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Draco was a bit indignant at the fact that he had to creep through his own house. Hermione had, graciously, distracted the Ministry team so he could have a moment. All he wanted was a few minutes to himself to have a drink and calm down. He went into what used to be his father's study and poured himself a glass of Firewhiskey. It was getting late, and he was hungry. Steeling his resolve, he drained the rest of his drink and went back downstairs. "Gentlemen," he said. "Perhaps we could continue this tomorrow."

"We still have work to do," the team leader grumbled without looking at him.

"Indeed, but it's late, and I'm not willing to let you roam about my house while I'm having supper with my girlfriend."

The Ministry wizard glared at him and stood up. He nodded and brushed past the table, knocking a wooden keepsake box off the table. Without picking it up or looking back, he strode from the room.

Draco heard him rounding up his colleagues as he bent down to pick up the box. Some papers and a ring had fallen out of it. Glancing behind him to make sure none of the repo-squad was lurking in the doorway, he gathered the letters and set the box back on the desk. He examined the ring as he sat down in the chair by the fire. The stone was garnet, with an onyx "M" in the middle of it. It had been his grandfather's, and he'd seen his father wear it on a few occasions. Looking at the papers, he found two blackmail letters (which he promptly burned so the Ministry couldn't fine him for them), and the letter of ownership from his grandfather. The realization that he was the head of the Malfoy line hit him again, but not as hard as before. Somehow, the ring—and being a Malfoy—didn't feel so sinister anymore. He smiled and put it back in the box before going to find Hermione. He felt the bad memories and tension wash away. He was the new master of the house, and his life was finally his own.


I wanna be in another place

I hate when you say you don't understand.

I wanna be in the energy,

Not with the enemy,

A place for my head.