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2 Epilogue: A cause and a cure

The sky was clear and the morning air was warm and heavily scented with flowers which had opened after the shower.

It was three days after Legolas's fever had broken and the fellowship was preparing to leave the place they had been delayed at for almost a week now.

Men, Elves, Hobbits and Dwarfs alike were filling their packs and slinging them over their shoulders. Gandalf had already packed and had his nose buried deep within the fat volume he had been studying for the most part of the week.

Legolas had recovered almost fully, possessing now, only the occasional slight sniffle. Needless to say the fellowship were very pleased.

Merry had declined Legolas's offer to return his handkerchief with a passionate shake of his small head

The hobbits had also recovered from their stomach upset, but their faces remained quite a bright shade of purple, which had earned them much teasing and nicknames from Frodo and Sam.

Gandalf finally closed his book and walked over to where Legolas was packing his bag.

The elf looked up at the wizards approach and Aragorn halted the re-packing of his herbs to witness the exchange.

"I do believe I have located the cause of your illness Legolas" the wizard said "I have researched and cross referenced and found in fact that the fog from the Kala'm forest has a strange effect on elves. Symptoms including sneezing, coughing, aching joints, stomach upset, blocked noses, sore throats and other such symptoms as you have expressed. It has been creatively nick named the Elvan flu.

"Is there a cure?" Aragorn asked with interest

"Treat as a normal flu unless the flower of the Eruc plant is handy" Gandalf replied, showing a print in the book of a small plant with tiny white flowers.

Aragorn looked at it closely "I have some of that in my pouch" the man said with surprise and pulled out the plant. "I picked some up as we were walking through the forest."

Legolas threw his arms up in disbelief

"You had it all this time?" he asked with incredulity. He plopped down on the ground at the edge of the forest.

"We will know for next time at least" Gandalf pointed out, and the ranger nodded in agreement.

Legolas didn't respond, simply staring down at his lap and playing with the three cornered leaves of the plant surrounding him.

"Elves" Gandalf said as he left to go organise the others.

Aragorn was inclined to agree as he recollected the events of the previous week and went back to packing his pouch, keeping in mind to pick up some more of the flower on their return trip, he did not want to have to go through that again.

Samwise the hobbit was passing by, on his way to fetch the cooking utensils, he spotting he elf sitting on the ground and stopped.

"Master Legolas" he said

He elf slowly looked up "Yes?"

"Your thousands of years old right?"


"And an experienced wood elf?"

"Yes", Legolas was wondering just what the hobbit was getting at

"Um, so I suppose you already know your sitting in poison ivy?"

"Ye…what?" the elf sprang up and noticed that red welts were forming on his hands, and probably the rest of his body too. He also noticed he was suddenly very itchy. Sam looked a little uncomfortable and decided to go and fetch those pans.

Legolas scratched his hands and legs, aware as he did so that Aragorn was looking thoughtfully at the red patches which were spreading on his hands.

"You know, I know of a cream I can make for that, just let me get some ingredients" the ranger/freaky doctor said and then disappeared into the forest.

Sighing in resignation, Legolas flopped onto the ground, trying not to scratch the red spots on his hands

Sam was on his return trip

"Master Legolas, sitting in the ivy again"


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