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"Okay, so… Midnight" Rebecca said as she scrolled through her DVD's of Doctor Who, the worlds best programme- to her anyway. She found Midnight and grabbed it along with all the ones before it; throwing them on her bed. The Doctor stood in the doorway ( other peoples bedrooms made him feel uncomfortable) holding back tears as he caught a glimpse of an episode called 'Rose' .

"Hold on! If you've just been to Midnight…"she grabbed the next DVD," This isn't supposed to happen and if you're here, doesn't that mean that Donna is in the TARDIS by herself? She wont try to fly it will she? I mean I know you taught her, or tried, to fly but, can she land it?" Rebecca rambled.

" She shouldn't…and no, she can't land it!" his eyes widened as he patted his pockets "I don't have my phone to call Jack!"

"Captain Jack Harkness? Torchwood? That's a TV show too! Have you heard of a guy called Ianto? Has Jack told you?"

The Doctor wasn't really listening; he was worrying about his beloved TARDIS… and Donna; Donna was special and not just to him. Somebody either needed to get o him without Donna in the way or vise versa- either way, the TARDIS was in danger and he had to get to her… fast!

**************************************************************************************************************** "Okay… so… handbrake on……n-n-n-now!" remembered Donna, or so she thought.


"At least I am okay!" Donna brought the positive out of a major negative- although on second glance it wasn't that bad. "Alright then, Cardiff city, 2006. What's that thing called again? The Millennium Dome? No that was in London. The Millennium Building? No…"

"It's The Millennium Centre and who are you? Where's the Doctor and What the heck happened to the TARDIS?"

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