So it was that they now trekked through the mists which had soaked them to the bone. Gandalf and Aragorn took the lead. While Gimli and Legolas, who was nimbly able to manoeuvre through the dense foliage that plagued his friend, took the rear. Between them struggled the four Hobbits, of which only their curly heads could be seen bobbing over the fog as they squeezed themselves through the spaces in between the trees.

The forest was eerily silent as the fog, which never abated, disturbed all bird life.
All was quiet as the fellowship trudged on


The fellowships as one quickly whirled about and stared at the origin of the sound and found it to be the last member of the party.

He stared back

After a beat Sam ventured. "I do hope you are not coming down with a touch of something master Legolas"

"You need not concern yourself Sam," Legolas replied "Elves do not get sick," he said dismissing it. He bade the party continue

Having walked only a more few steps Legolas suddenly paused, allowing the fellowship to continue without him. His eyes began to water as he tried to stifle another sneeze.
He stood still as the pressure began to build behind his eyes, suddenly, the restrained sneeze erupted causing his body convulsed in response and his head to impact with a nearby tree trunk. An astonished expression on his face, he slid down to the mossy ground in a daze.

He reacted with a start to the callused hand which appeared suddenly before his face.
Looking up he found himself staring into Gimli's grinning face.

"Having some trouble friend?" he asked still grinning.

"No, I was simply..examining the....tree trunk" he said lamely, sharp Elven wit muddled by the knock to the head

"A little too closely I'd say" the dwarf added as he helped the elf back up. They rejoined the party, Legolas resuming his place at the rear.

"Elves do not get sick" he reminded himself.

Coming up in the next chapter: Elf Boy gets a Cold- We learn how dangerous sneezing fits can be when your trying to sneak up on ur enemy as well as just how stubborn Legolas and Aragorn can be.

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