"Finally... my dream will be fulfilled..." The wolf pointed his trademark pistol towards his sworn enemy "well well... the young pup grew a pair, i must say i'm impressed..." the large purple garbed cat laughed "go on then... do it!" he challenged the wolf, placing his forehead against the guns barrel "c'mon... where's that fire from before... that rage behind calm eyes?" The cat sneered from behind his scarf. "I see now... all talk, no action... why hesitate Guntz? Why not fulfill that pledge you made?" Guntz growled dangerously "don't push me Janga, i'll pull that mother fucking trigger i swear!" Janga smirked. "How weak you must be Guntz, holding a grudge for this long..." Janga pushed the gun to the side "then not having the balls to fulfill it!" Janga swung his claws towards Guntz who quickly doged the potenially fatal blow.

Guntz positioned his gun again "Guntz!" He looked around to see a young cabbit rushing towards him "Klonoa, keep your distance from him!" Guntz called "do i sense a kindrid with this child Guntz?" Janga laughed as he lunged towards the boy. A single shot rung out.

"Klonoa!!" Guntz stared in horror at the scene before him. Janga, now bleeding from the gunshot wound in his chest, held the young cabbit of the ground, claws piercing his stomach with his life-blood pouring out. "Hahaha... too late Guntz... your always too late... hahahahahaaahaaha!!!" Janga withdrew his claws before collapsing backwards in death.

Guntz rushed headlong towards the now-dying cabbit. "Hold on... hold on god-dammit i told you to stay away from him!" Guntz shouted at the young boy "G-Guntz... it hurts... why does it hurt?" Klonoa's innocent voice asked "shhhh... its allright just keep fighting..." Guntz re-assured the boy but knew his fate "Guntz... i'm.. i'm tired.." "don't close your eyes Pango will be here soon... he can help you" Guntz whispered "i just need to close my eyes..." Klonoa's eyes drooped "no not again... stay awake..." Guntz watched as his friend closed his eyes for the final time.

"They say revenge is a dish best served cold... add a side-dish of loss and its a perfect meal for life..."