A/n I don't think i am the only one who dreams of The Doctor being in our world ... or at least i hope not! Her is my attempt at bringing him here.

I Do Not Own Doctor Who, It Belongs To The BBC.

I Chose the 10th Doctor Because I Think He Is Hot!(No Offence To Other Doctors)

Please Enjoy! Here Goes...

The Doctor stomped moodily down the corridor leading him to the TARDIS wardrobe. It wasn't his fault all of Donna's clothes had been eaten by a Raznatharath; she should learn to close her bedroom door!

"Doctor, hurry up! I only have these clothes and I am not going to bed in them like some little kid!" yelled Donna from behind him.

"Maybe if you stopped acting like a little kid and having a hissy fit I would be able to hurry up!" the Doctor answered out loud, but not loud enough for Donna to hear; then louder, "Well it doesn't matter how long I take because you need to be here to choose what you want! Plus I don't know what size you are; I may be psychic, but I'm not that psychic!"

The reply was very heavy, stomped footsteps getting louder and nearer to the Doctors stationary self; she stormed past him.

"This room," reminded the Doctor," So, what style of pajamas and clothing are you actually looking for?" The Doctor did his best 'camp stylist' impression.

Donna Noble was still peeved off," MY OLD ONES!"

" Alright, alright! As Bart would say 'don't have a cow!'" The Doctor as in an impressionist mood.

The TARDIS wardrobe was (making the Doctor very proud) the largest room ever seen by any of his previous companions. That reminded him; he had to get that Marine outfit back off Jack…although…with what he said he was going to do with it- better get him to wash it first.

"Doctor, this place is huge!" Donna turned to see the Doctors screwed up face." What's up Spacemen? Do I smell that bad already?" She smelled her clothes dramatically.

"Hmmm? Oh…no…it's just…I feel weird. It's like after using Jacks Time watch; my head is all scambly and scrabbled; speaking of which we need to play. I am, of course, the champion." the Doctor said.

Donna rolled her eyes.


The Doctor collapsed, never hitting the TARDIS floor.